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  1. RRH says:

    Thanks bro, usefull information,

  2. MostlyBlog says:

    yes it working i have done this before few days,btw RT done

  3. Paritosh says:

    Nothing new in this man. Paypal had this option before too and i verified using this option months back.

  4. smartin says:

    I don’t know what @Paritosh is saying 🙂 I verified my Paypal account with HDFC VCC at the beginning of this month. At that time this option was not there. So how can you verify a Paypal with bank account before few months. Checkout the discussions going at DP and other forums. It seems that none of the users are known about this feature. Be it old or new, Indians are now happy 😀

  5. Rahul says:

    Thank Mayur for this very informative post. Clear instructions leave no space for doubts.

    Thanks to arpit from for leading me to this.

  6. That’s Really cool..
    thanks for sharing..

  7. ABHI_12KA4 says:


  8. saranyafa says:

    hi can i use my SBI debit card to accept paypal account?

  9. john says:

    I paid for a vcc and confirmed my paypal account in a couple of hours…so i guess they deserve a 5 star +

    Highly Recommended

  10. SHINY DAS says:

    hi i just completed the first step of verifying my account. IS linking my account with paypal safe??

  11. Naveen says:

    I recently have verified my PP account with HDFC bank account.
    Q1. Do I need add money to my PP account for online shopping?
    If yes, upon trying to add funds to PP account The ADD FUNDS TAB says “PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account.”

    Q2. Now does it make compulsory to add credit card to PP (which I don’t have) to add money (for online shopping)? OR I can shop without funds being added to my PP account and PP will itself debit it from my bank account.

    If Yes, How paypal can debit the amount directly from anyone’s bank account, obviously Bank will not let anyone to online deduct money from any account especially without knowing login ID & password.

    Pls advice
    Thanks in Advance.

  12. nabeel says:

    i want a small help
    i made a pp and added bank and pan
    but heard that in india all money from pp will be auto withdrawn to bank
    how to stop it ?
    i want to use it for my fiver like site ..
    so money should always be in pp only
    wat to do ? solution plz

  13. Jack Owen says:

    Very true

  14. That’s not possible and you cant make any payments through PayPal now.

  15. nuzzo samson says:

    Would it be recommended to use Auction Essistance for VCCs to verify my PayPal account?

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