Win 5 Free Licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2012 worth $49.95 [Review & Giveaway]

The New ‘2012 version’ of TuneUp Utilities has now been officially released and we’re really pleased to hold its giveaway just after few hours of its launch. Just to recall, we had conducted a giveaway of TuneUp Utilities 2010 back in 2009 and the readers appreciated it. Thanks to TuneUp Corporation for cooperating once again and being kind enough to sponsor Free Licenses of the latest and advanced TuneUp Utilities 2012.


TuneUp Utilities is an award-winning, most effective, and powerful PC optimization software for Windows that offers several tools and functions to solve PC performance issues and troubleshoot Windows issues. The program has a nice graphical and easy to use interface, allowing novice users to easily make tweaks & customization to their PC.

TuneUp Utilities 2012

Its 1-Click Maintenance offers the ability to quickly cleanup your system, make it run faster, fix registry issues, remove broken shortcuts, delete temporary files, defragment hard disk and registry. Live Optimization works silently in the background and improves the startup and performance of all running applications. Other functionalities include the option to detect and fix common problems, disable startup programs, uninstall programs, securely delete data, see detailed system information, manage processes, check hard drive for errors, etc. Customize Windows is one of the best feature of TuneUp Utilities. In just a few clicks, one can simply personalize the entire appearance of Windows.

TuneUp provides a great and simple way to configure the settings as desired by the user. Most settings can be accessed directly from the corner of the tool buttons itself whereas there is dedicated Settings window to deeply customize TuneUp settings.


The New TuneUp Utilities 2012 –


What’s New in TuneUp Utilities 2012?

The New TuneUp Utilities 2012 is certainly the most powerful TuneUp Utilities of all time. That’s because it emphasizes more than just simply increasing the system performance. TU 2012 introduces new ways for optimizing PCs to offer an efficient and reliable OS, drastically prolong battery life on laptops and less energy consumption on desktops, comprehensive and automatic maintenance, and the highest degree of privacy.

It comes with an elegant and revised user interface, thus making TuneUp Utilities 2012 startup screen start twice as fast and reduce in clicks by integrating the settings option for specific functions, on their button itself. The new design makes it easier to switch between all the great optimization features, such as TuneUp Program Deactivator, Economy Mode, and Automatic Maintenance, with all their settings in one place. The suite serves access to over 30 tools – more speed, better stability, less problems.


TuneUp Utilities 2012” combines two new and unique technologies “All-new TuneUp Economy Mode” and the enhanced “Program Deactivator” that aims to give a dual performance boost.

TuneUp Economy Mode: Longer-lasting battery & Lower energy consumption


TuneUp Economy Mode guarantees significantly improved battery life and reduced power consumption by implementing crucial Power Management settings. It ensures that the CPU runs constantly at its lowest clock speed to save power, regardless of what type of application is running! Once Economy Mode is active, all non-essential background processes and services will be disabled to reduce power usage, thereby resulting in a remarkable increase in battery life. A lifesaver when you’re using the laptop on the go.

TuneUp Economy Mode

  • More Battery Life: Economy Mode gives laptops, netbooks, and tablets up to 30% more battery life.*
  • Lower Energy Costs: PCs consume up to 30% less power once Economy Mode is active.*
  • Longer Lifespan: Less output means less stress. By powering down your PC and many of its components, your hardware is guaranteed to live longer.

* Compared to power-saving techniques found in Windows 7. Check TuneUp Utilities™ White Paper for details on all our performance and battery tests.

TuneUp Program Deactivator: First fully automatic PC Energizer

TuneUp Program Deactivator_working

The new and advanced TuneUp Program Deactivator allows users to easily disable infrequently used programs to hibernation state; in order to conserve system resources, free up working memory, improve start-up times, improvement in battery life and energy consumption on desktop and laptop PCs. Users can disable the programs based on their considerable load namely: startup load, operational load, and shutdown load.

TuneUp Program Deactivator

  • Restores over 50% of speed and free space on bogged-down PCs
  • Disables programs including all resource-hungry components
  • The moment you need them, they’re back on! The very second you launch a program, Program Deactivator enables it “on-the-fly”.
  • NEW! The moment you’re done, they’re “back to sleep”! Only moments after you close the application, Program Deactivator turns all of its active components off.

– Supports Windows 7, Vista and XP (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.

Try TuneUp Utilities 2012 Download 15-days Fully functional Trial

GIVEAWAY – We’re offering 5 Free genuine licenses of TuneUp Utilities 2012 which actually costs $49.95 each. The license has no expiration date.

To participate in contest, follow the rules below:

Tweet about this giveaway on twitter. Remember to leave a valuable comment below along with your tweet status link. (Use the Tweet button below to tweet).


Become WebTrickz fan on Facebook – Just visit our facebook fan page and click the ‘Like’ button. Then leave a comment here below stating why you need TuneUp license.


Just comment – If you aren’t on twitter or facebook, then simply leave an engaging comment below, describing what you like about TuneUp 2012 and why you need it?

Note: Making a comment below is necessary in all the above 3 rules.

5 Winners will be chosen from the comments section below and results will be announced on October 21st. :D

UPDATEThis giveaway is closed now. Thanks for participating.

5 Lucky Winners chosen randomly are: sumit_g, Wyne, Rahsin, azziz07, Lee

Note: Winners will be notified via email and they’ve to respond back to our email in order to get the TuneUp license. If they don’t respond, then runners-up will get the license.


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

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  1. Jorshun says:

    The reason I would love to get this Tune-Up utilities is i need a good software that can optimize my computer. I had tried once on my computer, and my computer was like a brand new computer after optimize. That’s the reason why i want the giveaway so much.. I hope i am able to win.. 😉

  2. plaban says:

    Tuneup Utilities is a great system optimizer. I’m using it from last 2-3 years. I would like to participate in this giveaway. Thank you.

  3. I am really looking forward to use this utility … never used something like it ..

    Facebook: Already on your page.

  4. William says:

    It has been a couple of years since I use Tuneup as my primary system tool.
    I think this is gona continue.
    It is amazing!

  5. Shailender says:

    Hi Mayur,

    I’ve been using Windows Disk CleanUp and Disk Defragmenter for many years to cleanup my PC and delete temporary files so that it can run faster all the time. But I realized that it’s not possible to use these tools continuously as they’re pretty time consuming. I think “1-Click Maintenance” feature of TuneUp Utilities is what I’m actually looking for as it can perform all neccessary steps in less time.

    I’ve tweeted this post!/TheShailender/status/125093908807036929

    And liked your Facebook Page as well. Total number of fans are now 1918 🙂

  6. Meng Chea says:

    I really like tuneup utilities software. It can optimize my old computer run like new one and stable..

  7. Dacko says:

    Why do I need this program. The reason is simple. Tune Up Utilities is the best optimizer on the market today. Easy to use and very effective. Thanks for this giveaway. Good luck to all.


  8. sammy says:

    Thanks for this ultimate Giveaway count me in for this Giveaway.I am a very big fan of TuneUp Utilities.It is a way better than its rival products.I have downloaded its 15 days trial .Tune Up Utilities “Program Deactivator” is really unique and awesome feature i have ever seen.New “economical mode” is also very impressive.The feature i like most i “one click maintenance” .I have a lot of software installed on my pc which makes my pc startup time and program response time very large.Installing Tune up utilities reduced the startup time and programs response time very effectively with just a few clicks.It works like a wonder for an old pc.Please count me in.Hope i win the world’s best utility product.!/siddxxxx/status/125115478577393664

  9. Swarup says:

    Thanks Mayur for hold this great giveaway.
    I am using TU for few years. Include me for this giveaway!/OtrivinBlog/statuses/125117831636459520

  10. Rahsin says:

    I have been using Tune-Up utilities since 2008.It gives new life to a computer which takes a lifetime to boot up.In the 2010 version the startup deactivator works like a charm and shows up useless softwares that runs in startup which otherwise are not listed in the msconfig in windows and thus speeds the boot up process.I will definately like to win a license for the 2012 version.Thanks for this awsome giveaway and best of luck to all the participants.

  11. tijian says:

    I almost forget it’s existing since I set up my Tuneup Utitilities and configured it correctly. And I almost forget my Windows 7’s existing. Why? Because Tuneup Utilities itself help me do all the optimization work autimatically. My Windows 7 is always fast, so I feel that every day I have a brand new Windows 7 from then on. Life is so simple! It’s great!Thank you!

  12. toni says:

    Thank you for the chance to win TuneUP2012, i like all functions of it and the “TuneUp Program Deactivator” feature is really useful and practical.
    Please count me in for the giveaway.

  13. Niconor says:

    This program works very well.

  14. Joe Novack says:

    TuneUp Utilities is the best software for optimization, version 2012 is more elaborate than ever before. Thanks for a fantastic contest!!/tzpc/status/125124024786362368

  15. kornel says:

    One of the better programs to optimize your nice to me to win such a program Tuneup Utilities 2012. Greet

  16. dexy says:

    Tune Up Utilities is very good, secure and reliable optymizer system, incorporated features improve performance and stability of windows, especially registry cleaner is one of the best, I also very like tool : 1-Click Maintenance .!/dester5
    It will be nice to win license for this software.

  17. ha14 says:

    Cool, thanks for this giveaway, your article shows exactly why a pc will run well under the supervision of TuneUp utilities 2012, i see clearly that As a result, the Economy mode preserves energy, reduces the peak heat, and thus increases the life expectancy of PCs and their components. Say Farewell To BSOD Screen with TuneUp Utilities.!/ha014/status/125131583962361857

  18. ibrahimq8 says:

    hi, thanks for giveaway

    I love TuneUp because its Reliable and easy to use and boasting an attractive interface.

    facebook ibrahim awad liked.

  19. budryx says:

    you are asking why I would like licences of TuneUp Utilities 2012? because it is like a red ferrari with the busty blondegirl in the centre – everyone wants to have them Probably ferrari you will not give me but licences perhaps 🙂 but so seriously this is a excellent program to the optimalization of the computer

  20. Tinesh Rao says:

    Tuneup utilities is the BOMB out of all other softwares!! i need it very badly as my computer faces many problems and causes it to run slow. I had used tuneuputilities last time, it was the most completed full featured software to enhance your computer speed in any way! its a waste if theres no Tune up utilities in your pc!!!!!!

    Liked in facebook, commented and also twitted!/Ryannesh/status/125143432657240064

    Thank you:)

  21. Pradeep Singha says:

    Well I have shared it, liked it and everything. Thanks a lot for the giveaway! It has just too many uses and a great application when it comes to system optimization. 🙂
    My Tweet :!/pradeepkrsingha/status/125154965185511424

  22. sunit says:

    i have tried nearlly all tune up softwares but tune up utilities is way ahead than its rivals. nice giveaway. pl count me in .

  23. qwer0 says:

    I never used this soft but i think there is right moment to start using TuneUp so count me in this giveaway.


  24. David Hagan says:

    One of the best if not the best of the system utilities software programs.

  25. hossain says:

    i like tuneup utilities coz its the best programm to tuneup my pc!/Hossainrizg/status/125163631238320128

  26. Darek says:

    I had a version of the 2009 and 2011 and now I am very happy with this program and the desire to test the version of 2012. Thanks

  27. Terieron says:

    I want to have TUU2012 because I consider him the best and most secure set of applications to optimize the system, change settings, and cleaning it with unnecessary files. The most I like Program Deactivator and Turbo Mode that allow to significantly speed up the system as needed.Pls count my in! Thanks Mayur & Webtrickz for this great giveaway and greet!!/terieron/status/125187831432871936

  28. Kos Amja says:

    I really like tuneup utilities software. It help me to optimize my old computer, so now it can run like new one. I am using trial version of tuneup utilities 2012 and I think it is amazing. I would really like to get one of these free licenses.

  29. Vishnu says:

    Tuneup is the only software i trust in optimizing my pc to perform well…. im a user of Tuneup utilities since its release of 2008…. my friend suggested to use it and i tried…. aftr my installation & doing evry optimizations, my pc was performing like it has some turbo boost … was very happy to see my pc perfrmng well without any crashes…. frm den i havnt gone for searchng anyothr softwares of this category.
    It will be too great if i get a premium key of my own…. Hope i will get it….
    Thanks Webtrickz…. Thanks Tuneup…..

  30. Alejandro Calandra says:

    Hi. I need TuneUp becouse I am not a computer expert and the program with one click can help me to have a flawless running laptop. That is very tempting for me. I will install de free demo right now, wishing to recieve your give away. There are four messy computers at home!!!!

  31. Ostraq says:

    Well I’ve been using Tune-Up since 2004 (if I remember correctly), so I thought why not have it once for free 😀

  32. azziz07 says:

    thanks for this great news and for helping us to improve our windows life with all the giveaways you run. Tuneup utilities 2012 is for novice through one click improvement and for experts because they have several intersting features that key tweak to have more suitable solutions.!/azziz07/status/125213879201574912

  33. northernexposure says:

    I’ve been using previous versions of this product over the past few years and really like how intuitive the user interface is. For each version, the developer seems to add a few more features on. I would very much like to receive a license for the latest, 2012 version! Good luck to all!

  34. Mohammad Wasiullah says:

    Hi My PC mostly hangs but when I used Tune up utility 2012 trial version so much problems has gone from my pc now my pc running good i don’t want to this happen again in PC That’s i want the licence.
    (Thanks for giveaway Web Trick )

  35. walang_sangit says:

    I like this software because it is easy to use and gives very satisfactory results, I need software that can help maintain computer performance and fix errors automatically, I wish I could be one of the winners

  36. jay says:

    I need a good program to optimize my pc because its slowing down due to usage. I can use many different programs to achieve that but Tuneup Utilities will do the job perfectly because its an all in one complete solution to meet my needs. Thanks.

  37. SKK says:

    thanks for this giveaway…
    i share your giveaway:
    and on my blog:

    i would be happy if u add my name in this contest & i like economy mode becuase it save my battery power of laptop….

  38. Prakash says:

    Thanks a lot Mayur for the giveaway , Using tuneup utilities since its ver. 2008
    currently using 2011 ver. just want to upgrade it.!/FX_Arena/status/125230401475190784

  39. Linu George says:
    Thanks for the giveaway. 2012 version already….. wow time flies fast. Last version was heavy , hope this one is lighter on the system Really interested in the battery time extender in this version. Regards

  40. ayhan says:

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  41. thomas cole says:

    Tuneup one of the best utilities i hope i will be luck one good luck for everyone

  42. dzinternet says:

    amazing review, it really represent the most amazing abilities of this software, thanks for that review.

    The other amazing thing is this giveaway, I really wish to be the winner :D.

    Thanks and congratulation for the winner whomever he’ll be.

  43. Marek says:

    Great giveaway .
    Thanks for the contest
    TuneUp Utilities is a very good program for optimization your computer
    I need a good software to optimize my computer. TuneUp Utilities is the best.
    Email Subscription Confirmed!/kosma003/status/125275005830447104!/kosma003/status/125275490671009793
    Please count me in Good luck to all.

  44. Shyam says:

    Its an amazing software which, “ACTUALLY” tunes up the system instead of other software’s which claim that they do and so on and so forth. The reviews slated here is a perfect insight to people who might not know what the software actually does and is a perfect starter to lure them in 😉 aaand the giveaway absolutely brilliant marketting strategy to say the least 😀 and to say it was a precise and concisely plotted tactic 😉 😀

  45. Thanks webtrickz! I hope I am able to take part in your free license promotion. I do all my own IT (scary!) since I am a one-person shop (small but mighty!). This would help me become more efficient, and would likely minimize the amount of time I spend troubleshooting my tech issues. Thanks very much! Nancy

  46. Alex N says:

    I would really like to win a copy of this product. I have been using the 2010 version and it has helped my computer a lot. and I have been trying to get the 2011 version but it’s the end of the year and I heard that the 2012 version is out. I would really like to give the Disable program feature in the new version.


  47. yethz says:

    This is very cool giveaway, I want to have a genuine for this if permitted to.

    Reasons why I need this;
    I usually install or remove apps to test them out and if its worth to share i’ll share it to all my friends and colleagues.
    while installing or removing applications on pc, overtime it gets bloated and windows getting slow in a long run,
    this is where Tuneup Utilities comes into play to make your PC fast and stable, fix errors and offer you tons of choices on how you want it to be optimized.
    I am using Tuneup 2011 before, but sadly I removed it due to system resource issues,
    but now TuneUp Utilities 2012 its more than worth a try, if I can have a genuine and all the minor issues in 2011 are fixed in this version then
    I would like to install and use this in my system and rely on this tool to make my computing from day to day easier and worry free.

    Great giveaways again, Thank you and best of luck to all.
    Best regards,

    and here’s my tweet;!/yethzart/status/125348887740428288
    and I also I shared this to my facebook page 😉

  48. Johan Gustavsson says:

    Hi I would really like to have a license for this grat application, so I have tweeted this @!/ecsjjgg/status/125395021653483520
    (And I also ‘Like’ you on facebook…)

  49. phugogang says:

    Count m ein. thanks.

  50. kamal says:

    the best optimising software i ever found.lucky to have one in my laptop.

  51. yogi says:

    Four features in TU 2012 which make it superior than other pc optimisers software.
    *Economy mode
    *Program deactivator
    *1-click maintanance
    *turbo mode
    due to which i am using tuneup since 2009

  52. Steven says:

    Tuneup utilities has a great registry cleaner, and the new feature will be able to optimize my pc..

  53. krishna says:

    i have been a tune up utilities user for the past 3 yrs and it has helped me keep my system in pretty good shape and moreover the new features introduced in tune up utilities 2012 such as ECONOMY MODE AND PROGRAM DEACTIVATOR are amazing and i would like to have one for sure . It would be great if i get one 😀

  54. This is a great software , I need its latest version bcoz of its excellent features:-

    * Boosts PC speed by up to 50%, all thanks to Program Deactivator 2012 .

    * Extends battery life with an all-new TuneUp Economy Mode .

    * Saves power by up to 30% and upgrades PCs with an enhanced power management .

    * 30 tools in 1: more speed, better stability, less problems .

    tweeted :!/PritamSa/status/125457919494979584

    Facebook: Already on your page.

  55. Newbie Talks - Technology, Internet And Computer Tutorials says:

    I have used Tune Up Utilities since 2004, it simple when you need to tweak the Windows System and increase about the computer performance.

  56. Jinsu Jais says:

    I’m using Tune Up Utilities for a long time. I like this software and I’m also there for the give-up..

  57. anandharaja says:

    its great program to optimize windows, i love l-click maintenance. i hope surely i win one licence among 5.

  58. Mayank says:

    I Want A License Because Its A Great Tune-Up Tool Which I Have Been Using For Years. I Like To Test These Type Of Tools A Bit And Till Now It’s Been My Fav. So It’s A Need…
    For This Greedy G33k. 😛 😀

    Tweet Link –!/Mayank7795/status/125500421648289792
    Liked Ur FB Page Since I Started Visiting The Site.. 😀

    Well Done The 1 Xtra Step i.e. Also Posted About It On G+ –

  59. Anson says:

    Hi, has tweet here:!/ckeong89/status/125496919438012419
    Wish to win the license from 2009 to 2012 to get the latest version, enjoying the best experience:)

  60. sumit_g says:

    i have been using tune-up utilities 2011 in my pc for the past 1 year or so…..and it truly rocks in everyways(cleaning up junk registry entries/temp files,disk defregment,disk errors …..tune-up utilities can handle them all)and now in version 2012 it comes up with enhanced Program Deactivator,economy mode and other 30 different tools for optimizing and maintaining my pc…….now this is called true champion and it is also best programme out there as far as windows customizing and tweaking goes…..for instance u can change the default windows themes,logon screen,icons and many other twaeks using tune-up(no matter what OS you’re running right now xp/vista or even 7)… is a complete suite….i couldn’t ask for more.i would really like to win this 1…….i also used advance system care,fix-it utilities,iolo system mechanic but i mostly prefer tune-up!currently i have wise reg cleaner pro,free ccleaner and auslogisc disk defreg but i know this is not enough to keep my pc running smoothly and sharply!i need a complete suite like tune-up……….that’s all i can say!btw awesome giveaway and count me in……..i also know the chances of myself wining a license of tune-up utilities 2012 is very very lean(cause their are sooo many participant participated in this GIVEAWAY…with soooo many shares) ….but atleast m trying my best.thanx for the opportunity @webtrickz and @ tune-up team……best regards and good Luck to all! 🙂
    my share:-!/chankz22/status/125479160150888448
    i also have google +,but it’s not opening today for me(becoz i have slow connection…dial up)……so i can’t be able to share this post on G+……anyways will subscribe to your blog today and later follow you on twitter! 🙂

  61. MerleOne says:

    I would need TU2012 to replace my old TU2007 on my Dell4700, 6 years old now…
    Link to facebook : www(dot)facebook(dot)com/profile.php?id=746203535&sk=wall

  62. Arthur says:

    Facebook: last comment in your page.
    I really appreciate it.

  63. amon says:

    Great! I have been wanting a license of this Windows system utility but its price is too high for me at the moment. Thank you for giving us a chance to get it free. I would like to win a license. Liked you on the facebook too.


  64. drWoo says:

    I’m using TU Utilities starting from 2009 version on Win XP and since then it never let me down… Currently I have 2011 but I want to win the latest version. So thanks for this opportunity to see my dream come true…!/fghita/status/125533524014006272

  65. Lee says:

    A correction to my above comment:

    “I already use TU2011 and have wanted a license of TU2012 ever since I heard about it.
    I use TU2011 on my work PC and home PC and won’t go without it.
    Liked your facebook page.

    I really want “TU2012” to experience the beefed up program de-activator which I already use. The automatic capability of this is a fantastic idea. I already have programs on my work computer my employers wants to run every couple of days which are on “permanently”. They are very resource intensive. I would use the TU2011 de-activator to turn them of manually, but then would have to turn them on again every couple of days. If these “mostly unneeded” programs turned on and off automatically that would be brilliant!

    I also have to cart my work laptop to many meetings and I would love the battery to last longer – as such I would really get great use out of the TuneUp Economy Mode.

    I also have TU2011 regularly maintain my machine and would love to now have TU2012 do the automatic maintenance from now on.

    Please count me in the draw!”

  66. davhag64 says:

    Please count me in on the giveaway. I liked on facebook, but had problems sharing. Also my facebook is under a different name.

  67. MAyur says:

    I am using Tuneup2009 & looking for an upgrade.
    Kindly Count me in giveaway…
    My tweet is!/sharma1118/status/125552715647553536
    Hope to win One license..

  68. Fabio says:

    Hi, I wish I could get a license for this amazing program. For years TuneUp Utilities has been my favorite optimization program, for its very usefull functions like, the program de-activator (which has speeded-up my pc), the ability to free space in the hard drive, the registry cleaner and I heard this year’s program is even better. I do not have a state of the art computer, so this would be very usefull to keep my computer running at maximum performance. If you choose me, all I can say is thank you very much.

  69. Micha? says:

    Everybody know it is the best program to speed up our computer. I hope I will win 🙂

  70. Vick says:

    Webtrikz knows well the need of your readers.
    Thanks for one more oportunity to participate for this giveaway.!/profile.php?id=100000702084602

  71. Leandro says:

    I can´t afford the software, I´m PORTUGUESE! Oh crap, there´s a GREEK guy over there… give it to him!

  72. Rusira Dulanga says:

    Twitter Link –!/rusirucreat/status/125588818832269312

    This is one of the best optimization program on the software market. Love to win this contest. Great giveaway.

  73. Polski says:

    The best optimising software of the world.
    Please count me in.

  74. Azhari6797 says:

    TuneUp is the best utilities for computers…. my laptop became faster and lighter… 😀 …. i want TuneUp….:P

  75. Alex says:

    i love this great and the best software for pc optimization. thanks for this really great contest anf for the chance to win! thank you!!/Alex77toy

  76. Dave says:

    Done –
    and shared, need this App as it is one of the best programs around at keeping your Pc running smoothly ans clean.

  77. dhaval says:

    Tuneup Utilities is the best pc optimization Software.
    Liked on facebook page.
    Count me in. Thanks.

  78. ariful emme says:

    i need Tuneup utilities 2012 because with this program i can make fast my pc. thanks for the giveway. i hope to win

  79. Alch3mist says:

    Tune Up Utilities is the best performance optimizing tool that i ever came across.
    It has all the power packed features to make ur system go in gud health.
    Also it add visual eye candy.

    Tune Up utilities is doing a gud job since 2002 .

    Thanx Tune Up 🙂
    And Thanx webtrickz for this giveaway 🙂

  80. Joe says:

    An excellent utility……
    Please count me in on this giveaway.

    thank you

  81. fa fabba says:

    In my case it is a constant care before slowing down your computer. I use TuneUp Utilities 2010 version scans the system at express pace which is very important to me. After cleaning, the system is not accelerated, and this is expected. Very important thing is the fact that since the installation and periodic treatments cleaning system does not slow down, TuneUp Utilities is it fantastically clean and very satisfactory performance. If someone has not cleaned for a long time the computer is at the beginning can actually feel it more acceleration. so i need licenses key new version for upgrade.!/fafabba/status/125643355987247104

  82. Noman Fayez says:

    It has ability of complete care….all in one…..though my Tune Up Utilities 2010 works fine on Win7 pro… I think it will be more better experience with 2012…please count me in… and give a copy……..!/noman.fayez/posts/2430838005740!/nomanfayez/status/125658243354730496

  83. zaki says:

    Please include me in this great giveaway. Ive used tuneup for some years and the new features make the 2012 version very desirable. Thank you for the opportunity to get it (I hope!)

  84. ivan says:

    Tuneup Utilities is a great system optimizer. seem in last 2-3 years For TuneUp utilities 2009~2011. Utilities has been my favorite optimization program, currently I’m using version 2011, i would like to upgrade it, Please count me in, hope can win of this great great contest, especially is Tuneup utilities optimize software. Thanks.

  85. Zug says:

    Tune-up has always been a great product. I would love a shot to try out their new 2012.


  86. Wyne says:

    Thank you for the TU 2012giveaway.
    Regret that I am not using any twitter/FB A/C.
    I like TU’s internet tuneup/optimize & registry cleaning & also the system diagnostic & system doctor features?
    Please count me in for the giveaway contest.

    Thanks & Regards

  87. sakannan says:

    TuneUp Utilities is fantastically clean and very satisfactory performance. This program makes faster the pc. thanks for the giveway.

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