Giveaway – Win FREE Licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2010 worth $49.95

TuneUp Utilities 2010We’re giving away 5 Free genuine licenses of ‘TuneUp Utilities 2010’ worth $49.95 (each)to delight our readers this Holiday & Christmas season.

TuneUp Utilities is a powerful Windows optimization software comprising numerous functionalities and features which are beyond user expectations. It keeps your Windows clean, disables unnecessary programs and gives users the best system performance.

It makes your system Fast, Stable and offers the best tool to customize your Windows Settings & Appearance. 1-Click Maintenance fixes most of the registry and PC issues in a click. This great utility is meant both for novice and experienced users.

What’s New in TuneUp 2010 ?

Completely Redesigned Start Center Interface with ease of use

TuneUp Utilities 2010

TuneUp Turbo Mode allows users to temporarily disable unnecessary background processes, such as various Windows services, complex search functions and scheduled maintenance tasks that are not required.

TuneUp Turbo Mode

TuneUp Live Optimization monitors and prevents background programs from using up too much of the PC’s resources. This improves programs startup and response time.

TuneUp Live Optimization

Gadget for Windows Vista & 7 users – Displays PC’s health directly on the Desktop


Provides a clear and concise Optimization Report, which outlines the Windows maintenance processes carried out and the problems that have been fixed.

TuneUp Optimization Report

Help Center has been upgraded and User Manual is now available online.

Supports – Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 (both the 32 and 64?bit versions)

There are many other features introduced like Automatic Maintenance and improvements made like Fast Defragmentation, online search feature, automatically disable unnecessary startup programs during TuneUp, etc.

Rules to Win Free License of TuneUp Utilities 2010

1) Tweet about this contest on twitter. Remember to leave a valuable comment below along with your valid email address and tweet status link.

2) If you aren’t on twitter, then simply comment below and tell us why you need TuneUp Utilities 2010.

5 Lucky Winners will be chosen randomly and results will be announced on Dec 07 :D

Till then you can Download the 30 Day Fully-Functional Trial of TuneUp Utilities.

WINNERS – Below are the 5 winners chosen from 126 approved comments email.


This giveaway received a very good response. Thanks to all the participants.


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

149 Responses

  1. Joshua Chacko says:

    My computer runs really slow, I’ve been really wanting something that speeds it up by removing the processes I don’t need. I hope that I can get this great software

  2. King says:

    I hope to win a license, TuneUp Utilities is a really good program.

  3. Sputnik says:

    WOW !

    I use this software since 2007 and it is really a “must have” !!!

    Really one of the few bests of this kind.

    Thank you TuneUp and Webtrickz !!! 🙂

  4. Tu Nguyen says:

    I really need this program. My laptop runs slower than a turtle but i don’t really want to format it again. Many experts said that this tune up utilities program can improve it so i really want it. Hope that i win this !!!

  5. Rafael SCT says:

    I can’t stand most of the slowness of my pc, so I need the tuneup !

    Please count me in to list..

  6. Dr Anurag Jain says:

    i have used tune up utilities 2008 in the past . It is good software and help you recover those valuable mb’s . I does speed up your pc and has useful tweaking tools.
    since this is windows 7 compatible, i am sure this will be a lot better than its predecessors.

  7. Aang says:

    I am not on twitter and I don’t have any version of TU before. So I guess if I can win the license then I can start to learn how to use it to optimize my pc. Thanks.

  8. JK says:

    That’s really a great giveaway!

  9. Candyhien says:

    I’m using windows7. I would love to optimize Windows. So TuneUp Utilities 2010 is my choice.
    I hope to get free license genuine ‘TuneUp Utilities 2010 “.
    Thanks much

  10. kotireddy says:

    tweet status:

    I am using tuneup 2009 .I want to to up grade it ..
    I think i will be one of them…

    THANK U webtrickz

  11. ridhwan says:

    I hope I get the License. I very need tuneUp for repair my notebook

  12. steven says:

    I use the one click maintenance frequently as it always find hundreds of problems….and the new 2010 also got the live optimization which is good….the tune up 2010 makes my pc faster….it also got the registry defrag…

  13. raziq says:

    My pc need a tuneup. I hope I get the license because it is a very good software to repair my pc problems.

  14. Stanley Lu says:


    Thank you for all the nice screenshots and informations on TuneUp Utilities 2010 =)

    I would like a free Tuneup 2010 because I have been using 2009 for a while and I like it, except the defrag part. It would be great if i can get an upgrade to TU 2010 and use it on my computer with all the new features. Later on, I could also recommend it to my friends!

  15. JL says:

    Wow! This is a fantastic giveaway. I would greatly appreciate one of the five licenses. Again, a super giveaway. Thanks for considering me!

  16. thelemontree10 says:

    Good luck to all

  17. eygate24 says:

    Please send I need it

  18. KeNn says:

    Hi there, can I have a shot the give away as well. Really appreciate the offer you guys are providing. I don’t like the idea of reformatting my computer unless it totally crashes. This tuneup will definitely help me provide better overall maintenance to my system and reduce the possibilities of potential crashes.

  19. Apurv says:

    My pc going real slow, i really need this badly

  20. Jinsu says:

    hi, i too really need the TU2010..
    good luck to all

  21. Tom says:

    Well, need it for Win7…

  22. anticafe says:

    Tuneup Utilities is a very good utility, i’ve been using it from version Tuneup 2006 to now. Hope i can get a free license for version TU 2010

  23. psdnaveen says:

    Tuneup Utilities is a very usefull for fast and reliable use of computer. I think i’ll get. Thank u..

  24. Rio says:

    I already used old version of this software 2008 version and it work well. I think by using the new version the performance of my computer will increase more…give me this software

  25. hideipuser says:

    i am using the trial version. very nice. I would like to have a license.

  26. idigiti says:

    Nice one. I am happy if I get one. Thanks

  27. Abhishek says:

    TuneUp Utilities is the best tweaking and optimization tool for Windows. The latest 2010 version seems to be great and better than its predecessors.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. paf says:

    Hi, thanks for the offer. I’ve use TuneUp 2007, then changed to TuneUp 2008. It has done wonders for my pc. I really would love to try TuneUp2010. Please count me in.

  29. Sujay says:

    Great..!! this is a great software & now it is in 2010 version. I need the licence.
    Here is my tweet.

  30. Pratik Daga says:

    Hey WebTrickz thanks for the superb offer…
    I have already tried for the key of TuneUP Utilities 2010 but got no luck..:(
    So I think I will be lucky this time…

    I have tweeted about this and here is the status link:

  31. Patrick says:

    I have used older versions of Tuneup Utilities. The program keeps my computer running well. I would like to win the latest version.

  32. Suhas MK says:

    I guess i need it so that i don’t have to use a cracked version of it.

  33. I deserve a copy of TuneUp Utilities 2010 with him because many of the difficult tasks in themselves for me to manually will be accepted simply and quickly in TuneUp Utilities 2010.


  34. Victor Gnanaraj says:

    love to have one man

  35. David GS says:

    Hey Mayur, I would need a TuneUp Utilities to maintain my registry. My license for Registry Mechanic just ended last week. Would love to keep my computer running with good performance. Thanks in advance.


  36. Dnyanesh Mankar says:

    TuneUp utilities is a great s/w to maintain one’s comp. I think I need to do some cleaning!

  37. Belga says:

    Thank you for giving to five of us this excellent program for cleaning and optimatisation the PC without any danger !

  38. Raju says:

    Good one Mayur! A nice software to be given away any time of the year! One of the few software in this area of work *optimizing* that I trust. TuneUp rocks!

  39. sriganesh says:

    thanks for the giveaway, i need this software for my pc, as a animation studnet i need my system to run faster and these features are good. i dont know how to edit manualy so this one will help me. i RT this post , you can search by #animhut , cos i dont know ow to put the status here,
    this software will really helps me . thank you.

  40. Aviator365 says:

    hello tweet is here
    and I would like win this as its great product that works on Win 7

    Here i go to win yet another giveaway… its giveaway season

  42. olga bispo says:

    Not on tweeter, i would like to win this as this is an ALL in one maintenace product plus the fact you can themes windows is great. Pls consider me.thanks.

  43. Joseph says:

    I would love a copy of this. My computer can use a good tuneup

  44. AAMIR says:

    just to try it on my win7

  45. Polops says:

    Excellent program I use TuneUp Utilities 2009 would like to receive the new version of the key as well optimizes PC superfluous or anything not remove.
    And so you decide who gets the key.

  46. Murphy says:

    Nice offer . Thanks !
    TuneUp Utilities is a really good program .
    Best regards !

  47. Prakash Pathak says:

    Please give the one i am using the tune up utility 2008 version its too old now

  48. Willem says:

    I’m not on twitter, so I can only comment here to qualify for this competition.

    Through the years, I’ve been using TuneUp Utilities 7, 8 and 9. Somehow, I was always able to obtain one way or another a freebie license.

    I trust this excellent set of maintenance tools very much. Now I need one that works on my new 64-bit Windows 7 Pro.

    I really wish I can win in this giveaway.

    Thank you, Mayur, for opening this opportunity.

  49. Phil Rib says:

    Nice offre. Merci!
    TuneUp Utilities est un très bon programme.

  50. krish says:

    its a nice offer and moreover I am right now using tune up utilities 2009. Its a perfect software required by everyone who has a comp as it maintains your computer perfectly according to your requirements and it even optimizes your internet connection. I would like to avail this offer with pleasure

  51. ckit says:

    After using TuneUp Utilities 2008 for a couple of months on WinXP, I’ve moved on to Windows 7 and find myself needing the newer 2010 version which I’ve been running the trial for a week now and love it.

    Thanks for the offer!

  52. myriam says:

    thank’s for the gift

    i need TuneUp Utilities 2010 license

  53. Carlton Cold says:

    I need this to make my computer run smoothly. TuneUp is the best companion for my computer

  54. Murugesh says:

    Nice offer! I will be happy if I win one. Please count me in.

  55. clydeman says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning a program like this.Thanks.

  56. M S says:

    I used this for awhile and was pretty impressed, although I have been using Tune Up Utilities since 2007 version came out. I paid for that version and worked quite well, but I love the new features of the 2010 version. One of the best windows customizer…..except for their themes, they could updated….

  57. Huy says:

    I hope I can win one licesen TU 2010. Thank you for your infomation

  58. GrannyK says:

    Wow, lotsa comments…

    Great utility.

    Now, if I was a gambling granny, I wouldn’t give odds on winning this one …


  59. Soon says:

    I like Tuneup utilities a lot especially it’s registry cleaner as it is much safer compare to others software like Advanced System Care. Tweaking the system is easy too with the function of stat center which will remind us if there is some errors or setting that slow down our pc. I noted that tuneup utilities has improved its defragmenter. Process of defragmentation of hard disk is now faster. In a nutshell, I would like to have this software installed in my old machine as it will help me to utilise my computer resource better.Thanks.

  60. phobos says:

    Oh,Very Nice.I like this software too’s one of the best and i hope win a license.

  61. naveen says:

    Great giveaway, i am really want the tuneuputilities full version license key. Please select me as one of the winner.

  62. vhick says:

    First time I used TuneUp Utilities is version 2004. Its really great that I notice A remarkable improvement in my system. I still used XP and I try the 2010. The program have a great improvement over the years. This is a big help for me to have a old system like me.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this kind of giveaway.

  63. David says:

    Want to join your contest, TuneUp Utilities 2010 is a prog of my dream.

  64. miguel says:

    im currently using glary utilities.. and want to try this one hows this software help my laptop…

  65. CrimeDawg says:

    Give ME, Give ME!!!!!!!!!!

  66. kakimasam2 says:

    i like tuneup utilities since i’m try for the first time..

    now i’m really like this software very good.

    all the icons are user friendly and easy to understand.

  67. RATEDR says:

    well i love the new interface …

  68. Bionic says:

    Thanks Mayur,
    nice finds from you lately, i was not aware this blog belonged to you,
    never tried this software but sure could need a tuneup…


  69. naveen says:


  70. Warren says:

    I have been using TuneUp Utilities 2008 for a long time and found it to be an amazing piece of software,works well on XP Sp3 and all my applications, If 2010 is as good as 2008, then I would like to have that license please.

  71. amit says:

    pls include me in this giveaway i really want the serial .

  72. ueberdax says:

    I need TuneUp Utilities 2010 because it keeps my computer tidy.

    Hope i win.
    best regards

  73. Tman says:

    I am using 2008 and would like to use 2010.

  74. VJN says:

    I use Tuneup 2008 and it truly is a one-stop package for maintenance of PC. I run its disk & reg cleaner often. Its one-click no nonsense approach is very refreshing.

    Now that I am planning to upgrade to Win7, Tuneup 2010 would make a worthy companion.
    So please add me to this giveaway. Thanks.

  75. Vinod says:

    My computer requires a real tune up as it comes to a halt after using it for some time. Seeing the review and the views of people this seems like the one which will do a perfect job. Thanks for this offer.

  76. amon says:

    Thank you for this nice giveaway, I hope that I’ll win this time, getting it here in Africa is not that easy. I tried several time since it was out but all in vain. Since tuneup utilities is one of the best windows tweaking program, I would like to use it for tweaking my computer to make it run faster.

    Best regards,

  77. Timothy says:

    I’m currently using TuneUp Utilities 2008 and it would be great to upgrade for free for the latest version of this splendid program.

  78. SELATNIA AMMAR says:


  79. Jordan says:

    count me in!

  80. myth says:

    count me in…

  81. spy says:

    hopefully i win

  82. mesmerized says:

    Great giveaway , good luck for all, me too !

  83. s3ns3i says:

    i need it..

  84. hurt says:

    count me in too

  85. mess says:

    i would like a key

  86. Himmi says:

    good luck for all,

    and count me in too..

  87. fatalan says:

    i need it!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Gsmidt says:

    Nice opportunity to get a high quality program for free as a Christmas gift.
    Count me in, please, If I’m not too late.

  89. Tally says:

    That’s would be fine to take part in such a funny lottery, and it really will be perfect to win a copy of this great program.

  90. Namasteji1 says:

    Getting a few errors at startup as well as shutdown, hope to win tune up to fix it!

  91. ashish says:

    hi, I can give many reasons but I will give just 2 simple and true reasons. 1 it is one of the best pc optemisers, and second it is very keyboard friendly which means that we (blind computer users) can use it easily.

  92. Marion Shaw says:

    Tuneup Utilities is hands down the best pc optimizer in the market!

  93. cristiano johnson says:

    thank u for your generous….!

  94. kulop says:

    Count me in .. I’ve been using TU for few years now, all cracked version, not one is legal, I can’t stop using cracked because I need the app, can’t buy because it’s not a cheap one, besides cracked version easy to get .. help me to stop this illegal thing inside my PC and my mind by giving me one of the license .. thanks in millions.

  95. timbuckley says:


    Giveaway – Win FREE Licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2010 worth $49.95 via @mayurjango

  96. snehalmaisuria says:

    Hi Mayur please give me Tune up utility.
    I also follow you & made comment on tweeter.

  97. Drino says:

    I’d like to join your contest for tune up utilities 2010. And though I understand that my chances extremely miserable I can’t bypass such an interesting offer.

  98. nikoletta says:

    As I’m not on Twitter I would leave a comment only with a weak hope to win a pro license for such an excellent program TuneUp Utilities 2010 for sure is.
    With regards.

  99. Waldemar says:

    I hope to win a license, TuneUp Utilities is a really good program.

  100. budha says:

    TuneUp Utilities is the best optimization tool for Windows. The latest 2010 version seems to be great and better than its predecessors.
    Please count me in!!:-)))))))))

  101. Manuel Morales says:

    Hello everybody:

    I must say that tuneup utilities is one of the most powerful sofware to improve the pc. That is why I want to get a license.


  102. fred says:


    I’m not on twitter, but I’d love to get a license of TuneUp Utilities 2010!

    It looks like the perfect suite of tools to optimize & keep clean my brand new installation of Windows 7, making sure my system will remain fast & efficient.

    Thank you.

  103. naveen says:

    Great give away, i hope to win this free give away, please select me as one of the winners. I am really want the license of Tuneuputilities 2010. Thank you very much.

  104. valon says:

    I have been using TuneUp Utilities 2008 & really appreciate what it does. 2010 is improved and has more features so it would be great to have it – thanks for the opportunity. (Not on Twitter.)

  105. Ahmed says:

    This is my favorite System utilities & probably No#1 in market.I will be grateful to
    the authorities for consider me at this contest/promotion.Have a nice day.Thanks & regards.

  106. cristiano johnson says:

    thank you very much for your generoous…. what a kind man….!

    i hope h get one liecence because my computer is too slow with old pintium 4 !!!

    God Bless You….! And Go On With This Amazing Web Blog…!

  107. balachand says:

    it is a very nice software. iam using it from the day i purchased computer.
    now i have tuneup utilities 2009.i want 2010 version. it contains many valuable options like click1 mainatenance registry cleaner, defragmentation, tuneup doctor, free disk space,optimizations etc.
    please let me one of winner.
    thank u 4 this avertisement

  108. bhavya says:

    i would really luv to have this genuine key….i have tried da trial software and its great…thnx…

  109. Tom says:

    Need it just to be prepared!

  110. ptag says:

    thanks for this giveaway… i really need it because its a cool software that can maintain my laptop and windows 7 in good conditions.

    merry christmas to the author…. 🙂

  111. janus says:

    A good and safe software

  112. David Macdonald says:

    I have a license for TuneUp Utilities 2008, but it’s not compatible with Win7. Also this utility’s registry cleaner complements well with CCleaner. However the most useful features i found are the system optimizer, registry defrag & disk defrag.

  113. fares says:

    i have been trying tune up for a while now and it would be a great joy if a could have a licence for this product 2010.
    thank you.

  114. jack says:

    TuneUp Utilities is one of the greatest softwares I have used. It optimizes my computers. I used to install TuneUp Utilities 8 and 9. That’s very good! But I really want to get a new version- TuneUp Utilities 10, just because I am using my computer with Windows 7 OS. TuneUp Utilities 9 is incompatible with Windows 7- that makes me very sad. So I really need a license of TuneUp Utilities 10. I wish I could get a TuneUp Utilities 10 key!

  115. Anupam says:

    Count me in!

  116. ck says:

    i need this software to clean up my slow pc..
    thanx …

  117. Hans says:

    I’m using TU 2008, & it makes my computer running fast.
    I am sure TU 2010 so many great functions for my computer.
    Please count me in your giveaway. Thanks alot Mayur.

  118. Jozsef says:

    I have used older versions of Tuneup Utilities.
    The program keeps my computer running well.
    TuneUp Utilities is the best tweaking and optimization tool for Windows.
    Tuneup Utilities is a very usefull for fast and reliable use of computer.
    I would like to win the newest version of TuneUp Utilities.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. horjo53 says:

    Maintain my system,
    Increase performance,
    Fix problems,
    To have TuneUp Utilities 2010!

  120. J.J says:

    TuneUp Utilities makes my system Fast, Stable and offers the best tool to customize my Windows Settings & Appearance. 1-Click Maintenance fixes most of the registry and PC issues in a click. This great utility is meant both for novice and experienced users, I hope for me too….

  121. hkw says:

    Really a perfect system maintenance and optimisation software for Windows drives me great need and desire for getting this software as never use it before and hope this surely helps me much from now on if I can win it this time!

  122. Leo says:

    Tune Up is a great program. I hope i’m lucky.

  123. Sourav says:

    i would like to have the licence

  124. jack says:

    Who will get the TuneUp Utilities 10 key? I will be very happy If I get it. I needs a softwares as TuneUp Utilities 10 to optimize my computer…. we will know people who are lucky just a fews hours. So, let me hope…and thanks administrator.

  125. Gascool says:

    TuneUp Utilities 2010 is exactly the right tool I need at the moment, just was considering either to buy Advanced System Care or TuneUp Utilieties and found this contest page. Include me please into your lottery list. Thanks.

  126. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the offer, at least I can post a comment and hope for my lucky chance. 😉

  127. kev says:

    Because i like the older versions of tuneup 2008 and 2009 but they will not work with windows 7

  128. zanesa says:

    Hi, I need this software cause am ysung the previous version of tuneup..and till now it’s great..maybe the newest one better,isnt it? thanks

  129. manish says:

    i need it cause i like it.

  130. citrix34 says:

    here is mty twitter :
    Giveaway is the coolest place where you can get software solutions at no cost ! Please visit the site and enjoy !

  131. Dushan says:

    It’s a great chance to get high quality prog for free! I’d like to be a part of this giveaway game.

  132. Dolphin says:

    TuneUp Utilities 2010 is a program of my Christmas Big Dream. Will be very happy if I can get a free copy.

  133. Phelix says:

    Is the contest still on?.. Then count me in, please. TuneUp Utilities 2010 is “must-have” type of program for any PC user.

  134. Hector Ignacio says:

    Thank you very much the professional team who provide us with the most current, important, and best of the best!

    Tune Up Utilities is a lightweight, easy to understand, and can rejuvenate any computer!

    Hopefully there is any possibility of obtaining a license for a program that really is of paramount importance to my slow computer.

  135. Mike Zwarton says:

    Hi, I hope I can win it because I have the 2009 version and use it every mourning as a Guiding light in keeping up my computer .
    This software to me is a must have and feel it is the best program on the market for people who is on the computer allot and on the Internet allot .
    And besides that I am considering on upgrading my computer to Windows 7 and the 2009 version is not Capatable with Windows 7 !
    So please pick me for a free copy of this program !

    Thanks Again

    Mike Z

  136. ABHINAV AGARWAL says:

    tune up is the best software i have used ever. i think it cleans my computer with ease and removes waste stuff. i think it is the best offer tune up has given. thank you

  137. ohikere salihu idris says:

    I need this utilities b,cos it looks more superb than the previous ones i have used,and i am sure the performance of my PC will be great.

  138. krishan polley says:

    i need tuneup utilities because my computer’s slow

  139. Braco says:

    Tune up is the best software…and…I need it…

  140. Michelle says:

    OOOPS, that is exactly what I have been seeking for years.
    Plz, do give me a chance.

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