Giveaway – Win FREE 1 year license of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

This is one big giveaway, which I wanted to organise from a long time for my readers but couldn’t find any sponsors. So, this is NOT a sponsored giveaway and we have paid for all the Kaspersky licenses offered here.

Kaspersky Giveaway

I’ll not be describing about Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security, but can assure you that, both are one of the best security software available in market today. You can check out some posts below related to Kaspersky:

 Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

We’re giving away a total of 10 Free genuine licenses which can be used to activate both Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 or Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for 365 days. Follow the simple rules below to participate in the contest.

Rules to Win Free Kaspersky Licenses

Subscribe to our RSS Feeds via Email, and leave a comment below. Make sure to verify your email subscription after subscribing. Also, comment using the same email which you used for subscribing.


Tweet about this giveaway on twitter. Remember to leave a valuable comment below along with your valid email address and tweet status link. Tweet the message below or use this direct link to tweet.


Join us as a Fan at WebTrickz Facebook page and leave a comment below telling us why you need this license.

Giveaway – Win FREE 1 year license of Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 via @mayurjango

10 Lucky Winners will be chosen randomly and results will be announced on March 18 :D

Note: Making a comment below is necessary for all the rules. Please don’t Spam!!

Update – The licenses offered are for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 only and will not work with Kaspersky AntiVirus. I apologize for giving out incorrect info.

However, you can use KIS 2010 which is more powerful than KAV. Also, I’ve decided to announce the winners soon instead of March 18.

Update Giveaway Ended. There were a total of 165 approved entries.

KIS winners

10 Lucky Winners of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 License:

bala subrahmanyam, John Mike, arnold, Jake, mayat, kgaurav, nitin, NareN, bhavik kothari, amozai

Winners will soon receive an email containing the activation details. Thanks to all the participants for joining this contest. 😀


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

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  1. trebortaews says:

    trebortaews Giveaway – Win FREE 1 year licenses of Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 via @mayurjango
    less than 10 seconds ago via web

  2. arnold says:

    im glad to here about the contest no doubt,kaspersky is the best you can get once its set your worrys about viruses etc go down the drain so to speak. i would love to have a license and feel safe while im online were ever i may be.

  3. D.Lemieur says:

    I have wanted to use Kaspersky for some time, however the cost of the product was preventing its use. Having the internet security for a year to use will allow me time to tell if its cost is justified.

  4. Naveen says:

    Great giveaways, Kaspersky protects system from online viruses, trojans, malware and also from many harmful threats, so i hope to win this great giveaway.

  5. Naveen says:

    Kaspersky behaves like a safe guard, protect system from phishing sites and other harmful threats and i twitted this giveaway, my status link at twitter –

  6. helen says:

    I would like to participate in the contest to win Kaspersky license.
    My pc was infected with a virus and a few phishing scams. I needed to
    reinstall my OS and it was terrible. I read some reviews of Kaspersky and it is very good and comprehensive program. The virus definitions database are also frequently updated and the program is user friendly yet powerful to deal with existing and new security threats. The many options are very customizable and there are many different levels of protection and settings for beginner user who need automatic protection and advanced users alike.
    There a lot of similar programs out there, but in my humble opinion, Kaspersky is definitely the BEST internet security software! Thank you.

  7. kelly says:

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. I hope to win a license of this great software.

    Kaspersky is an excellent program and it detects threats very quickly before it damages your computer. The protection level is superb, scanning is fast and performance is first class.

  8. nitin says:

    i like your product very much and am usin kaspersky for the past 3 years…. i have never seen such a product which can remove all the viruses… thank you very much.

  9. WebReader says:

    Wow, this is a really good giveaway!!

    Congratz on your website success.
    Wish everyone good luck with this no matter who wins 😀

  10. Tareq says:

    This is the best Giveaway ,,i would like to be one of the winers,,Kasperksy Is the Strongest Antivirus Tool in the Net.

  11. Shine says:

    I am a big fan of Kaspersky. It’s scanning speed is very fast. Kaspersky uses less system resources. My computer will be never infected with viruses.

    Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  12. D S says:

    i am happy to know about kis & kav Giveaway.
    I hope to win a licenses of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.
    Thanks For giveaway

  13. chrisn says:

    I am currently using trial KIS2010 and it appears that this is an excellent piece of software. Having a free license at this time will be great and much appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Darpan says:

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is the best internet security and I want to use it in my computer.
    I would like to participate in the contest to win Kaspersky license.

  15. m1991 says:

    I would like to participate in the contest to win Kaspersky internet security 2010 license.

  16. Mayur says:

    Kaspersky protects system from online offline viruses, Trojans, Malware, Anti logger, Spams And giving best security from internet. Also have a great firwall.
    I hope to win a license of this great software

  17. imbagen says:

    Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2010 and Kaspersky Antivirus are
    A-One products in the fight against known and unknown threats in the cyberworld. Where other familiar anti-viruses fail, Kaspersky excels. Undoubtedly with the best designed User Interface, most comprehensive protection in the market today, with excellent malware detection and removal, low system impact with multiple daily updates. What else can you ask? Yeah, I want to avail of this one year free license and be worry-free during the entire duration. Would You?

  18. Ramakanth says:

    Good & Great Giveaway mate, I will Project this in our Forum.

  19. Samuel says:

    I want to tap your shoulder and say well done mate! But as it is not possible online, I just want to tell you that all your efforts will bring equal amount of success to you. Have happy blogging!

    {Just want to wish you good luck. I have Kaspersky, so ignore my comment and don’t take into draw}

  20. mehmet says:

    Thanks for licenses, good like every body.
    KIS is fantastic.

  21. Jake says:

    Indeed a “one big giveaway”. Kaspersky has been and still is, in my experience of using anti-virus and anti-malware software, one of the best performing among the competition. I have tried out its trial version as well as several promotional version licenses and all I can say is that I’m impressed with its features and real time protection. I do hope to win this one year protection license. Thanks for putting up this great offer Mayur!

  22. zaheen says:

    A good giveaway. kaspersky is very good security solution.
    wish everyone all the best.

  23. T.N says:

    Yep, I subscribe to RSS via Email before 😀

  24. pops says:

    Thanks for the chance of winning one of these great giveaways.

  25. dan says:

    i used KIS 2009 on the laptop i gave to my youngest son , the security they provide to their customer i’d say is 5 star .

  26. Grr says:

    Thanks Mayur for having this NON-SPONSERED giveaway.

    I appreciate a lot.

    I hope to win a license of this great software, which is all-in-one protection.


  27. AAMIR says:

    i’m using kis 2010 for more than a year & i’ve found no other security system like kis-2010, i remember clearly that after installing kis 2010 i’ve never formatted my system due to virus attack, now in future also i want to stay connected with kis 2010 but my license period is getting over, so i need kis-2010 license badly !!!!!!

  28. acr says:

    I did the direct link tweet. KAV would be great for my laptop. My current av just expired and a KAV key would make my decision making SO much easier.

  29. MostlyBlog says:

    wow really good contest here is my entries and already subscribed to email news latter

  30. mmg1818 says:

    “Note: Making a comment below is necessary for both the rules. Please don’t Spam!!”

    don’t Spam ?

    but this site now share

    Giveaway of the Day – Plato Safe Password Manager

    and you invented

    Giveaway – Win FREE 1 year license of Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

    is more sites Giveaway in google ?

    RSS 2.0 is free

  31. NareN says:

    Thank you very much Mayur for this great giveaway.

    It will be great to win this giveaway license. I appreciate you a lot on this.


  32. ved says:

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. I hope to win a license of this great software.

    Kaspersky is an excellent program and it detects threats very quickly before it damages your computer. The protection level is superb, scanning is fast and performance is first class.

  33. minhv says:

    Thank you, Kaspersky AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security are very good,
    I think everyone are want

  34. Nihal says:

    Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus/internet security software.

    I am using this since 2 years.

    Thanks & regards

  35. Hans says:

    Thanks Mayur for giving us a chance to win this giveaway.
    Everyone knows Kaspersky is one of the top & famous antivirus among computer users. I’m glad if I could be one of the winners.

  36. Tommy Lee says:


    I must confess that KIS is the best app on earth for fighting against virus, malware and any threats that we have to face in the internet. I hope that I will be the lucky man to get one from your generousity.

    Here is my tweet:

    Best regards,

    Tommy Lee

  37. Saurabh says:

    Kaspersky is my favourite. please send the license.

  38. Prabhu says:

    Here is my tweet

    OMG Kaspersky is so Delicious, that too for free!

  39. Emil says:

    Hi Webtrickz!
    Well done..
    Thanks for giving and provideing us this great giveaway.
    I’m sure it’s gona be alot appreciated and a big hit among all readers 🙂
    Will be exciteing to get into the draw of this contest, would be just perfect as I don’t have any license for Kaspersky AV 2010 and been looking for it.
    When reading the testresults from different sources there’s no doubt this one has almost full score in detectionrate, so it would be folish to not use it in this moment. Thanks in before hand for a great oppirtunity!

    Have written a tweet by this address together with RT.
    Looking forward in follow your tweets and newsletters by e-mail.
    RSS feed was already made, always interesting to read the headlines!

    Wish everyone Good luck and a good day.

  40. Nguyen Thuan says:

    It is clear that, KIS is really cool and helful for your to surf internet without any worries. I have used many antivirus soft but, KIS is still my favourite one because of its greatest performance. I want to have one license from your giveaway. Thanks alot. Nguyen Thuan

  41. Dang Khoa says:

    I have tweeted this wonderful information so that many more people will know and rush to your blog with a big hope that they will win one license for this best app:

    Me, too. I hope that I will be one of the lucky person to grasp KIS 2010 this time.

    Thank you so much

  42. madhankumar says:

    hi webtrickz,

    i hope i get one license key.
    thanks in advance.

    • Naveen says:

      Hi Madhan, i think you are from india, you have to explain a little bit about kaspersky uses, then your comment will have more significance……..

  43. ridhwan says:

    1 hope i got the lisence

  44. RRH says:

    Nice Giveaway, You site also well organized.
    Well All the above condition is done

  45. mAmun_bangladeshi says:

    i am the regular reader of your site.i always try to use genuine I want to have one license from your giveaway.thank you for this giveaway.

  46. Lee Jo says:

    Hi Webtrickz!
    Hi All !
    I hope to win a licenses of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.
    Thanks for giveaway.
    Kaspersky is my favourite. Please send the license.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. rizal says:

    The best security software in the world. One step closer WILL be mine (i hope)

  48. Amin says:

    I hope i got a lisence

  49. rizal says:

    Fast Scan
    Hourly Update
    Light Weight
    WIndows 7 Compatible

  50. mehrdad says:

    its nice. i need it

  51. cK says:

    Hi..Great to hear about this giveaway. Thank you very much for the efforts u have done..May include me for the license ?
    Thank you very much.

  52. smartin says:

    I stopped using Norton in 2005. Since then I have used 3 versions of Kaspersky internet security. Few features I like with new KIS 2010 is advertisement blocker, virtual keyboard, fast scanning, on access malicious download blocker and easy to learn UI. If you are using KIS 2010, here I want to share one tip.

    Go to settings> Threats and exclusions> settings> potentially unwanted software> other. This will block unwanted software and browser toolbar like mywebsearch, ask etc. I think they should enable this by default or show an option during installation.

    Anyways thanks to Mayur for this wonderful giveaway. I was planning get a license key of KIS 2010.


    Now I will wait few more days to try my luck. I am in for the contest, and here is the tweet


  53. Mayank says:

    Wow, Another Awesome Giveaway.
    I Hope I Win This Time.

    Yaar WebTricz Rocks!!!

  54. TeXaCo says:

    This is an awesome giveaway. Kaspersky is a top notch antivirus. I will drop my name in the hat for a license.



  55. adam89 says:

    super cool merci

  56. sameer says:

    thanks for the post………..hope i will get one…………..:D

  57. Abhishek Setia says:

    I have already subscribe to your feeds. I love to get this License of KIS 2010. Please privde me one license so that I can use this wonderful security software.


  58. idigiti says:

    Badly I need it. With god’s help I can get. Thanks in advance

  59. Hamed says:

    Really !! Really !!, I can’t believe it, its a wonderful step from Giveaway, Great wishes and you always the Best, Thanks a lot…..

  60. Murphy says:

    Congratulations for this giveaway !
    Please include me …. I’m a Kaspersky fan .
    Best regards !

  61. khalid says:

    Thanks for giving and providing us this great giveaway.
    I’m sure it’s going be a lot appreciated and a big hit among all readers
    Will be exciting to get into the draw of this contest, would be just perfect as I don’t have any license for Kaspersky IS 2010 and been looking for it.

    I hope my luck will work and i would be in the lucky 10 winners.

    last but not the least your effort is tremendous for this great product.
    Take Care

  62. mamed says:

    That would be great if I happen to be lucky to be a winner.Thanks in advance.

  63. barry hoopoor says:

    kaspersky is definitely up there with the best so thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  64. drthanhtai says:

    I want join to this giveaway, I’m a fan of Kaspersky 😀
    thanks in advance

  65. paf says:

    Hi Mayur, thanks a lot for this great opportunity. I really would like to try KIS 2010. Currently I’m using Avira, but all people I trust says KIS is better and safer. Please count me in. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  66. Sureshkumar says:

    Thanks for the giveaway contest.

    I would like to try KIS 2010 for my PC.

    Count me in please.

  67. g00gle says:

    Hey All.

    I hope to win this one, I never won any contest before.

    I am AVG free which is much worse then KIS.


  68. amozai says:

    You deserve a huge THANK YOU for this great giveaway. I have not seen people giving away such a huge number of KIS/KIV 2010 keys like that on their blogs. My KIS 2010 license expires in 13 days, I’ll appreciate if I win KIS 2010. I like KIS 2010 so much that I just recommend it to everyone who asks me about the best Internet Security for their machines.

    Thank you in advance.

  69. Murugesh says:

    Hi, Please include me in this giveaway as Kaspersky 2010 is one of the best suites to protect the system and has good self defense, high detection rates and good proactive defense. Its Virtual keyboard is also very useful. Thank you.

  70. Paritosh says:

    Count me in 🙂
    Subscribed to email newsletter. I hope i get lucky :p

  71. Sajith says:

    I never expected such a give away.Please consider me also.Thank you

  72. R420R says:

    Count me in please! Thanks

  73. pacman says:

    i need this very badly. and also just subscribed you……

  74. Karlo says:

    Please licence

  75. Dar says:

    I have suscribed to you RSS feeds via a reader, so hope that doesn’t disqualify me. Well if it doesn’t then I’ll very HAPPY to win license of either of them.

  76. Salin says:

    This is a great giveaway, indeed. Needless to say Kaspersky reputation in the field of security software is irrefutable.In the latest version Kaspersky is again ahead of competition by implementing their own sandboxie.Coincidentally, other vendors followed Kaspersky approach to security in their latest releases and they included sandobox in their products as well.This is a clear sign that Kaspersky is setting standards again and the rest is only following. Therefore I’d like to win a license of KIS. Please count me in. Regards

  77. Coast32 says:

    Hey Mayur,
    Nice of you to bring KIS 2010 for us readers.I am your regular reader but now your subscriber to your post.Would be gr8 to win such awesome security protection for my system.Currently using F-secure IS 2010 from offer that I read from your recent posts.

    PS why are there are so many usernames titled with Naveen?

  78. Rally says:

    I am using KIS 3 months trial all the time & this time hopefully can win the 1 year license instead.
    Thanks & Regards

  79. Vikram says:

    I hope to win a licenses of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

  80. legaz says:

    KAv i hope. Count me to. THX for a giveaway

  81. I’m using kaspersky 2010 internet security. It’s very useful for me. I use many kind anti virus, internet security or spy were cleaner, but I can’t satisfy without kaspersky internet security.

    I use kasper trial version & now I want to win this contest.

  82. yusuf says:

    Count in me in……….

  83. Linu says:

    Wow another great contest/giveaway. my tweet all the best everyone. Would like to win this for my upcoming pc. Thanks so much for the giveaway. KIS is a great giveaway.

  84. Mithun John Jacob says:

    Give me 1 year license of KAV 2010 !

  85. suriyopami says:

    Thank for Giveaway, Kaspersky Best regards, Count me please.

  86. mayat says:

    just wish myself good luck to win a free license so I can have the best protection there is, which only KIS 2010 could provide. The people behind this forum are truly great. To Mayur & company, thanks and more power.

  87. nitesh varma says:

    this is a great giveaway. looking forward to win this. i have been tweeting about the updates. and just hoping to win this. isn’t hope good sir ??

  88. Bhavya says:

    i really love this website….
    amazing offers and giveaways are revealed here…
    goes without saying would really love to win this one…
    kaspersky is really the best protection…here it comes with the best website…

  89. springname says:

    This is very good giveaway as the gift is kaspersky products, hence I won’t all me to miss such a thing like this. KIS as well as KAV are always in the top
    Please include me, hope to be winner

  90. amit raina says:

    plz countme also

  91. Ramkumar says:

    This is awesome.. i want this so much … Kaspersky is the best internet security currently… webtrickz rocks…

  92. budha says:

    KAV/KIS protects system from online and offline viruses, Trojans, Malware, Anti logger, Spams And giving best security from internet. Also have a great firewall.
    I hope to win a license
    Thanks in Advance!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))))))))

  93. Palande says:

    Hi im using fsecure suite that came with my internet connection and im looking for some better protection. please include me in ur kaspersky internet security suite giveaway. thanks in advance.

  94. balachand says:

    great giveaway. it is giving lot of things freely for users which is more beneficial.
    now it is one of huge offer. very very thanks to giveaway for this very good offer.
    i really want this and i have to maximum utilize this offer. plz make me win

  95. prateek says:

    you guys r really great to provude us this much valuable information and this much new datas
    i m really glad if you chose my address for this valuable offer

    thank you.

  96. Masud says:

    You really rock, I want one licence, I already Subscribe to your RSS Feeds via Email from 1 years. 😀 Please i need one a lot… Thanks for such a nice contest.

  97. Adrian says:

    Thank You for excellent giveaway.
    I want to win one licence for the best Internet Security software in the World.

  98. John Mike says:






  99. kgaurav says:

    I want to join this giveaway. I belive kaspersky product only.

  100. Suhas MK says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  101. princeaniket says:

    kaspersky… its a great brand in antivirus reviews…
    2 nd top most in world top ten antivirus review.. but.. for me it is best…
    coz .. i have used it for 1 month trial but it gave me lots of tension free days.
    thank u for this giveaway…
    i would like to take a full version for my new pc…

  102. KAY says:

    Wow..really nice giveaway..I already become your fan in facebook. We all know that KIS in one of the best AV in the world. Count me in.

  103. rishab says:

    I really like kapersky products because they provide the best security . I have kis 2010 installed in my lap but the license is remaing for 15 days only . I hope i win a free licence

  104. Barda says:

    Count me in thanks

  105. kween says:

    Thanx for providing this opportunity to win this renowned software, without doubt one of the best. Pls kindly count me in towards consideration for a license as it would definintely enhance the security of my system.
    Your genorosity highly appreciated.

  106. PHIL says:

    What an offer! Count me in. Thank you Phil

  107. Jinsu Jais says:

    i too here.. count me in…

  108. k19s says:

    Hi, great giveaway
    Hope I win one


  109. David says:

    Thanks for offering!

  110. cyrus says:

    Hi! Your idea for the kaspersky giveaway is really great!! Please count me in. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to participate!!

  111. vhick says:

    Kaspersky is known for many years as one of the best Antivirus in the world. Using its own technology in fighting viruses, trojan, worm, etc. You can assure that you are protected. Using its own proactive defense so the protection is never fail even if the virus definition is out of date. Its fast, reliable, low in resources, etc. A very valuable companion of your valuable machine.

    My tweet:

  112. Alberto says:


  113. Miten Shah says:

    Hi, This Is My Twitter Status :
    I Want Want One Genuine Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security

  114. richard says:

    I always use kaspersky when I can because I find them reliable and easy to use.They are also one of the best at what they do.This competition will give me hope of been able to use kaspersky again.

  115. Miten Shah says:

    I Am Also Now Your Facebook Fan
    Kaspersky is One of he best in the business and I sure want to have one

  116. Rio says:

    wow this is really a big giveaway…a very famous antivirus. of course I want to have it on my computer, i really want to try whether it really effective to protect computer or just an average antivirus.

  117. Mohammed Sarhan says:

    The Three are done
    Already subscribed to email RSS
    A facebook Fan – Mohammed Sarhan
    Tweeted about it – @drsarhan (Private Profile)

    I need this soft plz
    Don’t let me down

  118. rash says:

    yes it is very gud contest ,may i win this time lets see what happen.

  119. sapay says:

    i need kaspersky for my over-all online protection. i hope to win one.

  120. Thanh Hai says:

    i hope i’m lucky. thanks

  121. tooni says:

    KIS is a very good antivirus software, will be nice to have a free license.
    Please count me in, thank you.

  122. Vick says:

    great.!!! great.!!!
    This is best security software today.

  123. utentevero says:

    Hi thank you for managing this great giveaway.
    Please let me join the draw.
    I’ve also retweeted

    All the best

  124. Dhanup says:

    Hopin 2 get dis giveaway..Coz its super efficient against cyber threats.Thanks fr d work though.

  125. stefano says:

    Ciao ottimo sito, ottimo antivirus, ottimo tuttooo, saluti spero di vincerlo lo devo regalarlo ad un amico

  126. Rinsoy says:

    its a great av..i never used a paid av…gimme hope

  127. vijay says:

    i need kaspersky internet security for my over-all online protection. i hope to win one.

  128. Durga Prasad says:

    Hi ……just wanted them coz Kaspersky is really a good option…..
    Hope i get one….

  129. Anupam says:

    Want to win kaspersky..:).It is the best

  130. Vishal says:

    Hi, loads of thanks for sharing these promos. Will be lucky if i get Kaspersky license

  131. Gianfranco says:

    Hi guys i need a Kaspersky Internet Security licence code, best regards

  132. koti says:

    wow,what a giveaway after a long time…

    thanks for great giveaway

  133. Vince says:

    I wan’t Kaspersky, just can’t afford it, hopefully i can get help here, great giveaway, pre-grats to the 10 who get it.

  134. sovanreach chea says:

    HI , I’m very happy to hear that information from you………….You know I really like using kapersky …………..

    Please give me one..

    Thank you very much .

  135. SAURABH says:

    thanks a lot to u people
    its really great job u r doing
    this antivirus is just the best

  136. balaji says:

    I assume i will get one

  137. raji says:

    i will be that lucky one

  138. Ken Falco says:

    I tried many solutions for security, and I can say that perhaps Kaspersky will not have the best antivirus in absolute, and probably even the best firewall, but between solutions “All In One” has no rivals. Great Kaspersky! Security is guaranteed.

  139. yooman says:

    Please count me in… I would like to enter in the contest.

    Your offer is very generous. KIS is the best antivirus software!

    Thanks you so much! Hope I will be lucky!

  140. bala subrahmanyam says:

    I wish I get one too

    My tweeter ID: konathala2

  141. vijayan says:

    kaspersky is the best internet security 2 save the system in and out.this is d one security secure d system from network blocker.
    and ur service is a good one.pls continue ur service 2 new pc users.
    thank u.

  142. Anand Abraham says:

    Hi, I wish such offers are made by more thoughtful people like you. God bless you guys.

  143. Count me in please…

  144. vijay says:

    kaspersky is one of the best internet security, protects the system from viruses and hackers, so i hope to win this free giveaway.

  145. Prasad says:

    i wish to Contest for KAV 2010 Give away and I have subscribed to Your News Letter

  146. anil kumar sahu says:

    i have trial version of kaspersky running.i hope i may win this license

  147. miro says:

    Woohoo 😀

  148. ibra says:



  149. nick says:

    Subscribed to RSS feeds via email. I am hoping to win since I have 2 mouths to feed! I can’t afford to buy a license! lol

  150. vijay says:

    Please count me in… I would like to enter in the contest.

    Your offer is very generous. KIS is the best antivirus software!

    Thanks you so much!

  151. Francis says:

    Hi Webtrickz,

    I want to participate in this generous giveaway. 😀

    Goodluck to all the participants!

  152. Bunaka Lal says:

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