Report Scraper Sites – Help Google in Improving Algorithm

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  1. Thanks a lot for the Tip Buddy. I think Google must look for some other alternative support teams with which they need to provide some guarantee and assurance for the Web-Masters in the Fight against Content Scrappers as well as Auto Blogs.

  2. Vikash says:

    I will be the first one to report. I lost all SERPs of one of my hard worked blog, just because someone was pulling my RSS. Thanks for sharing. Can you also tell us an effective way to check, if currently anyone is pulling my RSS?

  3. Vikash says:

    Also, is Yousaytoo among the scrapper site?

  4. Balu says:

    Very informative about the scrapper site, This article is very good and never knew previously that they would copy the whole content of a website, its too bad.

  5. plaban says:

    Thanks for this tip. I’m loosing traffic due to these scraper sites. These sites are copying my posts and ranking better. Few days ago I’m filed DMCA against some of these sites and got positive response from Google.

  6. JK says:

    Good initiative from Google. Waite and see how it works! Thanks for the news.

  7. Mayur says:

    @Vikash I’ve no idea of such tool. You’ve to manually search your post title in Google and locate the scrapper sites. We’ve developed an online service that tells site position in search results for a specific search query. Check it here: Removed

  8. Mayur says:

    @plaban I’m myself dealing with this, there are lots of sploggers that scrap our content and rank better than original site. Filing DMCA helps only if it’s a blogspot site, it’s difficult to deal with self-hosted wordpress sites and many others. Also, lot of time gets wasted in reporting all this. I hope they do something.

  9. tom says:

    right after i put advertisements in my website rss feed the scapper that was doing this to me stopped. 🙂 This is nice information to have though thanks.

  10. Ravi Shankar says:

    Thats a great step taken from the google team, it was the most needed thing as these scrappers leave us in pain and enjoy organic traffic with out hard work, from today onwards thebwar starts, and this time it is against these scrappers, common guys lets report the maximum we can.

  11. David says:

    You can use the site called ‘Copyscape’ to search…However I don’t find it to be very thorough.

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