Scroll To Top Button – Chrome Extension to Quickly Move Back to Top of a Page

If you’re an Internet freak who spends most time surfing the web on Google Chrome browser, then here is a very useful and must have extension for you. We usually access various websites and blogs that contains lengthy web pages and one has to scroll down to read the content. Certainly, you’ve to manually scroll up if you want to move to the top of a web page that doesn’t has a ‘Back to Top’ button like our site has.

Scroll To Top Button is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to quickly scroll to the top of any webpage! You can use this button to simply get back to top once you’ve finished reading content below the fold. By default, the button appears in the top right corner once you scroll slightly down on a webpage. The button doesn’t distracts at all as it’s transparent and you can adjust its size easily. Just click it and instantly move back to top. It’s great for viewing long pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Forums, etc.


The extension also offers several customization options that lets you set its working and placement as per your requirement. You can set the scroll to top speed, scroll distance for button to appear and the button size, position and its design. It includes 4 button mode: Scroll to top only, flip between top/bottom, dual arrows and keyboard only.

Scroll To Top Button_options

There is also an option to set a keyboard shortcut or use the Home/End button to scroll to top and bottom using just your keyboard.

Link – ‘Scroll To Top Button’ Chrome Extension


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