How to Temporarily Disable an Airtel Broadband Connection with Safe Custody

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There are instances such as frequent travelling or long vacation when you stay away for an elongated period from your home or personal office. In such cases, broadband users may wish to temporarily deactivate their broadband connection. This can help you avoid unwanted tariff charges while the services are enabled but not in use at all. Thankfully, Airtel has a provision known as “Safe Custody” that allows its broadband customers to temporarily disable the services. It comes handy as you neither need to bother about excessive monthly broadband plan charges nor have to permanently disable the connection.

Suspend an Airtel broadband connection

Airtel offers two options under safe custody that broadband users can choose from.

In the first option, Airtel charges Rs. 200 + taxes every month and safe custody auto-renews the following months until you ask them to disable it. The connection and its services remain inactive during this period. This is preferable for users who don’t want to use their broadband for an indefinite time interval and don’t wish to permanently close the connection either.

In the second option, Airtel charges Rs. 500 + taxes for a period of 90 days. The safe custody doesn’t auto-renews in this option and the connection remains inactive for 3 months. After 90 days, the services are automatically resumed and you will be charged as per your actual tariff plan. This is beneficial for users who don’t need the connection for 90 days.

That said, the above charges are applicable for both voice and broadband services. It is worth noting that all the outstanding bill payments should be cleared before you can opt for safe custody facility.

To activate safe custody, simply call Airtel customer care by dialling 121. Then ask them to activate either one of the above options for safe custody. After making the request, it will take 4 hours to activate or deactivate the services. The bills will be generated monthly in the same manner as when your connection was active.

In our opinion, this is a useful option as one can suspend the services at nominal charges for a while and can easily restore them when required.


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    I wish to keep my landline (broadband) under safe custody plan for three months from June through August, 2019.
    I want reconnection from 1st September,2019.
    I am prepared to pay the cost.

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