How to Manually Install Official Android 7.0 Nougat OTA update on Moto G4 Plus

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  1. Keshab says:

    Will it void the warranty if i manually flash this update??

  2. Manish Bafna says:

    I have the soak test build NPJ25.75-2 on India Moto G4 Plus XT1643. Can I follow this process to directly upgrade to this stable build NPJ25.93-11?

    I\’m unable to downgrade it to earlier Marshmallow, as well as I\’m not getting OTA update on my build, hence, thought of upgrading manually.

    Please suggest ASAP.

  3. Utham says:

    Using this method will unlock bootloader?

  4. mahendra says:

    u have to unlock bootloader and downgrade to MM then u can lock bootloader .. search online .. after that u can update this offical nogut ..

  5. Manish Bafna says:

    I am not clear with the response given to my question, and hence, I repeat –

    I have the soak test build NPJ25.75-2 on India Moto G4 Plus XT1643. How can I get to latest build NPJ25.93-11? Please note that I am unable to downgrade to Marshmallow from NPJ25.75-2.

    Please suggest.

  6. Aniruddha Roy says:

    Can I delete the ZIP file from my storage after applying the update.

  7. Partha says:

    I didnt get the nougat start up logo for moto g4+ after downloading and installing nougat update manually.. can u plz say y?? And how to rectify this

  8. Atul Gupta says:

    Hello Mayur,
    I want to know after updating with this method will my phone moto g 4 plus get rooted? Or still will be in under warranty.


  9. Hims Mehta says:

    I have updated my Moto G4 Plus manually and it has Build Number NPJ25.75-2. with Android security patch level 1 October 2016.

    How can I update patch level with November 2016?

  10. sundeep says:

    will warranty void if i update with blur version in my moto g4 plus..?
    can i get future ota updates if i install this blur version in my moto g4 plus…?

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