How to Automatically Preview songs in WMP 12 on mouse hover in Windows 7 ?

Today, while going through settings of Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7; I came to know about a new feature. This new feature is amazing which lets you preview/listen your songs or tracks automatically on mouse hover.

 preview tracks in WMP 12

This eliminates the task of playing and checking a song. You can also fast forward the preview track easily. If a song or playlist is running and we preview a song, then the current track is paused and previewed track starts playing.

WMP 12 Options

To enable this feature, you must have WMP12 (comes with Windows 7). Go to Tools > Options. In options windows open Library tab and check the option named “Automatically preview songs on title track hover”. Click Apply > Ok.


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    Quite useful tips, thanks for sharing.

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