Free Portable tool to easily manage your Startup programs

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  1. telestagary says:

    By managing of startup programs can it be possible that speed and effeiciency of PC will enhance too. Looks a grat remakable features to me Thanx for the sharing such a nice software. Keep it up such a nice work.


  2. dr.salman says:

    hi, nice tricks, but as of my experience, tweaking startup things results in temporary improvement of windows working, but results in error after some time, hope this one is good,thanks

    • Mahesh D says:

      you are right. Speacially when u want to run a specific program and it requires a file which should be executed at startup

  3. wellwish says:

    I find my pc very slow on startup, this will hopefully clean some ‘rubbish’ and speed my pc up. Thanks

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