How to Set a Keyboard Shortcut for Launchpad in OS X Lion

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  1. Yves says:

    Thx! Usefull.. but I would like to have a “middle mouse button click” shortcut

  2. Agima says:

    If you want to assign Launchpad to the Dashbord key (F4), you’ll have to install the free utility FunctionFlip ( which allows to remove or the keys of your choice, the call to predefined functions.
    _ Install FunctionFlip,
    _ Specify that the F4 key to be “normal”
    _ Go to System Preferences …, and Keyboard Shortcuts
    _ Set the F4 key “liberated” as a shortcut to Display Launchpad

    You may need to click before the button “Default Settings” to return to the standard keyboard shortcuts

    I think it’s cool because I never use the Dashboard and I am now against an unconditional Launchpad ???

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