Guide to Manually Install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Indian Moto E (Soak Test OTA Update)

Motorola has started Android 5.0 Lollipop soak tests for Moto E and Moto Maxx. The Lollipop soak testing for Moto Maxx has began in Brazil and Mexico, and for Moto E in Brazil and India. With Soak Testing, the company starts by rolling out the upgrade to smaller test groups before releasing it widely, and if the results are strong, they continue the rollout to more phones. The soak test helps in monitoring performance data and user feedback over several days. On basis of soak test users feedback, the company tweaks software and incorporates new changes to fix any issues. The Lollipop soak test for Moto E is now rolling out in India and some users have got it. In case you’re eager to try out the latest Android 5.0 upgrade, then you can get it by installing the Lollipop soak test OTA update manually on your Moto E.


Points to be noted:

  • Below procedure is tested on Indian Moto E running Android 4.4.4 (locked bootloader, unrooted, fully stock).
  • This update doesn’t wipes your user data.
  • Update might take a long time.
  • It’s recommended to have 500 MB of free space on your internal storage.
  • Make sure your phone is charged.
  • Initial boot takes time, so be patient.

Disclaimer: We’re not sure if it works on other models too. Try it at your own risk.

Steps to Install Android Lollipop 5.0.2 Official OTA update on MOTO E (Indian variant) –

Note: This is a soak test update that might have some issues. Those concerned can rather wait for the final update.

Before proceeding, make sure your phone is running stock Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

1. Download the Lollipop OTA update for Moto E. (Size: 342 MB)

2. Place the download file “” in main directory of external SD card (might also work with internal storage).

3. Update both these system apps: Motorola Update Services and Motorola Contextual Services.

4. Now go to setting and ‘check for update’.

Note: If you receive ‘Your software is up to date’ message then boot in stock recovery and wipe cache partition. Then power on your phone and check for updates.

5. When ‘New system software available’ message is shown, select ‘Yes, I’m in’ to proceed.

IMG-20150212-WA0000    IMG-20150212-WA0004

6. Once the above process is completed, you will get ‘Install now’ option.

7. Install the system update and then your phone will reboot.

Stay patient while the phone boots for first time.

That’s it! Now you should have Lollipop running on your Moto E. 🙂

Thanks Suraj Jain for the tip.


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

57 Responses

  1. Shreyans says:

    It is not updating. actually when checking for update it is showing \”your device\’s software is up to date\”
    Pls help me to update my moto e to lollipop

  2. raaj pradheep says:


    i updated my moto e as your guide and its working fine with lollipop..
    my doubt is will i able to get the official updates in future if theres any bug in the installed version ?

  3. Danish Ahmed says:

    Dear Mayur, Thanks a lot for your help in updating my Moto E with Android 5.0. Indeed I am very happy with the new version. I really thank you very much for your support in this regard.

  4. Danish Ahmed says:

    Dear Mayur, I just wanna ask that whether is this full version or something else? If not then when we will get the full version of Android 5.0?

  5. Danish Ahmed says:

    Ok…Once again thanks a lot from bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay blessed!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vivek says:

    I updated my phone to android lollipop
    will my warranty get voied & will I get future updates

  7. vivek says:

    I updated my phone to android lollipop
    will my warranty get voied & will I get future updates

  8. kalyan says:

    Thank u bro for ur suggestions for my mobile to lollipop. Now is there any Chance of downgrading lollipop to KitKat….

  9. Raghavendra says:

    Please clarify whether moto e mobile users will receive completed upgrade without following above upgradation procedure manually after soak test completion. Will it be upgraded automatically or not? It is OTA upgradation.

  10. chetann says:

    will my phone get rooted if I update my phone like this

  11. chetann says:

    I talked to Motorola executive he said if update your other than ota than your warranty gets voided and won’t get future updates

  12. ishan says:

    Hey i have a moto e xt 1022 indian version. thanx for the lollipop update i was waiting for it for a long time. i did just have one concern that is whether ill get future updates from motorola?? or do i have to flash stock again and try for the final build. i want to try this but the only problem is the future updates. please reply
    thanks 🙂

  13. Suhail says:

    Please tell me where I put the downloaded file …. Tell me I put the file in internal SD card and perform wipe cache help me

  14. Anurag says:

    Please explain how to boot in stock recovery and wipe cache partition.Thanks

  15. deepak singh says:

    When I check for update it show upto date . I try your method to clear caches after it, it will show same message. I try many time after clearing system cache partition but it not work

  16. Samadhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I request you to post a video of how to update moto e to lollipop to youtube and give me the link… I tried as guided by you, but failed.

  17. kaarthik says:

    after updating my moto e with lollipop……..will i get the regular official update from google for my phone or will there be any problem for the update

  18. Akash says:

    what do you mean by main directory of SD card, can you define location for it. i tried copying it in both internal storage and external storage separately and wiped cache also. Still its saying your system is up to date

  19. irock says:

    Thanks for the video bro , I have tried everything that you said . updated the system apps , downloaded the zip file in ext SD card and renamed the file as

    Blur_Version.21.12.40.condor _retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en

    And cleared the partition cache but it always says your phones software is up to date. I really want to get lollipop so please help me . thanks for the guide btw

  20. tamal chowdhury says:

    will i be able to restore kaitkat present version(4.4.4)after this update?

  21. vivek says:

    guys don’t update your phone through this link you won’t receive future updates and your phone warranty will void these update are fake

  22. Davinder says:

    Please explain how to boot in stock recovery and wipe cache partition after this update ? Its shows no command

  23. vivek says:

    guys don’t update your phone through this link. moto will get official android lollipop update next week so don’t panic. these people just try to fool us and damage your phone

  24. vivek says:

    don’t delete my comment
    let everyone know the truth

  25. sagar says:

    is this update official
    will this update flash my phone

  26. Anil Kumar Reddy says:

    After downloading soak test I opened system updates but it saying ur device is up to date so can u help me

  27. Sally says:

    Oh, I had so many trouble with this new update that I wish I hadn\’t bought the phone itself. But that was just bad thoughts and withing an hour I was happy again. 🙂
    Thnx for the article – really useful.

  28. Panth says:

    Thanks for tip, I am currently having cm11 on moto e does this method work on it ?
    If no then please give tips for reverting back to 4.4.4 stock ROM from cm11
    Thanks in advance

  29. Panth says:

    Thanks for this tip.
    Can I use this guide over cm11 ? If no please guide me in reverting back to the stock 4.4.4 ROM from cm11
    please help

  30. Abhinav says:

    Please please please please tell me weather I get official android 5.0.2 update over the air as like KitKat 4.4.4 after instal ing this soak test version. Please tell me I\’m very anxious about it
    Please ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Mukul Gupta says:

    Bro i had i updated successfully…nd working fine…but i has some bugs…will i get the official android 5.0.2 updates..

  32. Ronak says:

    I have updated to lollipop but i wish to get the kitkat back can you tell me how do get 4.4.4 back after doing this?

  33. bidesh says:

    I have updated My phone…just rename as \’\’blur……etc..22.21.32……\’\’. Remember 22.21.32.then place it to sd card ..not in any folder.then reboot it… To reboot just press and hold power button for a long time… It will restart automaticly…then check for update… All the best

  34. avinash kharche says:

    After the update the home screen still looks like kitkat 🙁
    please help

  35. Sunil says:

    how root it back to kitkat because i am facing some colour bug in my mobile .

  36. sumukha says:

    i have doubt that will i get the final update if i install the update in this way??

  37. Mohan says:

    I follow your procedure for lollipop update…. But showing \”your device software is up to dated\”???
    Please Tell what to do?????

  38. Mayank says:

    admin .. i have simple question will i get next update or not of 5.0.2???? pllsss

  39. lucky singh says:

    Its not working please help us android lollipop5.1 is not updated in my phone

  40. lucky singh says:

    Its not working please help us android lollipop5.1 is not updated in my phone

  41. sudipto says:

    can i Delete the blur_version file from phone memory after the upgradation? it reduces the phone memory very much..please inform

  42. PAUL says:

    I need the 13mb file! since there is a some bugs. please give me the link to download the file

  43. Jeyakumar says:

    Hai how can I uninstall the lollipop update from moto e. Please help me

  44. kirandeep says:

    The lollipop software is very cool when m update soak test m update official software and phone warranty void yes ya no…

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