How to Redeem Google Play Gift Cards outside US (in India)

Back in July, I purchased HTC One and registered to receive a $25 Google Play credit as a part of promotion by HTC for new HTC One customers. I was lucky to get my free $25 Google Play Store credit code today, after a wait of one and half months as HTC was running short of codes due to high demand. Now there is one limitation with Google Play gift cards, that they are only available for residents of the USA. Hence, if you try to redeem the code outside the US then you’ll see the message "Gift cards are not available in your location".

Perhaps, if you’ve a gift card or free credit code for Google Play that you’d like to use outside of United States (US) like say in India, then there is a very easy workaround that doesn’t requires using any proxy or VPN. Visit and sign in with the Google account for which you wish to redeem the gift card.

If you’ve already specified an address in your account, then open Settings (gear icon), and edit the Home address. In address, you need to input a valid US address. You can use your relative’s address living in US or Google HQ address itself as shown. 😉

google wallet-address

Those who haven’t specified an address earlier would be shown this page. Select ‘US’ and enter the US Zip code to proceed.wallet-addressAfter updating the address, visit the redeem page and you should see the "Redeem your code" webpage with a field to input the code and redeem it.



NOTE: After redeeming, your home country (United States) cannot be changed if you have any Google Play balance remaining in your wallet. No expiration dates apply to the gift card.

You can later check the Google Play balance by visiting the redeem page or from Payment methods tab in your Google wallet account.


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  1. Basel says:

    Thank you :). I was thinking of giving it away, now I have $25 balance 😀

  2. very well, redeeming it outside US would have been a puzzled. thanks.

  3. KennethTan20 says:

    I am from Malaysia.Also working!:)

  4. aritra sarkar says:

    thanks working

  5. googleplay says:

    Thanks! Works perfectly.

  6. nikunj patel says:

    what to do if i dont have any relative in us?

  7. john dale says:

    ive done this but cant do any purchase from the credit , i have $25 balance but all purchase from the play store are declined.

  8. pranay says:

    hey pranay from 2 facing the same problem..i have filled the same adress but its showing invalid..and cannot be out dude

    • pranay says:

      its asking to verify your identity…

      • Mayur says:

        Hi Pranay, I just tried and upon entering the Google US address it shows a terms & conditions page, just accept them. Then open the redeem page and wait for the redeem code light box to appear. Enter the code and it should work. And yes, Google wallet now shows a Verify identity option but I don’t think that should be a problem. I can’t try as I don’t have a promo code.

  9. Priyanshu says:

    when i am verifying my identity it is asking for a phone number and i am not able to save my identity without entering the phone number..wht number shud i enter i just dont know about any us phone numbers…pls help

  10. Shashwat says:

    Thanks man????…..I’m from India and without your help/suggestion, I couldn’t have bought my 1st paid app (link bubble pro)……. You have my thumbs up ????!!

  11. secreat says:

    Hey admin.. i had followed all of your instruction.. when i entered the gift code that u give it said the code is invalid… please help me as fast as you can…

  12. ronnel says:

    the code is redeemed but when i purchasing a game from play store it show this payment method has been declined. what should I do im hear at dubai. Also they as verifications on account. thanks in advance please help

    • Mayur says:

      Works fine for me, just made a purchase using gift card balance. Try again!

      • Astral says:

        Hey there. Can i redeem something from a game like things we buy in the game for real money? I am in india and someone is buying a gift card for me, he says he will give me the code but i have no idea how to redeem it

  13. ronnel says:

    sorry im here at dubai. thanks

    • Rangan says:

      I agree with Ronnel. I am in Dubai too and even though by changing the address, I was able to redeem a gift card, when I try to purchase an app on the Google Play Store, it gives an error “This payment method has been declined”. I did everything right and accepted the terms and conditions as well.

      It could also be possible that this is a country-specific restriction. I WILL NOT recommend anybody to try and click on “VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY” because it asks for a Social Security number and it may either result in account deactivation or a legal problem because Google actually verifies the identity with the help of a trusted vendor of theirs.

      If anybody can suggest an option that will REALLY help to make use of the gift card balance, I would really appreciate it.

      Thank you

  14. Chinmay says:

    Thank you so much! was of great help!

  15. swes says:

    i hope after doing this we dont get into some fraud detection or false identification… do u think any such prblm would happen ?

  16. Robin insa says:

    hello mayur, can i take google play redeem code by a google play gift card generator ??????????????? please help me !!!!!! because i can not purchase any google play gift card because i am not from USA, i am from India , so please help me!!!!!! how i can take a redeem code???????

  17. Robin insa says:

    I have tried a code from google play gift card code generator but the google play still says that the code is not valid??? so what can i do for this problem??? please help me mayur!!!

  18. rahim mulla says:

    play story redeem code money

  19. inovi says:

    after months of utter frustration i am finally able to make purchases on google play store . ty so much !

  20. sathees says:

    I’m from sir Lanka but i working in Qatar and i bought play store jarirbook store redeem $10 and then i i was tried telling different country and i followed this instruction and operation success only i was changed country us.

    thanks for this website

  21. sathyajith says:

    if i do all this and if it shows me that it cannot be done, will the card expire?

  22. VJ says:

    Is it possible to use Play cards from Britain using same US address or should we get a British address

  23. Baihaqi says:

    Thanks very much!!!works perfectly!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. shanil says:

    pls help, i changed my home address but still says that i cant redeem the code in my country.

  25. ansh says:

    Ain’t working it says invalid code..
    plzz give me the code which would work now

  26. john says:

    pls help me too, i changed my home address but still says that i cant redeem the code in my country.

  27. Rajat Khare says:

    Thanks a lot! It worked. 🙂

  28. Rasheed Benito says:

    I am receiving this error message: The code that you entered is invalid.

  29. Tousif says:

    You are the best. It works perfectly and it is very easy. Thank you… 😀

  30. Aditya Komakula says:

    hi admin Mayur thanks for the information u made a simple and easy method to use google gift card. Thank u very much.

  31. lester salgado says:

    who are you developer?! i dont know how to say thank you to you guys… now i can buy gems on clashofclans,,,,good job guys!!!!!!

  32. Sanjay says:

    Bro,please help me,having a error, \”invalid code\”

    • ak says:

      u need to have a valid gift card code. u cant use any code generated from google play gift code generators. they are all fake. u need to buy a code or get them from apps like freemyapps etc.

  33. debayan says:

    do i have to verify my identity in google wallet to get access in getting balence

  34. Diana says:

    Hey bro, do you know where to get free redeem code?

  35. Jermone says:


  36. Altamash says:


  37. gamer says:

    Hi , can anyone here in the comments section tell me that is it necessary to verify your google wallet in order to be able to redeem a USD($) gift card or just changing the address to somewhere in US will do the job ?

  38. Mann says:

    It worked..Thank you very much for your help!

  39. abhishek says:

    bro it is saying invalid code . plzz help me plzz. i beg you plzz help

    • ak says:

      ur code is wrong. probably u have generated it from google play fift code generator. ther are crap. they dont work. uneed to buy a real one.

  40. Steve says:

    Which address should we write in the Billing Address??

  41. naeem says:

    \” Your Order was declined because it was considered high risk.
    please try again in 30 minutes \”
    With your suggestion i just redeem Google play card. But i cannot paid any anything. please help me

  42. Shashwat says:

    Hey, google play gift cards have just launched in India… to change the address from US to my home country ??
    Note : I have $4.32 left in my account.

  43. nanda says:

    Hi i am a new user to coc..need to buy to buy play gift cards in india and how to use it

  44. cazoit says:

    how to change to my same country after changing it to us? plz help

  45. Bharat says:

    Code got redeemed but when I try to do an in-app purchase it says it is high risk purchase pls try on 30 mins always the same issue

  46. Nitin says:

    Hi mayur,
    I got a valid code but I don\’t know which country it belongs to. I tried with Indian n US address but its still showing cannot be redeemed in ur country. Now hw to know which country this code belongs to???

  47. Rakesh says:

    how can i get code its said invalid code?

  48. Daksh Nagarkar says:

    When confirming your identity it asks for social security number, but social security number is only for us citizens, so how can I use it.

  49. Siddharth says:

    Ami kichu kokhn age Ami address Indian and amr address Diyachi so jkn code apply korchi sb in valid dkhache Ami ki krbo akn

  50. Hafiz says:

    I am from Brunei, a bit offtopic; i tried to buy google play credit but it said not available in my country but this changing address method works & i was able to buy google play credit through the googlestore app itself. Thanks man !

  51. Yamini says:

    I dont know if you can help. I\’m in a pickle. Used this to redeem a $15 gift card successfully.Now its not showing up on purchases or in my payment account. (I had formatted my phone)Can you help ??

  52. otong says:

    also work for me and i can see my balance also refiled
    it say error df ppa 110 when i try buy somehig outside or in app purchase.
    please help if anyone have same issue

  53. Karanveer Gill says:


  54. santoshoswal says:

    guys it helped me…..if u have problems in adress copy the ditto adress in the give picture….

  55. Alexander says:

    The problem is after I fully used my gift card I can\’t switch back to my real address. I have 0$ in Google Play Balance. But it says \”Your home country cannot be changed because you\’ve set up a Google Play balance.\”

  56. Sushil says:

    Buddy I don\’t have any relative in US. What now…even if I feed a random address I need to verify the same with SSN.
    Can you help me out with this….?

  57. karanveer Gill says:

    man please give full social security number also i want to redeem a gift card from google wallet please reply fast!

  58. himanshu says:

    Hi i need to is this still working..???

  59. Takumi says:

    I\’m from qatar and is it important to have the Google Wallet because it\’s not available in the country . Please help .

  60. hank says:

    I have 5$ in a Google play gift card can I use it to purchase anything in India including in-app purchase? And how will Google convert it the USD to INR?

  61. aakash says:

    I redeem code but that shows in 10$ and google ask me to pay in rupees what to do

  62. JephersoN says:

    It says error BM RGCH 06 when redeeming a code,

  63. Pizczkak says:

    Hi! I go to i don\’t see anywhere to change my address!
    Please help

  64. Rahul says:

    It shows error BM rgch 06

  65. Pratham says:

    But doing this is it legal

  66. Prasanta says:

    I’ve not get the code

  67. Deepak says:

    Bro can u make a video on it plz

  68. Priyanshu Raj Verma says:

    Can you tell us also how to use an amazon gift card in india.

  69. Maruf says:

    I am from India. I have Google play gift card which is in Indian value ?150. I want to convert it into US $$ gift cards. Please can you guide me How can I do it

  70. shekhar tanwar says:

    Hi mayur, if i am able to redeem the card by your method and after that it will show the google play balance then can i send that money to my different google account of india and from that account can i withdraw the money into my bank account

  71. Chin says:

    How can I do in app purchase with the redeemed gift card I need to purchase something and if I click on purchase it shows unavailable even though I have 10$ in my google account

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