Standard size of iPad wallpaper

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  1. thanks for sharing the tips on iPad wallpapers.
    so minimum size for standard iPad wallpaper = 1024×1024 right?

  2. tibby says:

    yes, the size for an iPad Wallpaper has to be 1024x1024px to fill the screen properly because we can rotate the background from landscape to portrait.
    Here is a cool website i found for 1024 iPad wallpapers:

  3. putu says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information.
    I think 1024 x 1024 will have a big file size and cost a lot of hard-disk space.

    • Kye Russell says:

      I disagree. Most photos are bigger than this anyway, well, if your camera was made in the last few years.

    • Steven says:

      Who worries about harddisk space these days? Especially when we’re talking about wallpapers. 2560×1600 wallpapers can be around 5-7mb, but geez, that still isn’t something to worry about 🙂

  4. DARYL says:

    the ipad screen resolution is 1024 x 768.
    1024 in potrait and when rotated it is 768 in landscape
    mode wich is true.if you had a wallpaper wich is 1024×1024 and
    put it in landscape resolution there will be some pieces missing from the shoulda have it just like the iphones without the rotation mode wich will eliminate the screen problem.
    so 1024×768 is correct and not 1024×1024,
    just see for yourself and you will see why!

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