Major Adsense bug – No Secured Express delivery option

From the past two months, Google Adsense has encountered with a bundle of issues and bugs. Last time I talked about it in my article on “Google messes up Adsense payments this time”.

But now I have tracked a latest and major bug in Google Adsense payment options. The problem is that you choose to receive checks via standard delivery only and not by secured express delivery.

Screenshot of Check options available as Standard delivery only-

no option for secured delivery in adsense

This is a big issue as you cant choose to receive payments via secured delivery which charges $25 for delivery. Also you need to change the payment options before 15th of any month for receiving payments and today is 14th when this error has occurred.

Do check your Adsense accounts for this issue. Hope google fixes it at the earliest.

Update – Google will now deliver Adsense checks to India via Blue Dart courier for Free


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11 Responses

  1. I had express delivery option selected… but after the post I just checked and found that standard delivery option is selected…. this is insane

    • Mayur says:

      That’s shocking harsh. I thought users having express delivery option selected would have secured delivery set by default.
      Don’t know what’s happening.

  2. AlexAxe says:

    Hi there,
    Can i get a one small photo from your blog?


  3. SaranR says:

    Same problem in my adsense account,

    It’s may happend bcoz of google sending indian publisher payment through local couior blue dard without charges, so no need for secured delivery for indian publisher… in this reason google removes the secured deliver option for indian pubisher……

    • Mayur says:

      I also think google has remove the secured delivery option for India because blue dart is a reputed courier service. But they need to announce it officially.

  4. Honey Singh says:

    A few weeks ago i got my check via express secure delivery
    See here:
    After reading this post when i go back checked the account then their isn’t any option for that.
    I also used to think that its was a default feature after enabling,just like we set the “payments on hold” but i was wrong.

    • Mayur says:

      That’s a nice package from google. I got a simple envelope via standard delivery.

      • Honey Singh says:

        Yeah,its very nice service and it cost around $25.
        In 7 days checks will be at your door unlike 20+ days turn around time in simple delivery.
        Moreover in simple delivery about 50% of my check missed out and headache of collaborating with the post man.
        One time even the check was so late that it got canceled (money credited back to adsense a/c) when i placed it in the bank.
        Overall sad news for me. 🙁

    • Can I have that package honey along with check 🙂

  5. Mohit says:

    Thats not a bug, Google has removed the Secured Check feature from Indian Publishers account. From Now onwards they will send the check through Bluedart. Here is the complete information

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