How to Improve Battery Life on OnePlus One running CM12 – No Rooting

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  1. highdiver_2000 says:

    Doesn\’t Greenify need root to work?

  2. highdiver_2000 says:

    Doesn’t Greenify need root?

  3. Janne says:

    You mention “battery re calibration” does that mean you let the battery go down to 0%? I’ve heard some people mention not to do so?

    • Cosmic Paladin says:

      Steps to re-calibrate the battery:
      1. Turn off the phone
      2. Charge for 6-7 hours
      3. Turn on
      4. Drain it to 0%
      5. Charge to 100% and repeat step 4 – 3 times
      6. You’re good to go! 🙂

  4. Just in Texas says:

    FYI, step 5.a Ignore location for Play Services will render your map apps to not find your location. So no mapping nor navigation. Yes turning off location for play services will save you battery but you sacrifice location data for mapping.

    • Cosmic Paladin says:

      That is correct. Please use the tweaks according to your needs! Update with a note to explicitly mention what you said. Thanks

  5. I have also seen a modded gapps package yo control this rapid drain on the phone. xda.

  6. Sanil says:

    The Greenify app really helps reduce battery consumption. I think the biggest power sucker is the Facebook app. The more time it remains shut, better the battery life!

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