Find Out If People Can See Your Bookmarks On Twitter

Almost a year ago Twitter introduced the highly requested “Bookmarks” feature thus offering users a new way to save tweets. Initially, bookmarks were available only for the Twitter app for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and mobile version of Twitter. We soon posted a workaround to view bookmarks and bookmark tweets via Twitter’s desktop website. The trick still works with the older version of the Twitter website.

However, Twitter has now added a new interface for its desktop website that allows users to directly view and bookmark tweets. What’s amusing is the fact that the new design is nothing but a clone of their mobile version. Hence, it’s better to stick with the older web UI until possible and follow our workaround.

Are Twitter Bookmarks Publicly Visible?

Coming to the point, if you’re new to Twitter then you might be wondering whether other people can see your Twitter bookmarks or not. The simple answer is “No, they can’t“. The tweets bookmarked by you can’t be viewed by any other person unless they have access to your account. That’s because bookmarks are completely anonymous and provide a private way to save others tweet.

Unlike Likes (formerly Favorites), bookmarks aren’t publicly displayed on your Twitter profile. It’s only you who can view your bookmarks.

Moreover, even the author of the tweet isn’t notified when you bookmark their tweet. So you don’t have to worry as there is no way your followers can access your Twitter bookmarks directory.

Tip: If you wish to view bookmarks and bookmark tweets on the desktop browser without following our workaround then switch to the new interface.

To do so, open on your desktop. Now click on your profile icon and select “Try the new Twitter” option listed at the bottom. You will now be able to bookmark tweets through the “Share” option and view them from “Account info” menu.


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