Get Mac OS X like universal dictionary on Windows

dictionaryI am a fan of e-books and that is one of the many reasons why I prefer Mac over Windows. One of the best features in Mac OS X is their universal dictionary. Just select a word anywhere and press command-control-D to get it’s meaning. In search of a similar software for Windows, I found WordWeb.

WordWeb is powerful, light weight (takes around 2MB RAM) and must have tool for an (e)book-worm. The many of it’s best features are:

  • Shortcut – Just press control and right click on any word to get the meaning and thesaurus (this can be customized too).
  • Universal Dictionary – You can use it with anything including Adobe Reader, web-pages, Media Player (for lyrics) etc.

  • Offline – It works offline also, just in case you require it on your office computer which is does not have a net connection, or in classes during lectures.
  • Web Reference – It also provides the web-reference in case you prefer Wiki-Dictionary over other.
  • FREE – and above all, WordWeb is FREE :D.


So next time you are reading an e-book, don’t look for the handbook dictionary, just press Ctrl and Right Click on the word :D.

Download WordWeb

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9 Responses

  1. Sabhu says:

    I really like it, thanks Mayur and Pratyush for sharing this.

  2. Arpit Agrawal says:

    Hey… Thanxs buddy for such a wonderful post !!!
    Never ever thought that such a software exists.
    Now the fun reading E-Books would just multiply.
    Gr8 post. Thanx…

  3. lonelytomato says:

    Thanks to you, I installed a lot of useful programs today.
    I have to say…. YOUR BLOG IS REALLY COOOOL!!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Kartik says:

    Hi pratyush,

    really nice link… thanks… 😀

  5. Phox says:

    Great post, I was looking for just this 🙂
    Too bad this cannot preserve the same good looks the apple dictionary has.. This one is very… windows like looking ^^’ I guess one of the major differences bewteen mac and windows users, windows users only need practicality not good looking stuff (generalisation, I know)

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