Google Adsense to Introduce EFT Payments for Indian Publishers Soon

If you’re an Adsense publisher in India, you must be aware that Google makes payment to Indian publishers through standard check delivery. Google Adsense also offers other payment options like Electronic Funds Transfer, Western Union Quick Cash and Rapida in various countries, but none in India except Checks. The EFT payments are currently available in 29 countries and Google is working hard to make it available in as many locations as possible.

There is a good news for all Indians publishers who have been demanding and eagerly waiting for the EFT payment facility since years, it seems Google is actively working to make EFT payments available in India as soon as possible. The source here is a reply from a Google Employee (AdSense Pro Payments) against a protest thread started by a publisher against Google on Google Product Forums.

The reply from Google employee says (Oct 11) –

We actually just sent our first test payment for this process yesterday in order to verify our banking integrations. We have a few other prerequisites to implement in our payments system which will take some additional time before it’s ready, but be assured that we’re indeed actively working on it.

When another member asked for an approximate time period, the employee replied:

@Mishrakolkata: I’m certainly hoping that we’ll be able to start making this option available before the end of the year.  We’re very eager to get electronic payments available in India, and we’re working to make this available as quickly as possible.

Now, if we emphasize on the above replies then there is a high possibility of EFT being introduced in India in 2013 itself. However, considering the legal issues and restrictions imposed by RBI, the process might take some more time. Let’s hope for the best! 🙂

Why EFT? Electronic Funds Transfer aka EFT payments are much convenient over Cheques as it takes around 2 weeks to receive the check, the possible reason being delay in the dispatching process after payment is issued at the end of the month. Though, I’ve seen most publishers blaming Bluedart for the delay in delivery but Bluedart isn’t the real culprit as they take at most 3-4 days in delivering the check. Moreover, the checks issued by Adsense are payable at Citibank branches only and sadly Citibank has limited number of branches in India, hence check clearance takes more time and for non-local cheques you’re charged a fee for collection of outstation cheques. And unfortunately, if one loses the check then they’ve to place a re-issue request which certainly delays the payment and is cumbersome too.

Through EFT, your AdSense earnings will be directly deposited into your bank account, in your local currency. EFT is fast, secure, and environmentally friendly, and it’s the Google-recommended payment method. To start receiving payments by EFT, you need to provide your bank details like account number and IFSC code, then verify your account by sending a small test deposit. Overall, it’s a speedy and simplified payment process.

Source: Megarush  |  Via @NoobDeveloper


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13 Responses

  1. Akash says:

    hey great! news – Good to hear that 🙂 hope it will implement very soon.

  2. Varun says:

    Awesome News 😀
    It’ll be very nice if we can receive payments via EFT 😀
    the current Cheque system takes more than a month for me :\

  3. P.K.Arun says:

    Really good news, I head this news few days back on FB but didn’t have any source to backup the statement. Now we have source also… So, for the next year Indian adsense publishers will get gift from adsense team.

  4. Hey Mayur
    This is a great news for all Indian AdSense publishers…Hope they make it live soon…Will solve many payment related issues…

  5. Janmejai says:

    Hope they do it soon,Otherwise Both banks in cashing cheque and Bluedart in delivering take a lot of time in my city,First the lazy Bluedart never delivers cheque until i call them and bank take 20 days to cash it and in some cases as happened this time my cheque is still not cashed after 38 days(Already complained).

  6. Wow ! thanks for the info . Everyone is eagerly waiting , lets see how long does Google take to begin this payment system.

  7. Sadek says:

    It’s already been halfway passed , but no announcement from Google yet.
    Hope that they will implement this system very soon, current system is a nightmare (specially for those users residing outside blue dart coverage area).

  8. Expecting EFT From February 2014.

  9. Jahnavi says:

    thanks for the information..nice work man

  10. Akash says:

    A great news.. Thanks for the information!!

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