Kaspersky Internet Security & Antivirus 2011 Beta released!

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  1. niro says:

    I’m having a laptop model no-550 lenovo.

  2. Knight999~ says:

    have been using since 2009 version.
    Doesn’t slow down the computer at all.

    Awesome detection rate, awesome features, awesome gui, and an awesome disinfection option that removes viruses even though ur PC is infected by them!!

  3. lohith says:

    superd antivirus should have been in first place … dukes

  4. Moloy Das says:

    On last Monday I purchased a single user Kaspersky lab Internet Security 2011 includes all the features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for my Lenovo Laptop 3500 but it is get not update after 50 or 54%. It further counts 1% to over. If I did not update it then what kind of problems are arrived. Product Code SCA0062-395.Aug,2010.

    • z2g007 says:

      If you will not update your kaspersky antivirus then it will not be able to detect the new threats as it will not have the definitions of these viruses.
      So, it is important to update it daily to protect your computer.

  5. Z2g007 says:

    I had been using kaspersky since 2005 it is definitely the best of the best. Don’t even think of any other antivirus just go for kaspersky it is awesome.

  6. ayaan says:

    i hav formated my system after installing kaspersky 2011. i used it for 2 months only now i cant reinstal it after formating my pc.n it is a single user internet security.

  7. adam says:

    Very nice indeed

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