Guide to Manually Update Nexus S (I9020T/I9023) to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean

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  1. Thanks or the guide, I’m try to update my nexus now, hope it all goes well, By the way subscribed to your blog

  2. alex says:

    Thank you very much il works fine on my nexus s, jelly bean is almost perfect

  3. neil says:

    I already followed your excellent guide to update my GN, but I also have a Nexus S I want to update. Do I have to uninstall the GN drivers before I install the Nexus S ones in the toolkit – or will the 2 co-exist??


  4. jayciel says:

    i updated my nexus s running ics to jb thru ota, but the gallery and the camera is not working, it exits automatically

  5. neil says:

    Ok – I’m here:

    >If CWM is Not flashed permanently, select ‘Temporary CWM’ from Advanced Utilities.

    I didn’t flash CWN Permanently but I’m not sure where Advanced Utilities is? Can’t find it in BusyBox??

  6. Andy says:

    Not able to update.. don’t know what’s the issue. 🙁

  7. ansal says:

    I had jelly bean earliar on nexus s world wide version.I unlocked and rooted my phone.
    Now i want to Flash stock+unroot . I downloaded factory image from of jelly bean.i followed steps and passed hashcheck.and during extraction i am getting error as
    AutoIt Error
    Line 11141(file “C:\wugs_nexusroottoolkit.v1.5.2\nexusroottoolkit.v1.5.2.exe”):
    Error:subscript used with non -Array variable.

    Any way to factory reset my phone and unroot??

    help me please..

  8. Cindy says:

    thank you! soo much…. i finally did it…..

  9. rebel says:

    as i heard before there are no flash drivers support to android 4.1 update (jellybean) is it true…? and cant we play online videos and flash content after updating the os to jellybean…and is there any way to overacome this problem …?

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