How to Unbrick and Restore YU Yureka to Cyanogen OS 11 Stock Firmware

In case, you’ve bricked Micromax Yureka or if your YU Yureka is stuck in a bootloop then this guide is what you all need. The below stated procedure allows you to flash the official Cyanogen OS 11 factory image on Yureka and help you restore it back to factory condition. The guide is very easy and doesn’t requires using any commands or a toolkit. A simple script will let you automatically flash the stock firmware on Yureka in less than 2 minutes. If you’ve a custom recovery installed or your phone is rooted then that will be replaced to default state as well. The factory images for YU Yureka have now been released by Cyanogen.

WARNING: If you have updated your device to official Cyanogen OS 12, then you CAN NOT DOWNGRADE at all. Current Lollipop is 64-bit OS and KitKat was 32-bit OS. By doing such thing, your device will be hard bricked, this means total dead device without any solution.

Note: For downgrading from CM12 to CM11, follow our new guide:

New – Guide to Downgrade Yureka to CM11 KitKat from Cyanogen OS 12 [Working Method]

Note: This process will WIPE entire data on your phone, except any data stored on the external microSD card. Before proceeding, make sure your phone is charged and you’ve taken a backup of your important data.

Guide to Flash Cyanogen OS 11 (4.4) Factory Image on YU Yureka in Windows –

1. Download Yureka factory image “” (fastboot flashable package) or from here.

2. Extract the contents of the package to a folder.

3. Download the flashing tools package. It contains Fastboot & ADB files.

4. Extract the contents of “” file into the above extracted factory image folder. It should have all these files:


5. Boot Yureka into fastboot modeTo do so, power off the phone. While pressing the Volume UP key, connect the phone to PC/Laptop with USB cable. The phone should show “Fastboot Mode” screen as shown below.


6. Now Run the flash-all.bat file by double-clicking on it.

7. A command window will open up and flashing procedure will start. (Do Not disconnect the device during flashing)

29-01-2015 13-51-4028. After installation is done, the CMD window will close automatically.

9. Disconnect the USB cable, and boot the phone normally by long pressing the Power button.

That’s it! You have restored Yureka to its official Cyanogen OS 11 (4.4) ROM.

Points to be noted:

  • Flashing over fastboot is possible on locked bootloaders as these are officially signed images.
  • Flashing won’t change the lock/unlock status of your bootloader. It will remain locked/unlocked like before.

Credits: Arnav.G (YU Official Forum)


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

46 Responses

  1. abhishek says:

    i have tried this on my device but its not working at all it just show waiting for device in the cmd prompt.

  2. ELroy says:

    Didn\’t work for me too, I get the message Waiting for device and it doesn\’t move any further I tried on windows 7 Laptop, Windows 8.1 Laptop and windows 8 Desktop PC

  3. denny says:

    will i get ota update as before by doing this.

  4. ronak says:

    after doing that .my phone dead … no recovery no fastmood no charging …????????????????????????????????????

    what i do to start my phone … rply me as soon as possible .. piz i need a help …

  5. SImon Fernandes says:

    I flashed this ROM exactly following the steps given. Now it is not even powering up in any sense.

  6. Nitesh says:

    help me my yu yureka is booting into fastboot mode but the logo is showing and blank screen. i tried to reflash recovery-yu.img before this the same way and am having this problem . please guide me to go to cwm recovery

  7. Nitesh says:

    i tried the above said method with the cm12 zip file i had but still no change. please help

  8. kandarp says:

    after restoring Yureka to its official Cyanogen OS 11 (4.4) ROM i am not being able to open my playstore. plzzzzzzhelp

  9. Sunny says:

    I did same now my phone is not working now what should i do????

  10. kartik says:

    My yureka get stucked on boot logo at startup..plz help

  11. Bajrang Sharma says:

    Hello i using your mthod after that my phone is not starting and not show anything please help me

  12. rohan says:

    My yureka Is hardbriked.
    Cant access recovery noR fastboot
    Plz help.

  13. Parth says:

    the flash tool are not available on net now. will you please upload on drive or somewhere else ? rooted phone are not getting the OTA updates and they have deleted flash tools from where ever they found. please help.

  14. Rishabh says:

    You will get lash tool and all Yu stuff for YU Yureka on (

  15. dinesh says:

    Bro my issue is… As I update cynogen is version – 11.0 .XNPH08P. ND want to back to 11.0.XNPH05Q which is 1st ota update .. M not able to do so… With the procedure u told above… Becoz in cmd screen shown above m not able to proceed after 3rd line… Cursor keep blinking after that… Pls help

  16. Parth Mehta says:

    hey,…can anyobody please help with the issue….??

    I just updated Cyanogen 12.0-YNG1TAS0W0 4 days ago. After upgrading all other features working suitably fine, but suddenly from yesterday my screen has got BLANK….!!!
    Power buttons are turned on, message sounds are coming and everything working inside…but the problem is…there is no display at all….!!!
    Calls are also coming…I am not able to pick up any of them….!!
    Can anyone please help out with this issue…I would be so grateful…!!!

    • shubh says:

      There is a proximity sensor issue with yureka. To overcome this issue follow below steps :

      1) just place a mobile flash light from different mobile on top left corner near speaker
      2) than place unlock button done

      Hope it will help you, if you already find some alternate solution than please share.


  17. Naveen says:

    after doing that .my phone dead … no recovery no fastmood no charging …????????????????????????????????????

    what i do to start my phone … rply me as soon as possible .. piz i need a help …

  18. Mohammed Shafi says:

    after doing that .my phone dead … no recovery no fastmood no charging …???????????????????????????????????? please help me bro… my cell number +919740303584


      hello Mohammed after doing that my device was also dead actually u couldn\’t be able to downgrade ur phone if u do so ur mobile will be dead .I think u should contact to YU SUPPORT they will replace ur device for free here is the new contact no of yu support

  19. Satish says:

    after doing that .my phone dead … no recovery no fastmood no charging ?

    what i do to start my phone … rply me as soon as possible .. piz i need a help …

  20. soma sekhar says:

    i am done this process , buy my yureka is not working …. pls help

  21. Osama says:

    i’ve upgraded kitkat to lolipop nd then by mistake i’ve rooted it with kitkat root files now my phone is not opening only boot screen is comming……….
    i’ve waited for hours nd hours

  22. Sunil. says:

    plz tell Me. I hav yureka with cm 12 lollipop ..and rooted and twrp recovery… there any problem with this….can I revert to cm11 . kitkat… can it remove the twrp…..plz sir I need ur help….its very neccesry….plz reply fast…as u can….

  23. Abhishek says:

    i was using cm12 but i tried to flash miui 6 and something went wrong after showing mi icon it restarts again but now i am unable to go to recovery mode.. yes i can go to fastboot mode but recovery still not appears its just restarting

  24. Pragun Joshi says:

    is there any way to give life back to my yureka that IS NOT BEING DETECTED MY MY LAPTOP AS WELL? hardware issues? replacing bios or anything as such. any advice will be highly appreciated…

  25. Razim says:

    Very easy and 100% working for unbricked Yu Yureka!!!!!!!…….
    1)Remove the battery and While pressing the Volume Up key, connect your
    phone to the PC with the help of a USB cable and put on your battery.
    2)You should now see the fastboot logo on your device.
    3)Download the files from
    4)Copy the Yureka Unbrick folder to desktop
    5)Open the folder and press Shift + Right click inside the folder..
    6)Click \”Open Command Window here\”.
    7)Copy the command no.1 from the \”Flash or Boot Recovery Commands.txt\”
    and paste inside the Command window(Black Window) and press Enter.
    8)Dont disconnect during the process….
    9)After complete….Copy the no.2 command and paste inside command window and press Enter….
    10)Your device is now in Recovery mode …Select \”Reboot Device\”..
    Thats all…Very Simple!!!

  26. akshay says:

    guyz plaese help.. i have done this trick and my phone is completly dead please help me what to do ,, 9459326979 or email me . please

  27. Prachi Gaidhane says:

    Followed the exact procedure but its not working at all. Its just show waiting for device in the command prompt. What to do????????

  28. ARVIND says:

    Don’t frustrate , aapki device kharab ho gayi hai to ye karo aur aage se practical mat karna jab tak apko pura and sahi pata na ho ,

    Download this fastboot image

    And flashing tool


    Steps to flash factory image
    Download the LOLLIPOP factory image fastboot package for YU YUREKA from Here
    Extract the contents of the fastboot package into a folder.
    Download this flashing tools package from here
    Extract the contents of the flashing tools zip into the same folder
    To make sure, check that system.img, boot.img etc files are in the same folder as flash-all.bat, fastboot.exe etc
    Connect your phone in fastboot mode, steps for which are : –
    a. Power off your phone
    b. Press and hold the Volume Up key
    c. With the Volume Up key, connect the phone to your PC/Laptop with USB cable
    d. You can let go off the Volume Up key when Fastboot Mode is displayed on the screen
    Run flash-all.bat by double clicking on it.
    A command window will open and flashing procedure will start
    DO NOT disconnect the device during flashing procedure
    The command window will close after the flashing process is over.
    Disconnect the USB cable, and boot the phone normally by long pressing the Power button.

  29. abhishek says:

    all process complite but my phone no start
    root my mobile

  30. prabhudev says:

    Did the same WTF!! my phone totally dead like others, HOW TO PROCEED NOW??
    It\’s not just enough to put on the procedure if you are the developer you need to solve the problems …. feeling sad

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