How to Display WordPress Widgets on Specific Pages

WordPress allow users to easily customize the appearance of their blog using widgets such as Recent posts, Recent comments, Categories, Archives, etc. The problem is, these widgets are shown in the sidebar by default on all pages of the site and WordPress doesn’t offers an integrated option to assign the placement for widgets. Fortunately, there are some great plugins that adds the functionality to show or hide widgets on specific pages in WordPress without requiring PHP skills or messing with the template code. Though, this should be a core feature of WordPress as it comes useful, like say it makes sense to show Recent posts widget on single pages only and not on homepage, which already displays most recent posts. Similarly, you can place necessary widgets only on the homepage.

Below are some of the best plugins. You can either use Widget Logic, a plugin based on Conditional Tags or Widget Context and Display Widgets, UI based plugins that doesn’t require manually adding the tag. Choose one that suits you the best!

Widget Logic  –  Download here

This plugin lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP’s conditional tags. It also has an option to add a ‘widget_content’ filter that lets you tweak any widget’s HTML as per your theme. This plugin adds an extra control field called "Widget logic" to every widget, where you can use the appropriate WordPress Conditional Tags, or any general PHP code. The plugin works like a charm and lets you display widgets exactly as you want. However, use it cautiously as the plugin uses eval() and some users might find the tags unfriendly.

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Some commonly used tags are:

is_home() – To display the widget on homepage only

is_single() - To display the widget on single post page only

!is_single() - To display the widget on all pages except single post page

is_single( '17' ) – To display widget only on post with ID 17

is_page() - To display the widget on pages only

is_category() - To display the widget on category archive page

is_tag() - To display the widget on tag archive page

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These options are shown on the Widgets page, only use when required.

Display WidgetsDownload here

A similar and easy to use plugin that eliminates the need to manually add conditional tags. Display Widgets adds checkboxes to each widget to either show or hide it on every site page. You can select one or more pages to show or hide widgets on those specified pages. It lets you change your sidebar content for different pages, categories, custom taxonomies, and WPML languages. The only limitation is that it only works with widgets written in WordPress version 2.8 format. By default, ‘Hide on Checked’ is selected with no boxes checked.

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Widget ContextDownload here

Another similar plugin with a user friendly interface that makes it easy to show or hide widgets on specific posts, pages or sections of your site — front page, posts, pages, archives, search, etc. It also features section targeting by URLs (with wildcard support) for maximum flexibility.

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For instance, if you want to display the widget only on iPhone category then enter the location as category/iphone/* to target all posts in iPhone category. Similarly, to show a widget only on a specific individual page, just enter the webpage URL slug like */contact and make sure widget context status is set to ‘Show on selected’.

Hope you found this post useful. 🙂


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