“Google messes up Adsense payments this time”

It seems that this time the biggest Internet company Google, has hurried up the Payments process which are provided to Adsense Publishers as there earnings. They have messed up many things which I would like to mention below:

1) This time the payment was issued early on FEB 18,2009 which previously used to be issued by 26th of every month.

2)  Previously, Google used to send cheques to Indian Adsense publishers via local government postal service but this time they sent it via BlueDart courier service. I also received an e-mail from Google regarding this saying:

As you may know, you’re scheduled to receive an AdSense payment this month. Today, I’m writing to let you know that although you’ve selected Standard Delivery for this payment, we’ll actually be able to send it to you via the Blue Dart courier service, at no additional cost to you.

3)  No tracking code assigned as said by them in their e-mail

By early next week, you’ll also be able to see a tracking number in the payment details of this payment which you can track at www.bluedart.com.

4)  This time the Adsense cheque I received was from Google Hyderabad Office and not from the previous Singapore location.

5) My check arrived on March 5,2009 via Bluedart as said by Google. I was shocked to see my Adsense check because some important details were missing on it like:

  • No MICR CODE printed on the cheque.
  • No “A/C PAYEE only” mentioned on the check. (making it Bearer one)
  • Some entries names also seemed to be changed.


These mistakes are not too small to be avoided. Without the line “A/C PAYEE Only” the cheque has become bearer and can be encashed by anyone who receives it.

I contacted Google about this issue but there seems no one to answer up my mails. I’ve even posted about this issue on Adsense Help Forum but again no luck for me there.

Note: This problem can also be because the offering of checks via BlueDart is under “Beta Test” as said by google.

If you are also having certain issues related to Google Adsense, then use the comments section to share your problems with us. Hope this issue goes off to google and they will help me out.


    Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

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    1. blogsdna says:

      If cheques are going to be distributed from India Hyderabad then we might see even bigger issues, i am not at all confident with any Indian shipping service (including postal department :P) and Google INC. at India Hyderabad.

      P.S I haven’t received Adsense cheque yet, which i used to get by 1st or 2nd of month.

    2. Mayur says:

      @ blogsdna Thanks for your comment.
      Even I am not satisfied with Google Hyderabad India because some important details are missing from the check.

    3. Pratyush says:

      So recession strikes Google too, haha.

    4. Alfred says:

      As mentioned in my post I had a tracking code.

      I never get a chance to see the cheque, thanks for bringing this no MICR and ac payee detail to our attention, will have to ask someone to check for it the next time I receive the cheque.

    5. spotter says:

      Have received the same mail from Google about Bluedart beta service. But the Bluedart number does not appear in my account. Account shows cheque was issued on Feb 18th, but I’ve not received the Feb cheque yet

    6. rave says:

      Looks like in that date (16feb) there is too much problem with adsense. My problem is here too http://rave211.blogspot.com/2009/03/mtcn-not-found-adsense-western-union.html
      And most annoying is no one from adsense-support will contact us.

    7. I have still not received the check. Today is 16th March and this is the longest it has ever taken. I have not received any mail from google abt bluedart services. Its just when i searched for similar incidents I came across this thread. I am even more worried since there is no A/C payee mentioned according to you.
      I will have to wait for another 5 days for resissue request.

    8. Quran says:

      oh i really cant believe this.

    9. Please note that if you receive a cheque with printed signatures it has to be deposited in bank and can not be cashed like a bearer cheque. There are issues with payments and in a beta test people will face it. The thing is in end we are getting payments. So be cool and enjoy your money.


    10. ahsan fareed says:

      what happened to Google???

    1. April 14, 2009

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