Giveaway – Win FREE Licenses of SUPERAntiSpyware PRO worth $29.95

Today, we are reviewing the most popular and effective Antispyware solution for Windows, which can relieve you from serious attacks spread through Internet.

Super Antispyware

SUPERAntiSpyware has the ability to detect and remove thousands of Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, KeyLoggers, Dialers, Hi-Jackers, and Worms. It runs silently with the installed anti-virus software and doesn’t slows down your computer.


It is an intelligent tool integrated with many unique and powerful technologies. It can fight against harmful attacks and can detect and remove over 1,000,000 spyware threats/malware infections. Support 16 languages and allows users to scan files directly from right-click menu inside Windows Explorer.

Provides option to perform either a Quick scan, Complete scan or a custom scan. You can also scan your removable media like USB Flash devices, Pen drives, memory cards, etc. The program provides numerous functions and options which users can easily customize as per their needs. You can Update to latest spyware definition updates in 1-click.

 SUPERAntiSpyware Preferences

SUPERAntiSpyware Updates

SUPERAntiSpyware comes in 2 versions – Free version & Professional version

Benefits of SUPERAntiSpyware Professional

  • Real-Time Blocking of threats
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Auto-Scanning on application startup
  • Daily Definition Updates via Automatic Updates
  • Free Unlimited Customer Service via e-mail

Download SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition

Compatible with 2000, XP Home/Professional, 2003, Server 2008, Vista & Windows 7.

A Portable version, Online ‘Safe Scan’ of SUPERAntiSpyware is also available which doesn’t requires any installation.

Giveaway – Win Free Licenses of SUPERAntiSpyware Professional

We are offering 5 Free Lifetime licenses of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Edition worth $29.95 each, sponsored by Mike. To win the license, follow the rules below:

1) Tweet about this contest on twitter. Remember to leave a valuable comment below along with your valid email address and tweet status link.

2) If you aren’t on twitter, then simply comment below and tell us why you need SUPERAntiSpyware PRO.

5 Lucky Winners will be chosen randomly and results will be announced on Jan 18 :D

UPDATE – This Giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

UPDATE 2 – There were a total of 133 approved entries, out of which 5 Lucky winners are wisely and randomly chosen.

SAS PRO Winners

WINNERS  –  Rio,  louman578,  David,  john matt  and  chuck.

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway 😀


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183 Responses

  1. Rafael90 says:

    count me in…
    I would like one license because SuperAntispyware is a good anti-spyware,,,

    i retweeted it

  2. Mei says:

    I’ve been relying on the free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware for nearly 10 years. I hope I will finally be able to avail of its real-time protection as well as auto-updating feature which are available only in the paid or full version.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  3. Murphy says:

    Thanks for this useful giveaway .
    I want a license for my parents computer . It’s a good software .
    Best regards !

  4. leofelix says:

    Thank you for your excellent giveaway, I do not use tweeter but I can share via facebook.
    I’d like to get a free SuperAntispyware Pro license since I’ve just installed Windows 7 and I need a very good antimalware protection and Windows Defender is not the best in my opinion.
    Crossing my finger.

  5. my_immortalize says:

    Count me in please…

  6. vhick says:

    Everyday, yiou are busy and or for exploring something, you are always online to be updated what is happening in the world, accessing your work and doing some shopping, etc. Nowadays that the internet is a camp of nasties spyware and adware. So many company is making antispyware and/or antiadware. But not all is effective in removing or preventing your machine catching your activity or your data. But SUPERAntispyware is remarkable in removing spyware, adware, etc. Were its realtime scanning is effectively protect you from this spyware for prevention. Light in resources so you’re not sacrificing yoiur productivity.

    My tweet status:

  7. Sputnik says:

    Usually I prefer to go toward free or open souce softwares.

    Some shareware softwares are however very interesting first because of their quality and second because of their marketing policy : for a one time fee you will get lifetime upgrades.

    That is the case of SUPERAntispyware (for an additional 9.95$ fee), WinPatrol, Sandboxie and some others…

    If I had to buy an anti-spyware, it would be SUPERAntispyware for sure !

    Curiously, I went on a website ( just before coming here, where they compare different anti-spywares and where SUPERAntispyware is recognized as one of the ten best products of that kind…

    I would really be happy to win one of the free lifetime licenses because this product is really one of the best ones !

    Sorry, I’m not on Twitter neither on Facebook or any other site like this : I’m really not comfortable with that kind of sites… I hop you will count me in the draw anyway…

    Thank you Webtrickz !

  8. Granny says:

    Darn – can’t seem to tweet or twitter or whatever ya call it. Maybe too old to learn …

    Have used the free version of this program, would love to try full version.

    Great contest!!

  9. Paf says:

    Hi Mayur, thank you very much for this great giveaway. I’m not on twitter, so I can’t follow there. The reason I need SAS pro is because of the real-time protection. Currently, I’m using the free version (as well as MBAM free version) but I don’t have any real-time defense and everybody tells me SAS pro offers an excellent one. Thanks in advance.

  10. kevin says:

    I would like a liscence because i need it for my laptop and i heard very good comments about it.
    thx for this giveaway

  11. miou25 says:

    included me in the contest, thank you!
    tweet :

  12. Dee says:

    Really love to get an opportunity to implement this software. Routinely acknowledged by top tech review sites as one the the most robust and defective antispyware products on the market to date. First learned of it a bit ago at Gizmo Richards best freeware applications. SuperAntispyware truly out performed all others on the test of loaded up malware thrown at it. Retired on fixed income – single Dad- as I mentioned earlier the paid Professional version with real time protection would be a truly useful and appreciated treat for myself and my PC.

    Happy New Year

  13. 1url says:

    Using the free version coz it’s a great antispyware program. Would love to upgrade to Pro, but can’t afford it right now.

    Thanx for the chance.

  14. ha14 says:

    Thanks for the contest, superantispyware pro has a realtime guard and the ability of the scan in safe mode makes it valuable to remove malwares in a secure way.

  15. peebee says:

    I need SuperAntispyware because I need a program that actually does what it claims, not some bloated, full of empty promises type of rubbish that I always seem to find. So here’s hoping.

  16. DJF says:

    Sorry I’m not on twitter. But I would love SuperAntispyware Pro.
    Having used the free version, I find it one of the best spyware removers on the market. So fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity to win this quality software.

  17. miguelgin says:


    its removes ALL potential harmful software, not only the easy ones. Saved my system from a serious problem.

    Count me in Thanks

  18. safeguy says:

    Thanks a lot for having this giveaway.

    I would like to have one free lifetime license of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Edition as I have used the free version before and I find it good at removing malware…it has removed a spyware on my PC before and it’s one of my favorite anti-malware programs apart from MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Since the free version works so well, I believe having the Pro Edition with real-time protection would be an added bonus. That way, I can use it along with Avira, my favorite antivirus.

    It would really nice to win this….and please include me although I don’t have a twitter account right now and hence I can’t retweet it:(

  19. Rainer says:

    count me in
    because SuperAntispyware is the best

  20. Grr says:

    I would like to have the PRO version as it provides Real time protection, along with Registry Protection, auto update and scheduling. It would be a great tool to keep away all unwanted crap away from my PC and keeping protected from potential threats.

    Thanks again.

  21. hyman says:

    i would love to win a copy as i have heard good things about this software. thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Karen says:

    SUPERAntiSpyware is a very good product. detects and removes many malware, spyware and adware threats & keep your pc safe. highly recommended!

  23. claude says:

    i would like too have a license cause its the best software for trojans and spyware compared too any other antispyware this is surely the reall deal here, this antispyware software has saved my pc from a complet wipe out from viruses ,superantispyware is the best

  24. Jay Popat says:

    Oh wow!!!

    This software SuperAntispyware is powerful. I used the free edition of it and it removed a bad malware called Vundo/Ms fakes and plus few others. If free edition can do so much ..I wonder what can a Pro version can do. It will be awesome to have it running on my laptop and protecting it.

    I follow your blog on google reader. I really appreciated your work.


  25. ibra says:


    but i prefer malwarebytes much better

  26. amit raina says:

    plz count me also
    frankly speaking i need this key bcoz i can’nt buy

  27. arnold says:

    would love to have this program one of the best you can get…

  28. aviator365 says:

    Done tweet
    Please consider me. Thanks for such a great giveaway.Would like to have another anti-spyware for my computer and this is good plus lifetimes licenses is great.

  29. rob says:

    i have been using the free version for a few years and I find that it does and excellent job of clearing out the malware.

  30. Des says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this highly rated software.
    I’ve been trying several different ones over the last year and reckon this is the best.It’d be great if I won a lifetime license.
    Sorry but I don’t tweet!

  31. Francis says:

    Here is the retweet link:

    SUPERAntiSpyware PRO is the best in giving spyware protection. To have a lifetime license of this software will definitely be helpful in giving me security in this information age for years to come.

    Good JOB Webtrickz!!

  32. Willy says:

    I am using the free version of SAS for a long time… & wish to get license to activate the realtime protection.
    Hopefully can get it then.


  33. chuck says:

    Simple-It’s a great program,and my one year subscription is about to expire-Thanks for the opportunity!!

  34. ck says:

    i try the free edition before.this is really good software protecting notebook.
    hope to win 1 license.
    thanx a lots..

  35. Tu says:

    I hate spyware, so i need SuperAntiSpyware!!!

  36. orang says:

    I’m not on Twitter but love the SUPERAntispyware free version which has saved me on several occassions. The Pro Edition would be totally invaluable with Real-Time Blocking.

  37. lilangel09 says:

    Hi, i’m a user of SAS free and i’ll be very happy to win a pro version because it’s a very good antispyware. Sorry i’m not on twitter. Best regards

  38. Bunaka Lal says:

    We all need an antyspyware tool these days and nothing better than try the Pro version of it forever.

    Happy New Year and goog luck for all the participants in the “randomizer “.

  39. springboy says:

    I have used SAS before, but it was free edition. I was surprised as it detected bad things which my avast (free edition) didn’t see.

    many friends tell me that it is the best anti-spyware in the market, and I entirely believe so.
    Please count me in for an chance of forever use of SAS pro

    Thank you
    Best regard

  40. timlou says:

    cool donner moi une clee j en ai besoin merci

  41. bdaniel says:

    Please put me in the drawing.
    I would like a SuperAntispyware license for the excellent realtime protection.
    Thank you

  42. jan says:

    I have been using the free version for a long time,and find it very good,i would love to win the pro version,thanks for the chance.

  43. Rio says:


    I hiope I can win this antivirus, based on your review this antivirus is very good , it has all the function that I needed to protect my laptop.

  44. nick says:

    i need it to clean my computer!

    retweeted at:

  45. luca says:

    currently, there aren’t any security software in my PC, and actually I am realy worry about that, so please count me in to win one

    Thank you

  46. Tylicia says:

    Well, I don’t tweet unfortunately but must try that soon. I’ve heard this is a good anti spyware excellent in detection & just have never had the opportunity to have it. It would be a nice gift if my name or email is drawn. What a nice promo offer and good luck to everyone!
    We obviously want to win please accept my congratulations before the time that happens.
    Thanks webtrickz. Its very appreciated. so please add me in for the chance for this. Hugs Tylicia

  47. David says:

    I’d like a license for the PRO version.


  48. A Guy says:

    I’ve been using SuperAntispyware since it 1st came out. When I’d recommend it to friends, they’d all say “what is that?” Now they all use it too, lol. A Guy

  49. tony says:

    I have used the free version of this program before and wood like to try the full version if im lucky enough to win many thanks for the chance to win.

  50. fabald says:

    I love SUPERAntiSpyware , i was using its free version for 2 years ago , and i will be very happy if I upgrade my free version to Pro with real time protection
    SUPERAntiSpyware is very light on system resource
    thank you very much

  51. louman578 says:

    I wanna win!

    SAS rulez!

  52. Angel says:

    Thanks for this giveaway ..
    I m using the free version .Its very effective and moreover it doesnt affect computers performance like others do .I m using Avira personal and I think SuperAntispyware Pro would be a great companion to it.
    So [lease include me in this giveaway ..

  53. John Mike says:

    thank you very much for your jenerous…!!!

    i hope i can enter this lottery… God Bless You..!

  54. Patrick says:

    hello mayur
    i´m not on twitter,sorry
    hopefully reading your blog,rss daily would be sufficient to enter this draw

    i´like sas & have tried their free version back´n forth,
    with the upcoming 64bit version this would be a pleasant alternative providing real time protection

    cheers & credits to sas providing the goodies…

  55. Kerry says:

    I have used the free version for about a year. I would like to upgrade to the Pro version to take advantage of the real-time protection it offers.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  56. Vignesh says:

    Please count me in for this giveaway as superantispyware pro is really awesome.Its light on resources and hard on viruses n spyware.
    Pros according to me-
    1-highly advanced Real-Time Protection
    2-First Chance Prevention and Registry Protection
    3-Scheduling, Automatic Updates and Daily Definition Updates
    Also here are the features that the commercial version of SUPERAntiSpyware offers and the free version does not:

    Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System!
    First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.
    Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software (spyware, adware, worms, dialers, hijackers, keyloggers) from installing or re-installing.
    Registry Protection against Browser Hi-Jackers and other threats.
    Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software.
    Auto-Scanning on application startup ensures a clean system daily.
    Automatic Updates check for program and definition updates every 8 hours.

  57. Taniach says:

    I want this because the SUPERAntiSpyware is a program easy to use because it has a friendly interface and options in the form of a button, making your menus lean and direct, leaving the program features and visual and easy to be found intuitively. It can be configured for use in various languages – including Portuguese (my language) – and it works without causing errors or conflicts.

    When using such a program, however good it is, it is always recommended to make backups of your computer and delete files in a cautious manner. The function of the tool is to detect and remove spyware, but if they’re related to some program, it can suffer serious damage or even be eliminated.

    The program fulfills its function and has the added advantage of being a free product and good quality.

  58. Frankie says:

    I am using the free version in Windows 7 now. The scan speed is much better compared to A-squared with more accurate result. I hope I can get the pro version to replace the resource hungry A-squared real time shield. Thanks.

  59. Saw90 says:

    One of the points where the quality of this type of program is it is virtually unanimous about the practicality of using them. In almost all situations, buttons are well organized by distributing the functions of applications without complicated for novice users.

    All equipped with a system update very practical, and the famous active protection, ideal to prevent spyware from installing on your machine. Many have the option to immunize the system against threats already known, and, of course, the thorough search for threats in the computer.

    With a few clicks you can identify and use all the programs have to offer. Now, on to the practical tests of efficiency in each of them with informational material for you to compare and choose the best.

    thanks and hope i win!

  60. Gils says:

    Give me one because:
    Some people always prefer the underdog to the too, too popular choice. That’s probably one reason SUPERAntiSpyware Professional has such a vociferous cheering squad. Another may be that it installs quickly and doesn’t hog system resources. But I won’t join the cheering until it starts to do its job a bit better. On the plus side, the product gets program updates quite frequently, so perhaps I won’t have to wait too long.
    SAS installs quickly and doesn’t require a reboot. That’s quite a relief for someone who, like me, has to install it nine or ten times in a row for testing purposes. It automatically grabs the latest definitions on installation and offers to protect your home page against hijacking. You can configure a daily or weekly scan, optionally setting it to fix problems without bothering you. Or you can choose to launch a scan at Microsoft Windows start-up. The product’s real-time protection runs in the background and checks applications before they launch, blocking those it considers harmful. And by default a special “first chance” scan runs at start-up and shutdown to catch rootkits and other malware before they can sink their hooks into the system.

    Although the home page is the only URL specifically protected against hijacking, SAS can repair 20-odd settings that malware applications change to reduce your security. These include fixing the security settings for the Internet Zone, restoring the normal Windows Shell, and restoring access to Task Manager, among many others. That’s a nice bonus. SAS also offers a link to the company’s File Research Center ( This site offers a free scan to identify programs running on your computer; you can also look up specific processes or programs by name

  61. Djaks says:

    SUPERAntiSpyware is a powerful, highly effective spyware remover introducing advanced parasite detection and removal features along with reliable real-time protection. The program is not very popular, but our tests show that SUPERAntiSpyware is definitely one of the best products available today.

    During our tests, SUPERAntiSpyware managed to correctly identify and eliminate all the parasites that we installed on our test systems. The spyware remover found all the files, processes and registry keys of different threats including not just well-known spyware and adware risks, but also widely spread pests and new, emerging parasites.

    The application thoroughly checks the Windows registry, running processes, web browser cookies and the entire file system. It can also scan removable media, System Restore folder and essential system components. The program uses extensive spyware definitions database updated on a regular basis.

    SUPERAntiSpyware offers three scan modes: Quick Scan, Complete Scan and Custom Scan. The first one is the fastest, but yet highly effective. It enables the program to search for known malware and scan the most common places for parasites to be installed. Although this mode is called “quick”, it still requires a lot of time to complete – on our test machines Quick Scan takes up to 15-18 minutes. Complete Scan requires a little bit more time (usually, up to 20 minutes). However, it allows the program to scan every file in the file system, not only known parasite objects and their common locations. Custom Scan allows the user to manually select which system components to check. The user can choose separate folders, disable scans of memory, registry or startup locations. Custom Scan is the most flexible, but still very effective. SUPERAntiSpyware is able to scan removable drives.

    Scan reports are informative. The user is presented with parasite name, type, exact location of its objects and its short description (online).

    The program implements reliable real-time protection, which terminates running malicious processes and stops different kinds of parasites from being installed. SUPERAntiSpyware also provides hijack protection, which protects essential web browser settings and prevents malware from hijacking the web browser.

    The application comes with useful additional utilities called System and Browser Repairs. These tiny tools allow to repair specific system and web browser components or functions that have been disabled by parasites. For instance, the user can enable the Task Manager, repair broken network connection, reset desktop wallpaper, restore hijacked home page and other browser settings, etc.

    The program’s interface is modular and user-friendly enough. However, it is not convenient or very easy to use. The vendor should redesign the look of the program in order to make it more attractive and intuitive.

    SUPERAntiSpyware offers better scanning and detection techniques. SUPERAntiSpyware is compatible with the most majority of competitive security tools.

    THANK YOU and Count me IN!!!

  62. hurt says:

    Ease of Setup and Use
    SUPERAntiSpyware was a breeze to setup, and it’s designed well, making it easy to use. The setup screens guide you through the various options with straightforward descriptions and explanations, which takes a lot of the headache out of the whole process.

    Detection Effectiveness
    SUPERAntiSpyware excels at detecting spyware and its ilk.

    Removal Effectiveness
    a better job at removing spyware and malware.

    System Performance
    SUPERAntiSpyware does a great job with its small footprint. We found SUPERAntiSpyware takes it easy on system resources. After install, i noticed zero system slowdowns.

    Scan Performance
    very fast in all segments.

    Ps, i hope win a key of this software!

  63. AaBeCeDe says:

    i would like win this because is a better antispyware along with the MBAM

  64. Al Otojunk says:

    Tweeted: Win SuperAntiSpyWare — [ by Alotojunk]

    I need a lot of help with my security. SuperAntiSpyWare would be a god-send for me. Thanks! — Al

  65. Number99 says:

    I have a license for the Pro version already and I just love it! But I’d like to give a license to my girlfriend as well, so that she’ll be better protected. 🙂

  66. Billy says:

    I use the freeware version of SUPERAntiSpyware and it has performed superbly on my pc. How thrilling it would be to enhance my computer’s protection even further by acquiring SUPERAntiSpyware Professional. I’ve read many great things about the Professional edition and consider it an ideal solution for my computer’s security problems.

  67. Mesmerize says:

    wow, sounds interesting … because its a better antispyware!

  68. Spasity says:

    I would like a SuperAntispyware license for the excellent realtime protection and better detections of malwares!

  69. hocks says:

    This software SuperAntispyware is powerful. I used the free edition because i can’t buy the pro version.

    thanks for the offer and i hope win!

  70. poohkt says:

    According to reviews, SuperAntiSpyware is an anti-spyware program that often finds malware that other programs, even the big names ones, fail to find. While the free version of SuperAntiSpyware is already effective, upgrading to SuperAntiSpyware Pro has major advantages, including real time scanning and automatic updates.
    Sorry, I’m not on Twitter nor Facebook. Please count me in for this great software. Thanks.

  71. NAVEEN says:

    I hope to win this free give away, i can protect my system from onine viruses, trojans, harmful spy activities with the help of SUPERAntiSpyware.

  72. Ranjan says:

    I’ve been using it for years and i admit that its really a nice tool for fighting malwares including spywares..
    I hope i can win one as i want to have real-time protection..

  73. Apurv says:

    My pc is slowing down a lot….hope to win this to get it faster!

  74. Ranjan says:

    Great giveaway..
    I hope i can win one as i want to have real-time protection..

  75. Ranjan says:

    I just see it and i don’t know how my posts get posted triple times..
    For the first two attempts, i got error something like duplicate post so i edited my comment and then no error was shown but it now have become a total of three posts..
    I’m posting this just to inform you about that.. So Pls don’t exclude me if you feel that multiple posts as flooding.. I really didn’t know about that..
    So Pls keep me in for this giveaway. I really like it…

  76. paulcrousel says:

    Superantispyware pro helps to protect pc aganst new malwares and also via its repair option thus one can broken IE conestion, task manager…helpful it is

  77. warlocklw says:

    I have many confidential data stored in my lappy, and I just use ESET antivirus and free version of superantispware.The real-time protection and scheduled scanning is important for me to keep my data in maximum security. I’ll be very grateful if I get one. Thanks.

  78. Thanh Hai says:

    i hope i’m lucky

  79. Hans says:

    I am using SAS free edition and satisfied with its performance.
    Sure the pro version is a high quality security software needed by every one who access the internet, since it has a strong-realtime protection.
    I need one license, please count me in. Thanks Mayur.

  80. Nguyen Hoang says:

    Please put me in drawing
    I trusted in SUPERAntiSpyware!

    Thank You!

  81. Tommy Lee says:

    Here is my twitte”

    I am crazy if I would win this contest. Thanks in advance.

  82. Warren says:

    I need a good antispyware, because right now I have none,was using spybot and had all kinds of problems, so until I win this I will try using the free edition

  83. azziz says:

    Great contest and hope i will be luck this time, i had bad lucks from previous contests. Superantispyare pro with realtime guard works with mosts available security tools and do not slow the pc and browsing, thus providing a better security stroghold to the pc.

  84. Schlange says:

    So far tried only the SAS free version.
    SAS use only very limited resources when compared with SD,Spysweeper,StopZilla and powerful in eliminating malcicious /Spywares….so anxious to try & wishing me be one of the SAS winner.


  85. Ahmed says:

    Thank you for this giveaway.Count me this contest.

  86. Rahul says:

    I want the antivirus for my desktop !!! thanks !

  87. snehal maisuria says:

    Thank you for contest, please include me for contest as I antimalware product is very much needed now days. I tweet for it at

  88. Sophie S says:

    Wow! what a great prize, I would be deeply grateful if I am lucky enough to win one of the SuperAntispyware licenses. Such a great program, top of its class.


  89. Mitschl says:

    This is a nice one, thx for this giveaway!

    I think SuperAntiSpyware is one of the best antimalware programs so I’d love to win one!

    Here is my Twitter status link:

    Best wishes

  90. Hell Noire says:

    I need something to protect my Windows 7 box, and SUPERAntispyware is one of the best ways to protect myself from spyware and adware. Thanks for the consider.

  91. Max says:

    I have need of SUPERAntiSpyware PRO because I have no real-time protection solution.

    One of the best products in the sector of anti-malwares.

  92. TJ says:

    I would like to try this new SuperAnitSpyware I heard a lot of good thing about it I hope to win!

  93. olympus says:

    Being a careless internet surfer i seem to always have problems with different kinds of nasties. I think the license for Super AntiSpyware PRO is gonna be a panacea for my poor PC.

  94. lonewolf says:

    I am not on Tweet, However I would like to join the contest because Super antispyware pro is the best, I could assure that its performance can be incredible.

    I used spyware terminator but my computer is unstable since installing day

    I would like to win for my PC
    Include me, please

  95. NAVEEN says:

    great giveaway, i can protect my system from online viruses…, i want to win this free giveaway…

  96. Jinsu Jais says:

    I too need it…

    Best wishes to all….

  97. frid says:

    thank you for the giveaway ,SUPERAntiSpyware Professional is one of the best software i have ever used . i have used the free edition ,but would like to use the pro because of its realtime protection,please consider me in the contest

  98. frid says:

    thank you for the giveaway, SUPERAntiSpyware Professional is a very good spyware/malware removal utility ,have used the free version always and would like to use the pro due to its realtime protection, so kindly consider me in the contest

  99. whiteshadow says:

    I have used the free version but will like to use the pro so consider me in the contest SUPERAntispyware is very light on resource,atleast for me,thank you

  100. Gunadev bag says:

    my compute is infected. so i need it urgently

  101. seneca ripple says:

    i need real time anti-spyware as my webroot spy sweeper is expiring next week. i do have this freebie that i run daily and have this on all of my computers (4).
    so, i would like to have the pro edition for real time protection.

  102. john matt says:

    Count me in also…


  103. naveenpsd says:

    Its usefull for computer protection. Thank u Mayur..

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