What are NCF Charges in TRAI New DTH Rules

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The Telecom Authority of India aka TRAI has introduced new rules for DTH and cable TV operators in India. This new policy allows users to selectively choose and pay only for channels they want to watch. The change will take effect starting February 1st 2019 for users who have migrated to new TRAI based plans. Thanks to TRAI’s new tariff order, customers can now create their own pack by choosing either the broadcaster bouquet or via ala-carte. With the ala-carte option, one can choose individual channels while the bouquet option is like a value pack with pre-selected channels listed by the broadcaster.

Apart from paying for the channels chosen under ala-carte or broadcaster bouquet, the customer has to pay the base tariff which TRAI calls “Network Capacity Fee” (NCF). In this article, we will talk about NCF charges that are applicable to TRAI’s new mandate for both cable TV and DTH.

add broadcaster bouquet in airtel dth

What is Network Capacity Fee (NCF)?

‘Network Capacity Fee’ is basically the amount paid by subscribers to the distributor for distribution of TV channels subscribed by them. It does not include subscription fee for pay channel or bouquet of pay channel in any case. By paying the NCF to a DTH operator such as Airtel DTH, the user gets 100 FTA (Free-to-Air) SD channels. Out of these 100 SD channels, 25 channels in the base pack are mandatory DD channels that will remain a part of every pack as per TRAI mandate.

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NCF Charges for New DTH Rules in India

The network capacity fee for first 100 Standard Definition (SD) channels is Rs. 130 without taxes irrespective of the DTH provider. An 18% GST is also applicable, resulting in a total NCF of Rs. 153. Besides the NCF for first 100 FTA channels, the user has to pay NCF for any “Pay Channels” they subscribe to in the following manner.

  • An NCF of Rs. 20 + 18% tax is applicable for every 25 additional channels thereof.
  • NCF for 15 or lesser channels will be Rs. 1 per channel plus taxes.

It’s worth noting that one HD channel is counted as two channels for the total channel count. For instance, if you subscribe to 5 HD channels then they’ll be counted as 10 channels. This will perhaps increase the cost of the overall plan as per the applicable NCF. Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you’ve chosen 75 pay channels of which 25 are HD while remaining 50 are SD channels. In this case, the NCF charged will be Rs. 130 (for 100 FTA channels) + Rs. 40 (for 25 HD channels) + Rs. 40 (for 50 SD channels) + 18% GST. The total NCF will amount to Rs. 248.

NCF charges in airtel dth plan

With this guide, we hope you get an idea about how network capacity fee will be applied to a certain DTH plan. In case you’re interested, you can check the list of 100 FTA SD channels shared by Airtel. Airtel DTH subscribers can also check the tariff of Broadcaster Bouquet and individual channels under Ala-carte here.


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10 Responses

  1. Shivam Sisodia says:

    Do we have to pay NCF cost on every recharge of package per month.

  2. CHANDRA SEKAR says:

    One of the Hathway Cable operator is charging Rs.3/- per paid channel along wtih subscription fee+18% GST. When I asked instead Rs.20+18% GST for each slab of 25 paid channel why charging Rs.3/- per channel, the operator told the distributor is charging us hence we are collecting from the subscribers. Please guide me.

  3. Rajat says:

    This is extremely unfair. firstly I am paying rs.153 for those free channels which are of no use to me and now this additional charge for my selected channels as well.

    Why so many charges levied?

    • An says:

      Blame Modi. My DTH is already expensive as it it but these new charges are puting it in a skyrocketed monthly rate. Modi must go.

  4. Virat says:

    This is extremely unfair…previous plan was nice in Airtel DTH…now we have to pay 153+GST around 56rs compulsorily then additional channel selection price, if I select 1 channel also need to pay 200 something for NCF n GST…this is not at fair…worst plan..poor should not see TV only rice can do…and one more thing this is for 20 days only


    TRAI should not have mention free channels. Ncf is what we pay for free channels. Why can\’t they make all channels pay channels. I will choose what I watch irrespective of forcing NCF


    I am S. Sreenivasulu LCO 53460 Siti Digital networks. As per agreement MSO-LCO share 40%-60%, again Distributor demanding to pay Rs. 15/- per activation of set off bx, sir what is the rules in TRAI order please inform me.

  7. sathiishkumar says:

    ncf charges more late fee payment they use roughly about making more money exercise more money dish tv channel three days and they charge as per the package and extra 10 rupes and then charging 25 plus with 18 percentage charges
    district region in south retail outles use to take money 15 to 10 rupees from customer inspite of complaining there is no proper service by dealers in down southern region and southern package – like english news and 4 state language of south exercise more different and they push more thanif the broad casting carried some where they push more than including their channel in all the package list

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