Download LG PC Suite IV with LG Air Sync

by Mayur on December 18, 2010

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LG PC Suite IV is a free and official program from LG, that helps you connect your mobile phone to a PC using a USB data communication cable or a Bluetooth connection. It lets you Backup the desired phone contents to PC that you can Restore when needed.

LG PC Suite

You can access the functions of phone on your PC with the LG On-Screen Phone program. You can also connect to the LG Air Sync site to synchronise data from three locations; a phone, a PC and the web and also to upload data from LG PC Suite IV to the web. There’s also a feature to connect to Internet on PC via your mobile phone.

LG Air Sync

LG PC Suite IV

With LG PC Suite IV you can:

  • Create, edit and delete phone data conveniently
  • Synchronise data from a PC, phone and the Air Sync site (Contacts, Calendar/Task, Memo)
  • Transfer multimedia files (photos, videos, music) conveniently with a simple drag & drop between a PC and phone
  • Transfer the messages from a phone to a PC
  • Check if a new software update (firmware) is available for your phone
  • Connect to the LG Air Sync* site and upload data to it
  • Synchronise mobile bookmarks to your mobile browser
  • Operate a mobile phone and manage the files stored on the phone using the On Screen Phone program

LG PC Suite is available in 45+ languages for Windows OS.

LG PC Suite_languages

Download LG PC Suite IV with LG Air Sync (Size: 107 MB)

Check the LG Air Sync support site.

*LG Air Sync service is limited to specific phones.

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