Buy Windows 8 PRO License for just Rs. 699 ($14.99) using Upgrade Assistant even on Windows 8

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  1. Mubashir Hasan says:

    Great working, but if I change my laptop then I have to buy again?

  2. Xi says:

    How to choose the PC brand and PC Model if we have assembled PC?

  3. Rahul Chowdhury says:

    Will it work if the Windows 7 currently running is not genuine?

  4. Atul Tiwari says:

    I want to upgrade. I have genuine win 7, purchased on 7th aug, 2012.
    but, problem is i dont have credit card (and therefore no paypal). I only have SBBJ net banking. is there any other payment mode possible?

    also, what name and address detail, should i mention, in windows upgrade assistant (or where-ever its asked), if i could find someone, who can help me with his credit card (although NO one of my known, has cc AFAIK, but will search for help).
    [please delete my previous comment as it had some typo.]

  5. shehin says:

    I have only state bank debit card(atm card) nd state bank net can I make payment?

  6. Vishal says:

    Hi.. One of my friend used ICICI Bank Credit Card for purchasing Win 8 upgrade thru Win 8 upgrade assistant and after filling all details, and clicking Buy in confirm page, it said “We couldn’t process your order, Please check your payment info and try again” He tried several times, even in front of me, but in vain. Does it mean that like indian debit cards and indian paypal, indian credit cards also not usable to buy Win 8 Upgrade? Which indian credit cards can be used to buy this Win 8 upgrade using assistant?

  7. sriram says:

    Same problem here as well.. after entering the promo code and other details, it says cant unable to process the payment and doesnt go beyond that.

  8. Durgesh says:

    How to purchase WINDOWS 8 upgrade for a non-eligible country. Can I insert any other country or the upgrade assistant will detect the country automatically?

  9. dinesh says:

    i have using windows 7 pirated version . can i have the above offer. pls let me know

    • Xi says:

      maybe. i heard about this but now it may ask for Win7 key. Try choosing different dates and different email address(one email can be used for 5 times only)

  10. fbh says:

    for me it shows this error
    we are sorry and
    Unfortunately, based on the information you provided during the registration process you are not eligible for the upgrade offer.
    i ve entered date of purchase as sept 16, 2012
    but in actual it was june 16 2011.
    i think microsoft has patched up everything, all the loopholes, they can determine the date of manufacture from your serial key you enter.
    the remaing option is to buy it with 1999 rupess or wait for 3-4 months more for a full crack
    cracks released till now are just partial cracks(don’t activate it fully,, but just fools you that its activated)

  11. agrawal24 says:

    It looks like microsoft corrected the loophole..Now I purchased my laptop in March 2012 and my sister in July 2012, so can I upgrade my windows using the purchase detail of her laptop?

  1. October 29, 2012

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