How to Disable Multi window pop-up view on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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  1. Shelly says:

    This App does not work on my Galaxy 6edge. I cannot use this phone now because of out of control pop up and opening of muliscreen views when I have not even chosen them. I will never by another Samsung it will be iphone for me in future. This is a very expensive unusable mobile for 2016 and those that sell it dont have clue about this problem.

    • kenneth says:

      I have to deal with the same problem with my s6 and this multi window toggle app doesn\’t work to stop it. So aggravating 10 minutes to type a message then s6 deletes it. Also never getting another Samsung same with iPhone though, sticking with android.

  2. Peggy Yeoh says:

    No one has the solution to stop toggle on off multi window keep blinking like we blinking our eyes every seconds…. its so annoying for samsung note 5….. no option to stop it from toggle every second.

  1. June 13, 2017

    […] seen multi window pop-up view feature in Galaxy devices like Note 5 and S7 that lets you resize and view an app in pop-up view, thereby offering better multitasking. […]

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