Flitskikker InfoTool – Displays Full System Information & Compares your system with system requirements of Games

We’ve previously shared SIW, Portable tool to get detailed System Information in Windows and other Benchmarking Software’s for PC. Here is another intelligent utility which does the similar task in a different manner.

Flitskikker InfoTool is a free and portable utility with a cool interface which provides essential information about your system at one place. You can save the information as a text file, or BB Code to share on forums. It also has support for new skins.

Flitskikker InfoTool

The powerful integrated ‘Upgrade Advisor’ shows if your PC can run high end games or not ? You can chose from Minimal, Optimal or Recommended option.

Upgrade Advisor for games

Generate your own advice file or modify the existing ones with Advice Editor.

Flitskikker InfoTool Advice Editor

Flitskikker InfoTool Features:

  • Display the essentials of your system (Computer, Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Harddisk, Drives, Sound Card, Graphics Card, Display, Mouse, Keyboard, Network Card, DirectX, Operating System)
  • Clear view of all system details (at one page)
  • Generate information and copy, save or print it
  • Generate BB Code and copy, save or print it
  • Multi-Language (Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Latvian)
  • Customizable using skins
  • Upgrade Advisor (Compare your system with system requirements of games)
  • Transparency function
  • Update function
  • Included FPL Editor so users can make translations
  • Included Advise Editor so users can create Advise Files

Supports: Windows 2000 or higher (Works on Vista and 7)

Download Flitskikker InfoTool | Portable version


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