Giveaway – Free Licenses of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

The Internet Bandwidth consumption has vastly increased over the past couple of years as WWW has evolved drastically and power Internet users including the basic ones are now usually seen downloading several GBs of multimedia stuff such as music, movies, videos, games, software, etc. everyday from over the web. So, we’ve once again decided to hold a giveaway of ‘IDM’, an essential and one of our favorite software. Consider this as a small Xmas gift from WebTrickz and Tonec for our lovely readers.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is certainly the best, fastest and full-featured download manager for Windows that increases file download speeds by up to 5 times, offers the ability to resume and schedule downloads. Its built-in smart download logic accelerator uses intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology to accelerate your downloads to an extreme extent. IDM has an easy-to-use interface, supports a majority of file types and integrates seamlessly with all popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. The downloaded files are automatically sorted, can be placed in categorized folders or one can set a user-defined directory to save files.

Internet Download Manager



The new version 6.07 adds IDM download panel for web-players to download videos from sites like MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also adds improved integration for IE, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and other improvements and new features.

Other Features include:

  • Batch downloading support – Download multiple files at once
  • Resume unfinished downloads – Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to network problems, shutdown, etc.
  • Supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols.
  • Scheduler – Set a start and stop download time to download a file or a queue of files at a desired time interval. Option to hang up modem, exit IDM or turn off computer when the task is done. Useful for broadband users with unlimited night usage.

Built-in scheduler

  • Zip Preview – Option to view the contents of a .zip archive before downloading.
  • Speed Limiter – allows to set the maximum download speed limit for one file.
  • Automatic Antivirus check – Configure IDM and select the installed Antivirus program to enable virus checking after the file gets downloaded.
  • Site Grabber – Download all pictures from a site, subsets or complete web sites.
  • Prompts and asks what to do if a duplicate download link is added.
  • Customize the look and easily configure browser/system integration options.

Internet Download Manager configuration

  • Arrange Downloads on basis of their file name, size, transfer rate, etc.
  • Multilingual – supports 13 languages natively.

GIVEAWAY – We’re offering 10 Free Genuine Licenses of Internet Download Manager, the license expires in one year and is eligible for Free upgrade to all new versions of IDM during one year. To participate in contest, follow the rules below:

1. Tweet about this giveaway on twitter or Share about it on Facebook. (Use the Tweet and FB Share buttons below.)

2. Post an engaging comment below, briefly describing what’s best about IDM and why you need it? Do share your tweet status link or Facebook post link in the comment.

10 Winners will be chosen randomly from the comments section below and results will be announced on December 17th.:D

~ You can Try out IDM now by downloading its 30-day fully functional trial.

UPDATEThis giveaway is closed now. Thanks for participating.

10 Lucky Winners chosen randomly are: Naits, Tan Jor Shun, Rinsoy Nellissery, David Macdonald Ajang, ha14, pham hoang, Tip4PC, gargi2221, manuel, vmancer

Note: Winners will be notified via email and they’ve to respond back to our email in order to get the IDM license. If they don’t respond, then runners-up will get the license.


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

155 Responses

  1. Saket says:

    It’s the easiest way to download videos from —, no need for a 3rd party web app 🙂

    Great giveaway, tweeted about it and shared it on FB but I wish not to be included in the giveaway 🙂

  2. Shatimi says:

    IDM truly increases download speeds!
    My downloads often break 🙁 I would like a license, please 🙂

  3. Oussama says:

    I’m in.
    The link to my tweet 🙁!/awesomeoussama/status/145535537351106560)
    I want to use IDM cause it’s the best download manager I tried out there; it helps me make the most of my connection. I used it illegally (sorry) for a while and I want this license to help me get rid of this habit and give the developers the respect they deserve. I hope I’ll be on the winners list and save some cash for an upgrade.

  4. Tony Silva says:

    Why a need a IDM licence? Because first it is the best and the only Download Manager that really speed up the download you want, second I have a bad but so bad internet connection that i can´t download the pirate version of IDM, just kidding.

  5. Dacko says:

    IDM is the best download manager. In the software i like most:
    – easy to use without problems
    – flexibile and compatibile with any browser
    – hight speed download
    – create queue list that can be scheduled to be processed a specific time
    – and more ….
    As I do every day are downloaded from the Internet a lot of different data this software will greatly assist me in this work.

    Thanks for this giveaway. Good luck to everyone.!/Dacko3/status/145539331740803072

  6. Avinash says:

    Nice review Mayur.

    IDM definitely the best one. Good luck to everyone else. Don’t count me in though. 🙂

  7. Linu says:!/aviator365/status/145551661828546560
    The best download manager that is not system heavy nor increases start time for browsers. I like the — download capability with the paid download website manager inbuilt so you can just use IDM as an all in one downloader. Nice broad range of browsers too.

  8. FB Share Link –

    I love IDM because “its the fastest Download Manager, Firefox or other browsers do not pull in the full power (Speed) of my connection, Only IDM does it and also it has never been easy to download any — Video or MP3 file from the Internet.”

  9. Imran says:!/rmdimran/status/145552693807689730

    I love IDM because it allows me to download and enjoy my favourite HD videos on — instantly with great terrifying speed though am using dsl cable modem for my internet connection(24kbps).I feel Idm is a boon to those who acess with slow n/w connection.

  10. olobambolo says:

    Internet Download Manager (IDM) – is one of the best programs to speed up downloading files from the internet. According to the manufacturer’s program is able to accelerate data transfers up to 500%.
    When you first start the program automatically detects the type of Internet connection and optimally adjusts all settings. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is able to recover lost files, which we lost by interruption of transfer, power loss or system failure. The program also allows importing URLs from the selected text file.
    The program is available in many languages??, including Polish. IDM supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, pause downloading files, and processing the content of MP3 audio and MPEG video. With IDM, you can also use the command line. The application can download the file at the scheduled time.
    Therefore, I would love to win it, thanks for the giveaway 😀!/olobambolo/status/145547614883024898

  11. TeXaCo says:!/TeXaCoSr/status/145547484758933504

    I have tried many other download managers over the years and still think IDM is the best one out there. All the rest either crash my firefox or are unable to actually download the files/videos.

    This is a great giveaway, Thank you for the opportunity to win a license for it.

    Please count me in

  12. Cool says:

    Thank for such awesome giveaway! Please count me in!

    Here is my view on this software:

    I think Internet Download Manager is the best download manager available around I use the trial version before and it is really awesome. Love it’s Download Panel feature which allow us to save and download video from site such as —. I am always doing this because to be frank my internet connection is slow I would rather download those video and watch it later in offline rather than the need to waits for 8 minute in order to watch a 5 minute video.

    And yeah I am quite a heavy downloader too but I would mostly download file from site such as Megaupload using direct HTTP link because I unable to use torrent for some reason (I guess the port to it is blocked). With IDM it help me to manage my download and resume unfinished download at ease and it boost the speed to almost twice as fast.

    The interface is clear and easy to understand beside very user-friendly. A very nice software indeed. Thank once again for organizing this. 🙂

    Here my Tweet on this giveaway!/CoolCrackerz/status/145554451086835712

    Followed on Twitter too with username CoolCrackerz


  13. Vishnu says:

    IDM . . Internet Download Manager . . The best n efficient download manager n accelerator which i have used till now . . In my opinion it makes my PC harddrive full with lots of downloaded stuffs even with my dialup mobile internet. . Normally i used to get a speed of 10-15kbps via browsers inbuilt dwnld managers, but once i used this IDM it made my eyes to pull out . . The transfer rate i got was 23-30kbps i.e, upto double speed of normal. The other awesome feature is that IDM allows us to download videos directly from any streaming sites & too accelerates speed, so we dnt have to use other softwares like — downloader etc . . IDM is making up in all the version updates & waiting for more features that a download manager can carry in it.
    Currently i am using patch with IDM in my pc which may get blacklisted if i update the software. I was in a great search from where could i get a genuine registration. And now finally Webtrickz is giving a chance to be a genuine user of IDM. Thanks for this killer giveaway .. Hope i will be a winner in 10.

    TWEET STATUS :!/vishnu_vichus/status/145560005251313665


  14. Ameya Deo says:

    I personally believe that IDM do got download speed more than speed of light as compared to any other download most favourite feature in IDM is its seemless integration into different browsers and its toolbar for grabbing different videos. the most interesting fact of IDM is sorting files according to download catagories which makes it the most useful & must install software for any one who uses internet.generally i use IDM on my windows 7 and windows XP on other computer and it gives me great pleasure to download stuffs with IDM.I do use IDM to batch download PPTs,Images or any othe document type from selected website which is again very handy feature as compared to any other download manager.the automatic antivirus checking in IDM helps me to download things which are virus free.i do used site grabber in IDM to backup some website for offline view directly onto my computer.the other features of IDM are also awesome and makes it number 1 download manager onto internet. but the only limitation i faced over here is of trial version, i wish i could win this giveaway to atleast take advantage of using IDM for an year.

    As per requirement I have already shared this post on twitter and facebook 😀

    twitter link-

    facebook- on my profile)

    Thank you so much Mayur for organizing this giveaway 😀

  15. Ali says:

    Thank you ! Best download manager…

    Perfect giveaway…

  16. Naits says:

    Great giveaway! I’m always suffering from slow internet connection, power problems and many more. Many times I was not able to complete the download of some big files. IDM is the best download manager of the world as it supports simple user interface, resume function, extreme acceleration, grabbing etc… etc… Therefore, it would be very good if I can win a license.!/Najts/status/145555325309812738

  17. Rusira Dulanga says:

    IDM is easy to use and LIGHTING FAST. It’s much better that all other download managers I’ve used so far. It’s a must have tool. I would recommend it to anyone who wants faster download speeds.

    Love to win this. Thanks for superb giveaway…..!!


  18. Jay says:

    I would like to take part in the giveaway. I tried IDM and its a very fast and easy to use download manager unlike other similar programs that I have used. It has many great features which are useful to me like the resume broken downloads, batch downloading of files and scheduler functions. I frequently download files for work projects or personal usage and IDM really saves me time so I can focus on other tasks. Thank you.


  19. Mehdi says:

    hi, i am a winner 🙂

  20. ha14 says:

    IDM is a well known download manager, all downloads will be fast specially true on low bandwidth, also there a resume action so downloads will continu without having to restart all over again. The need is there to effective manage downloads something apparently Windows dont know about it. Thanks for the contest.!/ha014/status/145565747345760256

  21. nguyenthong says:

    Best features about IDM:
    -auto get downloading adress
    -divides downloads into multiple streams for faster downloading
    -supports multiple queues and lists recent downloads for easy access to files
    -resume downloads if the download fail
    -speed Limiter – allows to set the maximum download speed limit for one file.
    Post links:!/NgThethongvn
    And I need it because i using idm 5.18 cracked version,i will be happy if i have a full version.Thank you and merry christmas.

  22. Bora says:

    I think idm is the best download manager in the world. Very fast and trouble – free.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Goodluck for everyone.!/AmnesiacB/status/145575174194995200

  23. zummer says:

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  24. May Thy says:

    Thank for your giveaway. I like this program because it very useful for me to download all files on the Internet. I hope have some luky to become 1 of 10 person win a license of Internet Download Manager 🙂

  25. shenoyjoseph says:

    After using the IDM trail version on my windows 7 pc. my download speed has doubled and we can also resume that download file whenever the file has stopped unexpectedly or due to server failure. The best thing in this software is, we can manage the download files in queue list, it will helps you download all files one by one without any problems. 🙂!/shenoyjoseph/status/145585028678684672

  26. aeroasu says:

    I want to use IDM cause it’s the best download manager

  27. Pinhead says:

    Why is need the License?
    -> While IDM is one of the best Download-Managers.

    Also please count me in, thanks.

  28. Ng says:

    Thank for this giveaway! Appreciate it. This is the best download manager out of all that I used up to now. No doubt about it. Easily resume broken download just in a click and integrate brilliantly with my Google Chrome.

    Please count me on in will be glad if able to get a license for this 🙂!/coolng1990/status/145604797742059520
    Followed on Twitter with username coolng1990

  29. walang_sangit says:

    The most I like about this downloader is its ability to increase download speeds of up to several-fold and if we want the download speed can be adjusted, this is very helpful when we download files from the internet but still want to browse smoothly!/walangsangit3/status/145611261546217473

  30. Jerry says:

    Very cool feature associated with downloading files from private trackers, such as, for example, rapidshare, filesonic …. provided that these trackers have their accounts. I appreciate the speed in this program. In addition, this month I ended license. That is why I am writing to contest and greet.

  31. kirks says:

    Hi, thanks for the greate giveaway, please include me.

    Well the best about IDM is the speed & ease of use.
    I need IDM because I’m using a 3G USB dongle to browse and download
    and it’s really not so stable like cable or dsl.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

    my tweet :!/underkirk/status/145633717874995200

  32. Mike says:

    Awsome giveaway you got going on and well done review.

  33. nam_nguyen says:

    I always wish to win this one. IDM is the best tool ever as it can boost the download speed significantly!/nam_nguyen79/status/145652373048664065

    count me in


  34. gelujaan says:

    Great software.
    I like most because of its fast specially true on low bandwidth, also there a resume action so downloads will continu without having to restart all over again.
    Please count mein

  35. manuel says:
    idm is realy the most complete and advanced downloader on the market!.
    the grab feature is amazing , there isn`t much left to say about this wondefull program jus try it! thank you for this chance , good luck to all participants!

  36. Johan Gustavsson says:

    Hi, ant thank You for this giveaway…

    I tweeted this @!/ecsjjgg/status/145682666296057856

  37. Anthony says:

    I need IDM because internet speed and inability to pause a download due to expensive but limited satellite internet. IDM sorting ability and mutli-functions during download are far superior above the rest. Shared in Facebook:

  38. vince says:

    IDM has the best speed, integrated very well with all major web browser, even the portable ones. Auto grab streaming media, and make download very easy and convenient, just 1-click.

    I like IDM as follows :
    1) Superb speed
    2) download latter option
    3) integrated well with almost all major file hosters premium

    I like to win this because I am currently using Jdownloader to manage my download, and it is slow. I need a multi-thread downloader like IDM to facilitate my download from file hosters. Appreciate a lot for this giveaways. Winning this would be a fantastic gift from Also just in time for my Christmas gift. Thank you very much.!/vinnshare/status/145678965846196225

  39. ridhwan says:

    IDM is the best for download all files… I very like it !

  40. haclong0901 says:

    i want to receive this license

    because it very useful for me to download all files on the Internet.

    please count me

    thank you very much

  41. Kumar Gaurav says:

    Internet download Manager is the Best download manager. Generally I am using dial-up internet connection and through idm I able to download large files(1-5 GB) because only IDM provide one unique feature “Refresh download Address”.

  42. dhaval says:

    Thanks Mayur for the giveaway. IDM is the best download manager. faster download,download resume,video grabber,batch download is very useful features. IDM trial version is expired so please count me in.!/dhaval190/status/145699976712962048

  43. haclong0901 says:

    IDM is the best download manager. In the software i like most:
    – easy to use without problems
    – flexibile and compatibile with any browser
    – hight speed download
    – create queue list that can be scheduled to be processed a specific time
    – and more ….

  44. Sebastian says:

    By far it’s the best Internet Download Manager that I ever used.. it boost my download speed like 4 times.. I hope I’ll get one of the key XD

    Tweet Status:!/kuurozaki/status/145704138301374464

  45. pham hoang says:!/Pham_Huy_Hoang/status/145712235296198657

    Thank for your giveaway. I like this program because it very useful for me to download all files on the Internet.

  46. minhgiangcntp43 says:

    Thank for your giveaway. I like this program because it very useful for me to download all files on the Internet.

    thank you very much

  47. Meena Bassem says:

    Simply, the best download manager ever and it offers the best speed for downloads, and downloading videos 😀

  48. John Matt says:

    IDM is really a gem of a product. Count me in!/john_matt123/status/145707498039554048

  49. Manish says:

    this is best way to download video from most of the site specially YOU TUBE. It also increase download speed. So plz try it.

  50. Cosme says:

    Undoubtedly the best thing about IDM is its great capacity to increase my download speeds, that’s also why I need it: when I’m downloading something with just a browser I feel it takes an eternity to finish and it doesn’t have queues to download a file after another.
    — Grabber is also a great and useful feature.


    Thanks for organizing this giveaway.

  51. Grr says:

    Thanks Mayur.
    My tweet share:!/GrrGrrr/status/145712137770237954

    I have tried & used Free Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus, Download Accelerator Free, Get Right and IDM. Not to forget the default download manager for each of the browser I used. Out of all these IDM is always the fastest for the same download link, and no changes in network or PC. That’s why I’ll rate IDM as the best.

    Good Points:

    1. Small download size.
    2. No crap included in the download.
    3. No-brian installation. I say as there is mere next-next-next clicks & it’s installed.
    4. It catches all downloads as soon as you press download/attempt a download.
    5. It pre-recognized the category of a download link-video, setup-files, compressed files, music,
    and others. You can add you own custom category and even delete the pre-defined categories
    as well.
    6. You can set the download location for each category above. Once set it always downloads that
    specific category to the specified folder.
    7. It also supports to initiate the download at a later time, rather than immediately. This is very
    useful as we could let the download start once we are down with some inportant work/browsing.
    8. The interface is easy to navigate and use. Nothing fancy though.
    9. Once the main window is closed it sits in the tray.
    10. If you try download the same file/link it pop-ups that the link/file already exists, do you want to
    overwrite. Again very useful.
    11. If you download a video file it also shows the resolution, length – even before you download.
    This is very useful preventing you to download cut movies,shows etc. Example below:
    AVI: Res. 512×384, 25 samp per sec, Length 43 min 59 sec
    12. From the interface>Tasks you can opt to show drop target near the tray/clock. Then you can
    drag/drop downloads to this area also.
    13. It allows batch download and import of links from notepad, as I tested.
    14. It allows you to control speed, from “Speed Limiter” option. Here you can specify speed of
    each download.
    15. The site grabber could be used to collect everything on a weblink. I’m not sure how good it
    works for the entire link, as I just grabbed some 5Gb of data using this. But in past I have used
    HTTrack Website Copier for 20-25Gb data.
    16. It is Multilingual and supports 13 languages.
    17. It pop-ups a window whenever there is an update.
    18. The updates are very frequent. Almost 1 new build comes out every 15 days.
    19. It supports integration of all popular browsers I know about.
    20. You can configure in the option to scan the downloads with your virus scanner.
    21. It also supports command line.

    Please count me in. I have a jinx of not winning anything here….hope it breaks this time.


  52. dandy says:

    Nice giveaway….I like IDM for resume download…!/PutraDandy/status/145722016106954752

  53. vmancer says:

    fastest download manager
    this is a great giveaway, I want to participate
    thank you

  54. PRAKASH PATHAK says:

    Nice Review Mayur bro, IDM is the Best download manager I ever used, even i did a review of idm few days back .
    The best thing i like is increase my download speed by 40-50 Kbps , as i have to download lots of video tutorials IDM resume support help me a lot .

    Tweet Link!/FX_Arena/status/145729091184758784

  55. Hu?nh Hôn says:

    I share this giveaway on facebook. Here is the link
    I love IDM very much. I helps me download a lot of files, songs, films in a very short time! Hope to be one of the luckiest winners!^^

  56. Tan Jor Shun says:

    This what I loves the most about Internet Download Manager. It automatically get downloading address without hesitate of copy-paste. It also categorize the downloads into multiple streams for a faster downloading. This is the best thing, it resume downloads if the downloads fail. Thanks to the internet connection in my area is poor. It also supports multiple queues and list of recent downloads. Lastly, it support downloading video from —.

    I have been using Jdownloader for a while but nothing beats the famous Internet Download Manager.

    So, if you would ever can give me a free license of IDM. I will be more than a happy man to receive it as my Christmas present! =)

    Merry Christmas..!

  57. abo bahaa says:

    nice software! thanks for the giveaway! count me in plese

    I Subscribe this blog to my email and Share this on my Twitter,my Facebook

    my facebook name
    abo bahaa ali

    my Twitter name : prof1945

    • Mayur says:

      Don’t forget to tweet on twitter or share about this giveaway on Facebook. That’s an important step for participation. Also, do share your tweet status or FB post link in comment. – Admin

  58. huy1901 says:

    IDM is best download manager. If I had it, I would be very happy. Thankyou very much!

  59. Rinsoy Nellissery says:!/Rinsoy/status/145734808855777281
    Thanks Mayur for the giveaway…need this very badly….currently using trail ver of idm…idm is da most complete til dat…

  60. Sriram says:

    I used it twice and I love it’s download speed. It is much better than the regular download managers because of its speed.

    Hope I’ll win one 🙂

  61. lemboo says:

    i hope i’m lucky

  62. kien nguyen says:

    InternetDownloadManager is the best, fastest download manager .I hope I’ll get it.
    Thanks for Your Giveaway!

  63. BUHAPEJA says:

    Count me….really interesting…

  64. Mohammad Wasiullah says:

    I love IDm because IDM is grab all those videos which problem to download that is I can easily download this is the feature of IDM I can easily download from the premium site I know download trick of premium site by using IDM
    thanks for giveaway!/mohammadwasi786/status/145747148485562369

  65. vaibhav says:

    i want IDM(internet download manager) because i want to try the paid download manager and it is very good utility to downlaod video,games,music,software e.t.c. from anywhere on the web without cutting and pasting the url of the video e.t.c.
    i know that free download manager are less featured but paid version serves all features to us………and IDM is one of the paid download managers which i want to use…….

  66. vaibhav says:

    i strongly recommend IDM to all the internet users………..
    my facebook profile:
    my twitter profile:!/vaibhavmanral
    thanks for this awesome giveaway…….

  67. ajay says:

    I am now habitual of IDM for downloading large files, software’s, music & videos. i love it more than any other software. i love the auto grabber & its compatibility with many sites & browsers & its regular upgradation for more to become perfect. lastly its a speedy downloader. thanks for giving it away, want it……….

  68. pankaj says:

    lightning fast speed is the excel of IDM over other download manager.
    support for different and latest browser..low memeory use..easy video download for http,ftp,etc…resume and pause…a simple install and run
    no hang up..
    alltogether the best on planet and hope to acquire the 1 year peace of rest.

  69. Jinsu says:

    IDM Rocks….

  70. fa fabba says:

    I am using IDM its good and user freindly. I like to set connection type/speed option LAN 10Mbs, 10000000 bps, max.connections number 16 and click Ok. its also take over the downloading files too fast, higher and handling well until the download finish. it is a perfect download with great features.
    i would get one of these keys becouse the internet speed in my country is very slow and internet connection power failure is quite normal in my place. It would save my time and reduce my tension each day while downloading. IDM is the top most download managers among all the others. IDM is integrated module in the web browser makes it really convenient to download video,other file with a single click. Congrats to wonderful giveaway.!/fafabba/status/145763960304566272

  71. krishna says:

    i think it will be the best giveway gift of this season,hope to be the lucky winner.great offer keep it up.

  72. gargi2221 says:

    IDM is the best download manager with great integration in almost all browsers and easiest way to download videos from —. My trial duration is over and I am in high need of IDM license. Please count me in.!/gargi2221/status/145775950431404032

  73. Pat Anderson says:!/PatAnderson9/status/145775409798189058

    IDM is a Great All in One Internet Download Manager,
    I download a lot and IDM provides all I need and even more !!

    Thanks for giving people a change to get a free licence !!

  74. asbleu says:

    merci pour ce poste Mayur, mais j ai déjà IDM, comme l’ a tout le monde, encor merci !

  75. Asriel Rusdyawan says:

    IDM is the Legendary Files Downloader from the Internet and In Intranet!
    I can make sure that there is no rivals can compete with it’s Strength of downloading! I really need this software as I am an internet & software Geeker. I like downloading Everything from the Internet and Intranet! Please count me in Dear Admin. Thank You for Providing this Giveaway.!/asrielrusdyawan/status/145790031125164032

    Really Wish to be The Lucky Winner!

    THX, LJBU!

  76. Alex says:

    IDM is the best program for downloading files from the Internet. Easy to use and effective. Downloading files and videos (like —) is very fast. With many useful features, is my No. 1 Thank you for the contest. Please count me in 🙂 Sorry for the translation (google translate).!/KrycekAlex/status/145801358103154688

  77. vhick says:

    What the best about IDM is effectively speed up your downloading process by its unique technology created by IDM to download your files over the internet.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!/vj_onix/status/145796574042271744

  78. Buntyde says:

    I would like a copy since it`s the best DLM

  79. soft says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway and please count me in, because I think IDM is the best DLM.
    Thank you so much. 🙂

  80. hamza says:

    I just simply need it because it is really the best one out there. I hope I will be able to chance to have a one year gift.

    Thanks in advance and may Allah be with you

    Best wishes

  81. Lee says:

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