Instagram is not The End – How to keep your Selfies & Hobby Photography alive


What are you doing with your zillions of photos from a recent weekend getaway trip to the hills or beach? Limited period fame on Instagrams or Snapchats of the world maybe, but what’s next? After two-three days nobody cares about them, after a week even you won’t remember those ‘precious moments’ because of social media’s infamous algos and if it’s latest or very very popular then it will be in the top of the timelines and especially minds of people. Your pictures are dead; they depend on the annual reminder of Facebook or other photo managing apps if in case.

Here is how you can keep your moments alive for a while, for every day by bringing them from the virtual world to the physical world, simply by –

  1. Printing them – So boring and so old school, but if you remember that trophy on the top of your mom’s refrigerator was much more popular than your Instagram selfie loved by 50+ friends of yours. Why? Because the trophy was there to stare. Print your pictures, see which photo frame works for you, from the likes of mermaid to plain basic ones you may find on Archies’ store, it’s good for you.
  2. Printing them on goods – Ever heard of services like (we don’t guarantee if it will exist at any moment from now, because : Rocket Internet) Print your moments on products like mugs to tees, and more! And keep them in front of you, with you.Printvenue
  3. Making mobile cases – yup, that’s correct. Make your very own personalized custom mobile case, use your own pictures to create exclusive cases for your smartphone, check’s custom case builder. It’s a quality way to keep your moments/selfies or groupies to be with you for longer. This is the company I started my career with and I am happy to recommend because, why not 😛 dailobjects custom cases
  4. Making Money – Sounds weird, there are few ways to make money from your pictures, list them on stock sites if you’re proud of your professional quality of images, maybe they are coming from the best cameras in the market as of now, or probably you’re a kickass photographer. Imagine you’re average but if you’d ever clicked any luck-by-chance-awesome shot, you’re welcome. Even if you’re awesome at mobile photography only, try reaching out to sites like or Stock – Fancy dot coms in the market, probably you can get a chance to be listed as a design provider to earn endless bounties.

In case you’re already doing more than just insta or snap kinda chats with your photography, please let us know your experience and learning. We’ll make sure to share that with everyone visiting WebTrickz spending their dear time online with us.

This post is contributed by Atin Sharma (@uptoatin), he is a Mobile photography enthusiast and learning his ways in that. You can judge him on Instagram.

Image credit: Pixabay


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  1. Anand says:

    Not only the designer cups spreads the philosophy of life but the cases and covers shown in this article is also the unique one. very nice post. Here in the four points you have mentioned all the important thing that will make the moments more memorable.

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