Features that make Hike Messenger Win over WhatsApp – Send Photos in Original quality, Send Any Files up to 100MB, Better Privacy & more

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  1. Faltoo says:

    Hike’s terms and conditions are worst. You explicitly give them permissions to read all your chats. Additionally, you grant them permissions to share and sell your data. WhatsApp’s terms and conditions respect your privacy much much more.

  2. Xi says:

    Here is the truth:
    Pros and Cons:
    Hike is a combo of Line and WhatsApp with additional features as well. It is good for those who are willing to sacrifice their identity and conversations to anyone who’d like to know.
    Hike has copied Line [Stickers and more].
    Never trust WhatsApp completely. It is a part of Facebook and most knew of its tracking methods.
    If you read Terms and Privacy Policy of all the 3 apps, Line is the better option. It is from Japan and the Japanese are not like US/Indian government who tracks the citizens.
    Note: Before installing any app please read Terms and policies of the app thoroughly[spend a few minutes and don’t ignore as that is the hidden trap] before trying to install.

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