Reasons to Hold onto Your iPhone 4 and Wait for iPhone 5

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  1. The iPhone 4S disappointed with no change to its design or expected features. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will be a major upgrade. iPhone 4 users hang on or get 4S if you have some spare cash. 😉

  2. dzinternet says:

    I wish I were able to get an Iphone, even iphone 1 or 3 🙁

  3. Joey Kennan says:

    I have no idea what the craze for with the iPhone 4S for, there wasn’t anything ground breaking about it. Why not wait for the iPhone 5 knowing good a well Apple is going to have to go big next time around because Android is kicking it’s booty!

  4. Varun Johri says:

    Apple iPhone 4S and higher models are very poor in case of supporting the features and the applications of the broadband in most of the places and they are definitely not as good as Nokia N8 and above models of the Nokia. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S does not really have that good product replacement service and also the warranty policies especially when compared to that of Nokia Lumia 800 smart phones. This really causes a lot of trouble to the people who buy them. Apple iPhones are good when used with 3G services but they can only be found in urban cities. Most of the village sides and sub urban ones are still using the 2G services and iPhones are not good with that.

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