Giveaway – Win 5 FREE Licenses of Snagit 10 – Best Screen capture software

Snagit is our first choice when it comes to screen capture, take screenshots, record videos, edit images, and more. We’ve been using Snagit since early days of blogging and I’m sure Snagit is one of the best screen capture utility, because it works really amazing!

Recently, TechSmith launched the latest Snagit 10 which offers new and smarter features, thus providing an efficient and professional way to accomplish your tasks related to capturing, editing, sharing and organizing content.

Snagit 10 - Screen capture

New Features in Snagit 10

All-in-One Capture – This is one unique and most useful feature of Snagit 10 which lets users to take multiple types of screenshots easily without the need to change the capturing settings every time. Now you can grab a screenshot of an entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling window – all with a single hotkey or click.


Transparency – Snagit 10 retains the rounded corners in screenshots and no more shows the background colors in captures, resulting in a clean view. The images captured are now fully transparent instead having a white background behind them.

Capture clean screenshots

Magnifier – With magnifier, one can easily take most precise and excellent captures, using magnified cross hairs to get an exact capture.

Upload to – You can now upload, manage and share captures with a free account.

Snagit is a must have tool for all bloggers and webmasters because it delivers various capturing abilities like: Image capture, Text capture, Video capture and Web capture.

Snagit Editor

The inbuilt Snagit Editor in Snagit offers wide range of options to edit your images professionally to some extent. This may include but not limited to: Vector-based editing, Drawing tools, Frames, Borders, Drop shadows, Edge effects, Text boxes, Arrows, etc. The library in editor saves all the captures and lists the most recent captures taken.

GiveawayWin 5 FREE Licenses of Snagit 10

A single user license of Snagit 10 costs $49.95 USD. But you’d be happy to know that we are offering 5 free genuine licenses of Snagit 10 to our readers.

To win the license, follow the rules below:

Retweet about this giveaway on twitter. Remember to leave a valuable comment below along with tweet status link. Tweet the below message:

Giveaway – Win 5 FREE Licenses of Snagit 10 worth $49.95 – Best Screen capture software via @mayurjango


Join us as a Fan at WebTrickz Facebook page and leave a comment below telling us why you need the snagit license.


Just comment – If you aren’t on twitter or facebook, then simply leave a comment below, describing which features of Snagit 10 you liked most and why you need it.

Note: Making a comment below is necessary in all the rules.

5 Lucky Winners will be chosen randomly and results will be announced on June 15 :D

UPDATE – This Giveaway is now CLOSED. See the winners below:

5 Snagit Winners

5 Lucky Winners: mike wegener, xuannam, Mayank, Raziq and srikapardhi.

Thanks for participating in our giveaway.


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

78 Responses

  1. Rahul says:

    I would love to use this as it saves of croping in paint !
    I wish I win this giveaway!

  2. I simply want to give it a try and feel the difference between version 9 and 10 😀

    • venkat says:

      There isn’t any siginificant difference between snagit 9 and 10 , older versions users other than snagit 9 is a must try that’s what I can tell.
      By the way I already using snagit 10, lot of cool features and must have a blogging tool.

    • Beth Bailey says:

      Yes, I hope I can win a free upgrade from a version I have now so I can check out the new features, too!

  3. Siba says:

    I tried SnagIT 9 and its the best screen capture tool I have come across. I’m not on Windows 7 to use the native screen capture tool. So need to upgrade to SnagIT 10. I work a lot on ppts etc. where SnagIT is really helpful. I hope I get one.

  4. dan says:

    been a fan of snagit since snagit8, now with more feature for snagit10 !!! way to gooo, i love the screen recording feature…

  5. Vinod says:

    I would love SnagIt because it can help me make Animated GIF based screencasts to be used for product demos and occasional blog posts. Detailing something through SnagIt Screencast would be many time better than lot of words and pics.
    Would love to win one license 🙂 . Thanks.

  6. Lee says:

    This would be invaluable to me for performing screen captures at work and annotating them! I have heard about this being the premier screen capture tool on the market and would love a copy! At present I use Screenshot Captor but would really love a copy this software! I really would get so much use out of it. Please enter me in the draw! Cheers and thanks for organising this promotion. Note I have become a fan of Webtrickz on Facebook.

  7. northernexposure says:

    This would be wonderful to have! I currently have an older version of the software and I’m a big fan of it! It’s VERY easy to capture a picture and then quickly edit it using the software’s built-in features. I use this software just about every day, since I give a lot of presentations. Thanks again for offering a chance to win this fabulous software!

  8. TestGOTD75 says:

    Thanks Mayur for this great giveaway. The best feature of Snagit 10 is round corner transparent image. It is great feature for demo/uploading. It is premier screen capturing tool, which has ability to make different profiles for easy capturing. Please count me in. To increase my chance of winning, I have twitted here:


  9. Paul says:

    Thanks for your giveaway! I would like to have a license because of the transparency-no background.

  10. Apurv says:

    Let me in! I really like the magnifier feature!!

  11. ibheck says:

    I totally agree, this is the best software for capturing images

  12. Michael says:

    I like the fact, that you can snag everything (called “All-in-one-capture”), the magnifier is very good, too.
    Please count me in.

    Best regards

  13. mike wegener says:

    i need an upgrade please.

  14. Vasu Jain says:

    I hope u save 1 for me 2 Mayur !! 🙂

  15. Linu George says:

    Been trying to get this for some time. I like the fact that it can snag it! with one key and capture anything on the screen and you can reduce the size or width of the capture instead of just capturing the whole page or limited page if its a big page.Thanks. Please count me in.

  16. Abhishek says:

    Great giveaway! Best screenshot program. Count me in too.
    Here’s my retweet:

  17. Brent Swigert says:

    I’ve used other screen capture tools. Windows 7 Snipping Tool is okay but SnagIt is by far the best. The way in which it captures a scrolling window is unsurpassed. The indepth annotation tools are fantastic. Between those two features I can’t pick the best one. Would love to have a copy to help out the family, explaining computers problem resolution problems in pictures.

  18. freebiesspeed says:

    I`m fan on your Facebook-Page:!/profile.php?id=100000964942849

    I tweeted it:

    I dugg it:

    I added your blog to my blogroll at:

    I want the license because I want to make tuturials – thanks.

  19. Thunder-man says:

    I use sooooooo many years SnagIt 7, now ist Time for v10.

    THX for this great giveaway

  20. PeterB says:

    Hi webtrickz
    I like to enter your contest for snagit 10.
    The feature i like the most is capturing a scrolling window.
    I use it for documentation.
    Thank you.

  21. John Smith says:

    Great, Thanks a lot.
    I like magnifier and AIO feature, Snagit is the best software for capturing and too easy to use.

  22. P.K.ARUN says:

    I’m a big fan of snaigt, because it helps me to do my work very easily. Thanks for running nice giveaway.

  23. Meena says:

    I tried a few tools but this one seems the best. I’d like to have it for video captures mainly. The need to change capture settings is a major pain with other tools. Version 10 of snagit has solved this also. Thanks for this giveaway.

  24. kurtumi says:

    Thanks Mayur for this great giveaway. Now I use v7.25 , I hope I win.

  25. Thanks Mayur. I retweeded…

  26. mhsmimre says:

    Hi Mayur
    thanks for great giveaway , I think Snagit screenshot program is number one.

  27. Josh says:

    I could really use Snagit 10 for my studies to show my teachers material. Thanks


  28. click-click says:

    I currently use HypeSnap, but my license expired quite a while ago and I can no
    longer update to newer versions. Snapit sounds interesting and would be a good
    replacement. I often report problems with software and find programs such as
    Snapit, HyperSnap, etc.a must have. No Twitter or FB for me, but maybe lucky
    here. Thanks for making this giveaway.

  29. jimi2061 says:

    SnagIt rocks! Best screen capture program I’ve tried. I’m using ver 7 so I’d love to have a license for ver 10!

  30. dundee says:

    Like everyone else I am 100% on board in saying that SnagIt is the #1 screen capture software. SnagIt has many useful features but the most fascinating feature I find is AutoScroll that captures screen by automatically scrolling the window. This is potentially a huge time saver because I don’t have to spend a lot of time taking multiple screen captures and then combine them all into one screen capture. Manually combining screen captures is prone to errors and reduced quality.

    Thanks very much for the giveaway. I hope I win.

  31. john says:

    Cool giveaway. I really really need SnagIt because I take a lot of screen captures both in my professional line of work and for my personal work. I think all the features in it are very valuable and improve productivity and look and feel of any work that involves taking lot of screen captures. There is nothing more I need at this time than a really good screen capture software and what is better than SnagIt 10.

  32. TVB says:

    I want Snagit 10 for my blogging 😀 It’s very useful when writting tutorials.

    My facebook :
    My Twitter :

  33. xuannam says:

    I really love “magnifier” which is one of new features of snagit 10.
    It is very good screen capture tool, so I would love to have one,

    Thank you, and please count me in the contest

  34. Aang says:

    Hi, Mayur.
    Thanks for this giveaway.
    I already have the old version (SnagIt 7), so the recent version (v10) will be awesome!
    The most interesting feature (for me), is the ability to capture in transparency, especially on top corner of the snapshot.
    I hope I’ll win a license of SnagIt 10.

  35. thanhhai_1412 says:

    i’d like it

  36. pttu says:

    I am using SnagIt 9 and currently happy with it.
    I want a Licenses of SnagIt 10 for Free

  37. mehrdad says:

    this is a cool. very nice

  38. Saket says:

    Hey (another) great giveaway Mayur!
    I have Retweeted your post and added it to several social bookmarking sites.
    But I don’t want to enter into this contest, just wanna say to everyone that Snagit is a great App!

    It does lot more than just what the “Prt Scr” button does. I have been using it for capturing screenshots for my blog (although I am using an older version) and i love it, specially the Snagit editor.

    If you are getting it free for just retweeting and commenting here then I would recommend everybody to give a try!

  39. William says:

    snagit would be a good tool to use for my school projects. i like the transparency and magnifier features.

  40. Paf says:

    Hi Mayur, thank you very much for this opportunity. I have never used snagit, and I have had no luck at all in other contests. I would like to try snagit, since everyone seems to think it’s the best in the field. Please count me in, if possible. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  41. Raziq says:

    Hi. I have heard about this application but never had a chance to use it. I hope I would win a license. Thank you.

  42. Mayank says:

    Twitter – (This Ma Tweet)

    Facebook –

    Comment – I Need It Really Because I Love It & Really Like It’s Editing Feature

  43. Here’s my tweet:

    I like the support for transparency in Snagit 10.

  44. Julio Vazquez says:

    Good tool and useful. It’ll be great to have a copy!

  45. I love Snagit! Unlike some other software companies, every time TechSmith has released a new version of any of their software packages it is always worth the upgrade! I can’t wait to try out all the new goodies in Snagit 10! Pick me! Pick me!


  46. Richard says:

    I can never say this enough; I just love SnagIt… I’ve been using it almost daily since version 7.

  47. bowlby4 says:

    I have been using Snagit for as long as I can remember. Great Software.

  48. I need to make several scrrenshots for blogging and
    I make several installation descriptions for packaging/scripting purposes.
    I now use Alt-Prtscn to capture images from screen and Paint for editting.
    Snagit could make it a lot easier, I hope.

  49. Amy Schlabach says:

    I love screen capture software. Looking forward to trying Snagit 10. I like making help tutorials for others and making computing easier of others.
    I just became a fan of WebTrickz Facebook page. Thanks

  50. RallySze says:

    SnagIt is so professional & practical in capturing programs. I use this since version 6. Hopefully can win 1 license of version 10 to upgrade.
    Already twitted & “like” in facebook.

  51. Count me in. Snagit is an awesome tool for everyday blogging. Tweeted 😉

  52. Mohammed Sarhan says:

    Already A Fan
    I need SnagIt 10 urgently Plz

  53. Dhiraj Sinha says:

    Hello Mayur,
    Well who wouldn’t want a license for such an acclaimed tool which has even earned the “gold award” at “toptenreviews”.The newly inroduced all-in-one capture mode is really intuitive and a timesaver.Besides,the abilty to rotate text boxes 360 degrees will certainly come in handy.However in my opinion,the most welcome change in version 10 is the reintroduction of the custom trim feature which allows one to trim shots at pixel level.Though this feature may sound trivial,it was really missed a lot.So,having said all that,do count me in the giveaway please.
    P.S. As stipulated,I am following you on twitter and tweeted this giveaway at:

  54. I like Snagit because of its cool feature and integration with various office products and also with the browser . I have twitted about your giveaway,

  55. AstroSkipper says:

    Hi Mayur, thank you very much for the opportunity to win a license of Snagit.
    I like the magnifier feature and need Snagit to create tutorials. Please count me in your giveaway. Thanks in advance.

  56. kkobuki says:

    love to use genuine software !

  57. Ashwin says:

    Here’s my tweet –
    I am impressed with the selective capture and editing feature of snagit. love to have one license.

  58. joseph rozwood says:


    ttp:// via @mayurjango Win a free licensce of Snagit 10 Screen capture software. Awesome program

  59. Steven says:

    I am a IT student. When i’m doing documentation for my project, i’m required to include the screens of the program and for that i usually use print screen and paint but using paint there is a limitations of feature. This program has some features that is not available in paint and print screen and for that i need it. The all-in-one capture will definitely let me do my job faster…thx…

  60. Free4Geek says:

    Hi ,
    Thanks for this nice giveaway …
    Snagit 10 has many impressive features with lots of possibilities . It is the much talked about screen capture tool with many unique features which I would like to win . Editing is the most powerful feature …This tool would be very much helpful to me in future .
    Please count me in this giveaway .

  61. Grr says:

    Hi Mayur,

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Please count me in.

    I’m working and being a tester by profession my work involves making lots of documentation/tutorials/guides for end users for the products I work for. Winning Snagit 10 would help me a lot in my professional work, as it has many features like All-in-One Capture, Magnifier, extensive availability of Markup tools, Auto-storing to directory, Tagging pics, Video Capture, ability to save to over 23 formats which will make my prepared documents/tutorials more reader friendly, easy to understand, meaningful & distinct from my co-workers.

    I’m subscribed to your blog using the same email as in my comment here.

    I have tweeted abt this giveaway here:

    Apart from using in my professional work, I would also be using it for my personal work.


  62. GT says:


    I’m never winning Snagit. Don’t now if i’m winning now or not. But still please counting me. I’m commenting only, as i’m no twittar or the facebook.

    Please count me in.

    I’m having my own work and will use for my business activities. I’m used trial & very much liking the feature which allows putting comments, dont know what you call it, may be the callout but it is best. also many other best things whivh i’m liking it. I always reading the help file to find more and so use better.

    Please count me in.

    Mr G.T

  63. Radek says:

    I have an older version of the software (v7) and I’m a big fan of it. This is the best software for capturing images. It is time for v10 … maybe 🙂 .
    The way in which it captures a scrolling window is unsurpassed. Editing is fantastic. The drawing and annotation tools are great. Just click, point, make annotation and send ….
    Please count me in.

  64. Daniel says:

    Well, I m glad to catch this giveaway before the deadline.
    I hope Suray wins too. Such an ardent follower.

    Well, I am not a pro (I must admit). Trying to blog. But I am a BETA Tester. What a wonderful tool SnagIT is. Capturing useful screen shot with smart selection of what you want. ; )
    The features are just tremendous. Great job that TechSmith has done since version 7.32 (Free one that most of us here got. hee hee.)

    I love the screen capture that allows you to AUTOMATICALLY SCROLL down the screen. So awesome. Remember the other screen capture — Capture the top part. Scroll down manually. Capture the bottom part. Edit in your favorite photo program. Wow … no sweat for SnagIT. Thankfully, we have you. (Sign of relieve)

    Another feature that is always there but may not be notice is you can print anything on your computer screen and output it using SnagIT. Awesome!!!


    PS: Thanks WebTrickz for organising this event. Also thanks to TechSmith. Very generous of them


  65. Bill Sherman says:

    I would like to win this giveaway of SnagIt 10.
    I have used version 7, and it is a nice tool.
    The transperancy feature in version 10 is a great addition.

  66. aungzeya38 says:

    hello.. pls add my name inside ur drawing ..
    snagit is very useful capturing software .. i loved it and really wanna to use it. so pls count me in

  67. venkat says:

    Congrats to winners ,enjoy using Snagit 10

  68. Raziq says:

    Thanks Mayur for the giveaway….

  69. Bolaji Olawole says:

    Am new to this software. I love trying new stuff. Web trick has always been giving me that opportunity to try something new. I must confess am learning everyday. All experiences are great. Thank you again.

  70. Singh says:

    this is the best & the most effective software for editing & capturing purpose

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