Guide to Install MIUI v6 ROM on OnePlus One

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  1. Stijn Lenaerts says:

    I have issues with the play store it will not instal any apps, the error is: not enough space .. there is 50 GB on space free, when i download from the miui store it does not give any issue
    can you advise ?

    Kind regards

  2. Vitor says:

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    I have the same memory problem as Stijn Lenaerts.
    Even without trying to install anything. I boot up phone and imediatly after arriving at miui ui apears a message saying that there´s no enough internal memory

  3. nick says:

    are there any major bugs such as camera or wifi? i also saw that v5 only gets 3g… does this get 4g/lte?

  4. DaDan says:

    Lol, this is not miui v6. This is a private build that maybe have nice look and features and written V6 on it, but it is NOT V6 as it is 4.4 and Miui V6 is 5.0.2.

    Hell, I can change my build prop to say version 9 of android Z.

  5. Brandon Lee says:

    MIUI v6 currently has this as a widespread issue, the easiest workaround currently is to install your files VIA APK or download Aptoide (or your choice) of 3rd party market.

  6. Anuapurv says:

    The WiFi is detected but is not connecting to it. The same connection is detected and getting connected on other devices.
    Anywork around for that.

  7. rex says:

    I tried installing miui rom and it worked ok but when I tried installing Google apps it said that the apps called install as insufficient space so had to revert to the stock rom…

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