How to Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat based CM11 ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Recently, we shared a guide on “How to install AOSP ROM on Mi 3” following which several users asked similar thing for Redmi 1S. Fortunately, an unofficial CyanogenMod ROM (CM11) based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat is now available for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. A lot a users have been complaining about Redmi 1S heating issues and available RAM being too less, varying between 290-300MB. This is a known issue with Redmi 1S phones and might be fixed in future update. Perhaps, if you’re concerned and at the same time interested in trying out a custom Android ROM on Redmi 1S, then you can do so using the procedure stated below. This CM ROM offers multiple languages, supports Dual-SIM, has Superuser Root enabled by default, and extends the available space up to 5.40GB as compared to 4.72GB with MIUI.


Other features include:

– Android 4.4.4 KitKat based ROM
– Stable and Smooth
– Optimized for balanced battery usage
– Cyanogenmod features and themes
– Built-in Superuser option
– Built-in DSP manager
– Includes Privacy settings
– SE Linux enabled kernel

NOTE: This procedure won’t delete your media such as files, photos, music, etc. All other settings, apps and data will be deleted. It’s recommended to backup all your important data.

Screenshot_2014-09-23-18-12-42  Screenshot_2014-09-23-18-11-23

Screenshot_2014-09-23-18-10-18  Screenshot_2014-09-23-18-13-20

Guide to Update Redmi 1S to Android 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod 11 ROM

Step 1 – Install TWRP recovery (For Redmi 1S Indian version). Refer our post: How to Install Official TWRP 2.8 Touch Recovery on Redmi 1S


Step 2 – Download the required files:

  • (CM11 R16 based on 4.4.4) – 228 MB
  • (micro GAPPS) – 83 MB
  • Or (Full GAPPS) – 150 MB

Then transfer both the above files to the root directory of your internal sdcard.

Step 3Flashing CM11 ROM on Redmi 1S using TWRP Recovery

  • Reboot into TWRP Recovery (Go to Tools > Updater > press Menu key and select ‘Reboot to Recovery mode’)

  • Select ‘Wipe’ and swipe to factory reset. This wipes the userdata, cache and dalvik cache.

  • Go back and select ‘Install’. Choose the ‘’ file from internal storage and swipe to install it.

  • Go to Home, select install and now install the (Make sure to flash the CM11 ROM file first).

  • Now go back and reboot into System. That’s it!

Your phone should now boot up running CyanogenMod custom ROM. 🙂

Note: Be patient after reboot as the device might take a few minutes to boot up.

P.S. We’ve tried this procedure on Redmi 1S (Indian version) and the CM11 ROM is working perfectly without any major issues. Let us know if you’ve any questions!

Source: MIUI Forum

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73 Responses

  1. prem says:

    If we update to cynaogen mode on redmi 1s doest it root the phone

  2. harsh says:

    I have some questions like :do both sim works perfectly?
    can i move apps to sdcard?
    and can xposed (just for greenify) be installed in it after flashing this new custom rom?
    and what about ram usage?

  3. bogdan says:

    Hy There!

    Everything work fine, until try to restart the phone;then the phone freeze with mi logo and don’t boot to android!

    if i do factory/data rest from cwm the phone works fine until the next restart!!!





  6. Muhammad Athar says:

    What about Kitkat installation Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G Enhanced Version?

  7. amit says:

    my phone is rebooting for a long time…why so??

    • balakrishna says:

      I flashed my Redmi 1s. Initially(3 to 4 tims) when I reboot it took so long to get CM loading screen. Now, its booting fast.

  8. amit ratnawat says:

    succesfully installed cm11 but the phone freeze at boot logo after restart
    ( i wiped the the cache and dalvic cache before and after installation but still has the same problem)
    Any solutions please

  9. mahesh says:

    I cant get any ringtone after installing the cm11. Why? for sim1 it works fine..

  10. deepak says:

    what is the battery backup after installing cm11 ?

  11. Naveen says:

    Please help me….
    I forgot to install CPM recovery ROM but installed CM11.
    I’m facing too many problems, not able to load any recovery ROM. At least it is not load to Mi-recovery. And I not able to install any apps like Google apps, play store, showing “package installer has stopped”. Even I can’t able to format my mobile….
    Plz.plz.plz….. Help me out of this…plz.plz….

  12. Naveen says:

    Please help me….
    My redmi 1 mobile unable to load any recovery mode after installing the CM11. And I did a mistake while installing CM11. I didn’t install CWM.
    Now I’m not able to load any recovery mode i.e. Mi-recivery or CWM.
    And even not able to format my mobile. Not able to install any apps showing error “package installer has stopped”. Even Google apps also not opening.
    Please help me out of this.

  13. Naveen says:

    Ya, mayur… I’ll explain how I was installed.
    First I downloaded the zip file of CM11 and renamed it to then in mi recovery mode I installed directly CM11 zip file which is renamed ad

    Instead of doing CWM I did CM11

  14. sezem says:

    when i try to install it says E:can’t open /sdcard/ such file or directory).
    installation aborted.

  15. nikhil says:

    After following the instruction above the cm11 got installed successfully.but I am not able to boot into recovery on my redmi 1s.Please help.

  16. Shubham Gupta says:

    Is the warranty of the phone cosidered void if we install this mod?

  17. nakul says:

    I had only installed CyanogenMod 11 and no Google service is showing if I download gaap then it will lounch Google app also

  18. Ashutosh Nichat says:

    Hi buddy, I install file but now i don’t want this can u pls tell me how to recover original operating system?

  19. Likhith says:

    I have installed CM 11 but when I get call on 2nd SIM it doesn’t ring it only vibrates .How do I fix it? 1st SIM works fine with ringtone

  20. jateen says:

    i have installed custom rom but some glich in there direct not connected. google apps not working properly so help me out how can i install gapps pack.

  21. Xiao says:

    I successfully installed cm11 on my redmi 1s, but it can’t recognise my SIM card…… can you help me? My redmi 1s support CDMA and GSM network, my sim card is a CDMA card.

  22. Armelit0 says:

    good morning
    i installed the rom and used it for a week. then my reboots started to take long time and now the only way to boot the rom is a wipe data factory reset. so i have to titanium backup my apps every night in case if something goes wrong in the day. please help me. only the stock rom is doing good but the ram management is shitt. thanks

  23. Palanivel says:

    Hi I would like to know is there any CM11 – kitkat 4.4.4 update for Samsung Note 3 neo..Please help me on this

  24. PUNDALIK says:

    i am instald kk4.4.4.(CyanogenMod 11) but my redmi1s mobile not sign in to gmail or goole a/c i cant operate any applications also ply store..ples halp me

  25. Nasir Khan says:

    Which gapp file should download micro or full

  26. dhanz76 says:

    Thank you verymuch, nice share. 😀

  27. Bhullar says:

    Hi, Yesterday i had root my Redmi 1S sucessfully. Evereything is fine but my fone does not sound for in coming call… Please help alrm is working fine meg reciver tone is also working fine.

  28. Bhullar says:

    Rigtone is working on Sim 1 but Not on SIm 2 Please reply if anyone has answer

  29. Murali says:

    Hi i have done this installation in my mobile. after i try to do CWM recovery for update MIUI ROM but my phone is struck with the MI logo kindly help pls

  30. jateen says:

    my headset not working plz help me out.

  31. rita says:

    Can I still install the official update that would come from xiaomi after I install this ROM?

  32. shudhanshu says:

    i didn’t get the revert to miui step can you give me a detail about it

  33. AnandNoru says:

    All steps successful but at last when i reboot phone then coming MI logo that’s it now this nothing to do this phone… Plz help me what can i do now?????

    • Sathish says:

      Hi, How long does it take to boot for the first time after cyanogen mod 12 installation ?, Will it take hours to get it loaded ?.. I installed cm 12 on Redmi Note 4g and still see the MI logo since 20 minutes. Pls help!

  34. vikas singh says:

    i have de rooted my redme1s to miui version miui-JHCCNBH45.0.but play store is not there.wheni installed from market it does not works.plse help me

  35. mark says:

    Thanks to one who posted this article… I flashed my redmi 1s mobile to kitkat 4.4.4 successfully….

    But now how to restore the apps and data which I have backed up using cwm recovery backup and restore option? Please help anyone…. Thanks in advance…

  36. Manpreet says:

    i have install cm11 on redmi 1s and gapps with 150 mb ringtones are not working on any sim can u suggest what can i do ? to cure this

  37. DV Ramakrishna says:

    very helpful, Thanks a lot. Good job. Great effort. Keep rooocking.

  38. DV Ramakrishna says:

    very helpful, Thanks a lot. I have followed all steps and succeeded.

  39. Mubashshir shaikh says:

    i have update my redmi 1s with cm 11 but at its taking too long time at boot screen … it got stuck at MI logo at boot screen . what should i do now… ? its taking tooooo much time … please someone help me 🙁

  40. mubashshir says:

    mayur plz help me also .. my redmi is not starting .. it got stuck at boot screen at mi logo .. and not heading.. please mayur help me … i have followed all steps properly only the backup has not done bcoz of low memory on my sd card .. but i dont think soo it matters to updation on redmi. please help me please … ;\'( 🙁

  41. KapilArora says:

    i hv updated it into cyanogen mod but when m rebooting it into recovery mode it goes off and just mi sign appears nothing happen after that i put my phone in dat stage evn for 3 hours but still its mi sign is appearing nothing is happening in mah phone

    • Sathish says:

      Hi, How long does it take to boot for the first time after cyanogen mod 12 installation ?, Will it take hours to get it loaded ?.. I installed cm 12 on Redmi Note 4g and still see the MI logo since 20 minutes. Pls help!

  42. Mayur says:

    Update: I’ve updated this guide that lets you install the latest R16 build of CM11 for Redmi 1S. Also, you can now install the ROM easily using TWRP recovery. Enjoy! 🙂

  43. KapilArora says:

    But TWRp is crashing again and again….

  44. KapilArora says:

    And i already have installed cyanogen and dont know how i did that and now i want to revrt back to miui bcoz gapps are not working in cyanogen…….

  45. Pranay says:

    i have installed cynogen successfully.. but after installing its not connecting to PC for data transfer..
    how do i connect it to PC or laptop?

  46. Ryan says:

    Just want to confirm that 2G or 3G data is not working for CM11 on my redmi 1s?

  47. pavan says:

    successfully installed no issues happen while installing thanks from now on wards i never follow any one except you because everyone uploading roms but don’t uploading gapps correctly and i have one doubt can we use these gapps for mokee rom or any other……….

  48. Amdewerk says: installed and and flow by the steps then signature verification failled message is coming. what is the problem please tell me the solution.

  49. Thanks for sharing! Successfully installed and it works without any issues:D

  50. rahul says:

    can anyone tell….why i cant access internet after updating to 12.1 unofficial-armani

  51. om says:

    I installed cm11 but when I\’m trying to install gapps it\’s showing errors please help please

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