How to Install Stock Android 4.4.4 (AOSP) ROM on Mi 3

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  1. Sandeep says:

    Does the otg feature work and what about all the sensors do they work fine?

  2. setiaji says:

    Hi Brother…
    After read your news and I think this is for Indian Version Firmware right ?
    and if for the other version like Singapore Version, is it safe to flash directly ?
    I use the firmware of Android version 4.3 JLS36C and MIUI version MIUI-JXSGBD14.0 (stable version).
    Thank you

  3. ken says:

    i have manage to do it following your steps.. now i want to reverse back to MIUI, how can i do that?

  4. setiaji wibowo says:

    please be specific …..
    Then transfer both the above files to the root directory (/sdcard) of your phone.
    It’s means the Files copy to internal storage right?

  5. Syed says:

    I tried it on my mi3w, I followed all of the above specified steps, and when I did the final reboot, my phone booted in MIUI 6 only. I dint get the stock android 🙁

  6. Saurabh says:

    I wanted to know if any basic android (pure google experience base operating system) uses data compression technology. Coz From what I have heard and experienced, xiaomi mi3 with miui versions sucks more data than any normal android phone, be it Samsung’s OS or Google’s Nexus!! Can you please shed some light on this aspect of the current android OS (KitKat)

  7. Jacob says:

    Hi Ppl,

    I have been using different ROMS for the past 1 month on my MI3, Of all the ROMS I should say miui v5 rom was the perfect. miui v6 dev rom had some bugs, AOSP rom did bring pure android experience, but i was experiencing a very noticeable battery drain. that being said, AOSP rom is good. I think HDR mode is missing too in stock camera app.

  8. khristofher says:

    how about push notification?, last time i use this rom it have issue with push notification

  9. dhar says:

    Any body attempted in Redmi 1s to have AOSP 4.4 Kitkat ROM ?

  10. mohamad azri says:

    does it work for Xiaomi Redmi Note

  11. Zero says:

    How do you install google apps? i succeeded in flashing the ROM but i dont have any gapps now

  12. eric says:

    Hi. I really have a problem. I do this proceedment with any of the three CWM versions and the mobile phone says \”update complete!\” in green. Then I restart but the recovery is still the previous one. It installs them but it doesn\’t start with the new recovery. Could you please help me? I have an mi3 with version 4.3 of Android

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