How to Find Birthdays on Facebook App for Android

Social networks such as Facebook relieve us from the hassle of remembering birthdays of our friends, colleagues and family. Facebook notifies you about today’s birthdays as well as the upcoming birthdays. Hence, it’s nearly impossible for you to forget a friend’s birthday (added on Facebook) unless you miss the birthday notification. Having said that, if some friends have hidden their birth information then Facebook may not notify you about their birthday.

While you can view birthdays on the Facebook website, the same is also possible through the Facebook app. By manually scrolling through the birthday directory, you can easily see today’s birthdays, recent birthdays, and upcoming birthdays. Without waiting further, let’s see how to find birthdays on Facebook app for Android.

How to See Birthdays on Facebook for Android

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap the menu tab at the top right.
  2. Go to Events and select Calendar. facebook events
  3. Here you can see all your Facebook friends birthdays in chronological order. find birthdays on facebook app in android

The Calendar page will also list all the previous birthdays as well as the upcoming birthdays. You can tap a certain friend profile and wish them belated happy birthday in case you missed their big day.

One can also check upcoming birthdays on Facebook directly from the “Hosting” tab. Here you can choose to create an event and invite other friends for the occasion.

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Alternate Way

Alternatively, you can simply search for “birthdays” using the Facebook app. This will let you view the upcoming birthdays and recent birthdays. Then wish your friends via Messenger or write on their timeline.

Speaking of iPhone users, the steps should be similar for them.


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