Close All open Programs in one click

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  1. I used similar program like this before..
    when i used this program my computer got hanged ????
    I forced to switch off the computer to rectify the problem..

  2. peddu says:

    Most are aware that you can minimize all open Windows quickly by pressing Windows key+M. To restore the windows back, one has to press Windows key+Shift+M. But if you wanted to instalntly close all open windows ?

    CloseAll is a nifty freeware tool which helps you to close all running applications & windows instantly with one click.

    It does not use system resources because it only flashes a ‘close’ signal to all open windows on the desktop and then ceases.

    Just place a shortcut to the tool in the Start Menu, Quick Launch or elsewhere.

    You can always add a hotkey to this shortcut. It is really very handy if you are running 10-20 applications and want them all to quit instantly.

    It works just as if you were pressing the close button for each application. Very simple to use !

    Rather useful, if you find that you want to suddenly exit all the open windows and applications.


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