How to See Message Requests on New Messenger

Facebook added the message requests feature in Messenger back in 2015. This feature allows someone you’re not friends with on Facebook to send you a message. It comes handy as people can search for a person by their name and virtually connect with them via chat. However, messages sent by people who are not in your friend’s list or mutual friends list are shown in a separate “Message Requests” folder. In case Facebook notices any spam attempts then it filters out such messages out of your requests.

How to Find Message Requests on Messenger 2019

Surprisingly, the message requests option seems to be missing in the new version of Messenger for iPhone and Android. There are several users including us who are unable to find message requests on Messenger. Well, the feature still exists but Facebook has entirely changed its location thus making it really difficult to spot. So let’s find out how to view message requests in Messenger app.

On Android

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Messenger installed. Open the app.
  2. Tap the group icon shown in the middle of the bottom bar. facebook messenger chats
  3. Select “Add contact” from the top right corner. add contact in messenger
  4. Tap the “Requests” option from the top. view message requests in messenger 2019 on android
  5. Now you can see all the message requests. message requests in facebook messenger

You can now open a particular request and read the message. It’s worth mentioning that the sender won’t know whether you have seen their message or not until you reply them back. If you reply, then the sender will be able to see your Active status, know when you’ve read their messages and even call you. Also, if you delete a message or connection request then you won’t be able to see that message again.

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Update – On iPhone and iPad

All of a sudden, the message requests option seems to have disappeared in the latest version of Messenger for iOS. Thankfully, it is still there but Facebook has once again changed its placement. In case you are using the new v210.0 of Messenger on your iPhone or iPad then follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Tap the group icon in the middle. find message requests on iphone
  3. Now tap the quote icon with three dots from the top right (Refer image). find message requests in messenger 2019 on iphone
  4. You can now see all the requests. see message requests in messenger on iphone

Optionally, you can select the desired message requests and delete them in one go using the Edit button at the top right.


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