How to insert SIM card in iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus

Update: The article has been updated with steps for inserting the SIM in iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5S.

Are you confused as where to insert the SIM in iPhone 4? Apple iPhone 4 uses a Micro SIM which is 15 mm × 12 mm in size while the standard Mini SIM is 25 mm × 15 mm in size. To insert a SIM in iPhone 4, follow the steps below:

paper clip 1. Take a simple paper clip and make it straight. You can also use the SIM eject tool if it’s included in the phone package.

2. Check the right side of your iPhone 4 to locate the SIM tray as shown below:

Photo of top edge of iPhone 4 showing stereo minijack, second microphone, and sleepwake button

3. Insert the pin into the small hole and push it slightly firmly until the tray pops-out. Now pull out the Sim card tray with your hands.

Inserting SIM in iPhone 4

Watch the video below (By MyRandomReviews):

4. Place your Micro SIM card into the SIM tray. Make sure it fits perfectly and the golden circuit side of SIM is faced downwards.

5. Push the tray back into slot in the same manner you ejected it out. You’ll hear a click upon successfully placing the tray in its place.

6. Wait for iPhone to recognize the SIM card. That’s it!

Update: SIM insertion method is exactly same for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Update 2: How to insert SIM card in iPhone 5

Apple has announced the next-generation iPhone ‘iPhone 5‘ which is just 7.6mm thick, the world’s thinnest smartphone according to Apple. To make this happen, Apple has switched to a nano-SIM card in new iPhone 5, which is 44% smaller than a micro-SIM. Certainly, you wont be able to use your normal SIM or Micro SIM card in iPhone 5. And nano-SIM being a new standard introduced by Apple, wont be available anytime soon with all the carriers.

As stated by ETSI, The fourth form factor (4FF) card aka Nano SIM will be 40% smaller than the current smallest Micro SIM card design, at 12.3mm wide by 8.8mm high, and 0.67mm thick. It can be packaged and distributed in a way that is backwards compatible with existing SIM card designs. The new design will offer the same functionality as all current SIM cards.

Comparing the dimensions, there is a substantial difference in the sizes of Micro SIM and nano SIM. Even if you manage to cautiously chop down your current SIM card using a knife or a pair of scissors, then it still wont work because the nano SIM’s thickness is reportedly reduced by 15%.

Here is a video tutorial that describes ‘How to convert a Micro SIM into a Nano SIM‘ but it’s not a foolproof way and there are high chances that you might spoil your SIM while doing it. Also, the converted SIM hasn’t been tested yet in iPhone 5.

The nano-SIM tray on iPhone 5 is placed similarly, on the right side of the phone. Simply use the SIM eject tool or a paper clip to remove it and place your SIM card.

NewConvert Mini SIM (2FF) to Nano SIM (4FF)Convert Micro SIM (3FF) to Nano SIM (4FF) | Convert Mini SIM (2FF) to Micro SIM (3FF) [Printable Guide]

Update (14th Sep) – How to Insert SIM in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has launched the iPhone 6 that supports Nano SIM card, just like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The Nano SIM card slot on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is located on the right side of the phone. The Power button is now placed on the right-hand side to make it easier to access, as the new iPhones are significantly bigger in size with screen-sizes of 4.7″ and 5.5″. The SIM insertion procedure in iPhone 6 is same as seen in earlier models. Users simply need to use the SIM eject tool or a paper clip to pull out the SIM tray and place their SIM card. You might need to apply some force until the tray pops-out.

Insert SIM in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Update (13th Jan, 2017) – How to Insert SIM in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Inserting SIM card in iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Similar to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, the new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus supports Nano SIM card. The SIM slot is located on right hand side just below the power button. To open the SIM tray, simply insert a paper clip or a SIM-ejector tool into the hole and pop it out. Now place the nano SIM with its gold side facing downwards and insert back the tray in the same orientation as you removed it. That’s it!


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    My local phone shop cut all but the gold pins (basically in half) for free & it works fine.

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    And why does it matter what size paper clip…Steve Jobs needs to get a job.

    This phone is great, but the fact that the SIM card requires a “SIM ejecting tool” is just awe-inspiring idiocy.

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    just go to any phone shop and ask them to chop the sim in 15mmx12mm
    your normal sim would be of size 25mmx15mm

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    I got a micro sim from Airtel and just ready to use in my iphone4, contact Airtel Relationship Center (ARC) in your city ..

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    i have just spent 3 HOURS trying to get the sim card draw open on my new iphone 4 , i have read on line that this thing is a problem never thinking it would be this bad , this is a REAL PROBLEM and SHOULD BE FIXED, im shure APPLE know by now this simcard draw is somthing they shoud fix !!!!!!

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    How do I insert my normal simcard into an Iphone 4 phone?
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    i need to install std sim in my iphone 4, but after cutting the sim can i use the same sim in my other phone ???

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    For all the people saying the paperclip doesnt work, I just had the same problem. you basically have to push it in so hard it feels like youre going to break something but it will pop out. its supid i didnt have a key inside my box with my new 4s. crappy. and apple is getting on my last nerve with all this.

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    dear freinds the iphone 4 is a good handset but his simcard is very bad becoz in india dont get the micro simcard therefore we cut the sim card for our hands therefor this mobile is very bad mobile in india

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    Oh my god. I’m a technology noob… And I used a toothpick to open the thing, but the toothpick broke and now it’s stuck in there! Please! Anyone know how I can fix this without going to the apple store? Please help me >_<

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    FYI a pin for doing this is included in the iphone 4 packaging, it’s under the parcel with your ‘manual’ and essential apple stickers.

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    Didn’t work. These instructions are not sufficient. I had to make too many adjustments for it NOT TO WORK. but thanks anyway.

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    I have an already established sim card – standard size. I have just purchased an iPhone 4 and have discovered that I need a micro sim, how do I transfer my number from the standard sim card over to the micro sim card???

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    I used a safety pin but had to push quite hard to get it open

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    @Anthony m you have to fill in a form here
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    Thanks for the tip, the paperclip worked a treat on the third time of trying. I was afraid of damaging the phone the first two times I tried. I applied a little more pressure the third time and bingo! Thanks again.

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    I had a difficult time opening with a paperclip, but try slightly tilted angles and press pretty solidly in. YOU MAY HAVE TO CATCH IT AT JUST THE precise angle and it pops open by itself. Strong bendable small wire worked for me.

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