Remove Unwanted Content from YouTube with Adblock Plus ‘YouTube Customizer’

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular extension that lets you get rid of annoying and intrusive online advertising such as ad banners, pop-ups and video ads; has recently introduced YouTube Customizer. This new tool gives users the ability to block annoying YouTube content, thus to enjoy a pure video experience on YouTube. Users who frequently watch videos on YouTube and prefer a clutter-free UI would really love this tool!


Adblock Plus ‘YouTube Customizer page’ lets you selectively remove unnecessary elements from YouTube such as comments section, video suggestions shown on the right, share tab and in-video annotations. You can either block any one of these elements that you find most annoying or all of them as desired. The following elements on YouTube can be blocked:

  • Comments
  • Suggested Videos
  • Featured Videos in the end screen
  • Recommended Videos in the end screen
  • Sharing tab in the description
  • In-Video Annotations
  • Related Channels on Channel Pages 
  • Featured Channels on Channel Pages
  • Popular Channels on Channel Pages
  • Recommended Channels on the Homepage

To Customize YouTube with Adblock Plus, you first need to have Adblock Plus extension or add-on installed in your browser. Then visit, and block any of the desired elements on YouTube by clicking the “+add” button. The Adblock Plus options page will open up asking you to add the filter, click +Add to add it.

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Alternatively, you can manually add the individual filter listed below:

Note: Above filters won’t remove ads from YouTube as they’re blocked by default.


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