How to Change Windows 8 Product Key to Activate Later

The much awaited ‘Microsoft Windows 8’ – Windows reimagined was globally launched yesterday. However, the RTM version of Windows 8 was made available back in mid August to the MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Perhaps, if you’re already running the final Windows 8 RTM without activation then a watermark, activation prompts and some disabled personalization features might be spoiling the taste of the new OS. You can overcome these limitations by activating your Windows 8 copy now!

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Apparently, Windows 8 doesn’t requires an activation key during installation and you just need to enter a valid installation key to continue with the install process. This certainly doesn’t activates your Windows 8 OS as you need to input a genuine license key in order to activate your copy. Surprisingly, after a while we noticed that there was no option to enter or change the product key, hence no feasible way to activate the OS. This probably happens if you installed Windows 8 from a volume license media.

~ You can confirm this by opening Settings from Charms bar > Change PC settings > Activate Windows. There you would see a message:

“Windows can’t be activated right now. Try activating Windows later. If this issue persists, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support online to activate Windows.”

OR, below error in Classic desktop:

Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b
DNS Name does not exist

Well, if you’re getting the above error then you can’t enter a product key as there is no option for that. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

Method 1 – This uninstalls the current installed product key and returns license status back to trial state. Open CMD (Run as Administrator) and enter the command:

slmgr -upk

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Now go to Activate Windows from Metro UI PC Settings and enter the key. Make sure you’re connected to Internet while activating.

Method 2

Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) and enter the below command. Now you can activate your Windows either from Control Panel Activation wizard or Modern UI.

slmgr.vbs –ipk YOUR-PRODUCT-KEY-HERE

Method 3 – Open ‘Run’ and enter the command: slui 3

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27-10-2012 22-30-34

Windows Activation dialog will open up, enter a product key to activate Windows.

Hope you found this post useful.


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