Free Standalone Flash Player to play .swf & .flv Files

by Mayur on February 24, 2009

in Software

Standalone Flash Player is a FREE stand-alone Flash player to play all Flash format files, including ShockWave Flash (.swf) and Flash Video (.flv). It can detect the installed Adobe Flash Player, if there is no Flash installed then it can automatically install files needed to play Adobe Flash.

Files in the SWF format, traditionally called “ShockWave Flash” movies, “Flash movies” or “Flash games”, usually have a .swf file extension. Files in the FLV format is a file used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player as on MySpace, etc.


Main Features:

  • Absolutely free
  • Support plays ShockWave Flash (.swf)
  • Support plays Flash Video (.flv)
  • No need install Macromedia Flash Player
  • Stand-alone software
  • Support full screen mode
  • Small, simple and easy to use

Download Standalone Flash Player Free

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