How to Downgrade Mi 3 from Developer ROM to Stable MIUI ROM

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  1. siddhant says:

    hey, how come it says wcdma version? my phone has idea sim which is gsm. will this rom work?

  2. Gaurav says:

    Update failed!
    My phone is stuck on boot loop

  3. Pranav says:


    I did the same. with the latest MIUI India rom (v32 I think).

    But the phone is continuously rebooting now.

  4. Mayur says:

    @Gaurav @Pranav Boot into Recovery, then Wipe Cache and Wipe user data again after installation. It should now work fine.

  5. shahbaz says:

    Hi i did the same what pranav did and im also facing the same problem.sooo plz help me out

  6. Gavin Shah says:

    update failed. it says “update failed. cannot find file in sd card. please rename the update pack to and put it to the root directory of sd card”

    but my phone is stuck on a loop boot mode. how do i rename and transfer into the root folder?
    and where is the root folder?
    please help!

  7. Aniket Patil says:

    after downgrading my themes section and mi account are in chinese language plz… help….

  8. ashish tilekar says:

    pleae help me. i also did the same thing it shows unable to install the,its stuck now what to do.

  9. leomessi says:

    Will downgrading delete all the updated apps nd all the files in the phone?

  10. rajesh says:

    After downgrading, and restarting it is not giving me the prompt to logon to my google account. I also don\’t see any Google related products like playstore etc. Please help!

  11. Sabarigirish says:


    I have downloaded MIUI 6 and installed.

    i had faced problem in Clock

    So i have wiped data and did reboot system 2 again. Not worked.

    Again i tried to do and mistakenly tried rebooting system one. Now totally all process in the phone not working. Any icon i touch it says processed stopped. please help me 🙁

  12. Ashish says:

    Hey…. i was on developer rom 5.2.13 and i downloaded 6.3.9 stable and when i installed it, my phone is crashing and rebooting. .help asap

  13. Vishv Ratn says:

    Hey i used a different approach. I downloaded stable ROM (MIUI 8) and pasted in phone memory. Now i ran the updater and chose folder which is having zip file of ROM in that. Now problem is that is processing in loop. first it shows the process completion bar screen. After the 100% completion it just show screen where android is written below and 3 circles are coming. It\’s going on since 2 hrs now. Kindly help!!!!!!

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