How to Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature on Android

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  1. anshu says:

    your email id?

  2. sunil says:

    Your email add please for sending the phone number

  3. sujith says:

    Thanks for tip
    waiting for your call

  4. Diego says:

    Your email ?

  5. Fernando says:

    Hi, can you call me please? thank you.

  6. Mukesh Tiwari says:

    Thanks for your call mayur. Unfortunately, it did not work but do let us know if there is an update. Once again thanks.

  7. Bhavin says:

    waiting for your call

  8. Krishnendu Roy says:

    Give your mail I’d boss…. I need this feature

  9. levi says:

    Your email, please?
    to give my number

  10. tito says:

    is it working with android 4.3

  11. mana says:

    What\’s your email to send phone no

  12. sourabh says:

    Hi,mayur i just mail to your e mail i send my no. Please call me i am waiting for your call please call me…….thnxx a lot…

  13. appu says:

    give me ur email id

  14. sahil says:

    Hi mayur forwarded u my details..
    Kindly help in activation of whatsapp Calling feature.

  15. Alejandro says:

    Please call me so i can get it activated! Greetings from Argentina

  16. khiangtech says:

    me i learn from xda developer forum how to enable call features but mine was not activate yet.

  17. Faisal says:

    Plz someone call me +96178807356

  18. Arun Singh Tomar says:

    8130752606 Please someone call me 😀
    Thanks in advance (y)

  19. rahul says:

    Hi can you please call me my no. Is 9868733905

  20. josh says:

    Hi could you call me and help activate my what\’s app call? My number is +67570878149. Please????

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