Guide to Manually Install Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA Update on AT&T LG G2 (D800)

A few days back, AT&T started the rollout of much awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop software update for LG G2 (D800). The update is available to download via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) and requires Wi-Fi to update. The update installs v5.0.2 of Lollipop and updates LG G2 from software version D80020y to D80030f.

Luckily, it removes some of the bloatware which includes: Browser Bar, Famigo, AT&T Code Scanner and Beats Music. There are still a lot of pre-installed apps that you can choose to disable. What’s great is that this major update doesn’t impact your phone settings or data but AT&T recommends users to backup their contacts and files.


Users on AT&T network can simply check for the update from: All Settings > General > About phone > Software update > Update Now. But as the updates are pushed in batches, it may take some time to appear on your device. In case you’ve purchased a factory unlocked AT&T LG G2 (like me in India), then you won’t get the Lollipop OTA update on your G2 unless you’re using an AT&T SIM card on your phone. That’s really disappointing but don’t worry, we’ve you covered!

Follow the below stated step-by-step procedure to install the official Lollipop OTA update on your LG G2 (D800) from AT&T without the need to wait for FOTA update or their SIM card. I’ve tried it on my AT&T G2 in India and it worked like a charm. The guide may look uneasy but once you follow all steps carefully, you can easily update your phone without any issues. All the apps and data remain intact.

Disclaimer: Try this guide at your own risk! We won’t be responsible if you break it.

NOTE: This guide is meant ONLY for the AT&T version of LG G2 with model no. D800. DO NOT try it on any other variant of LG G2 as that may brick your device.

  • Make sure your phone is charged
  • Proceed with extreme caution and follow each step correctly
  • Back up all of your data (just in case, always safe to be cautious than sorry!)

Requirements: LG G2-D800 running Stock recovery and Android 4.4.2 (D80020y) Stock ROM

Guide to Update LG G2 (D800) to Official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS using Windows –

Step 1 – Make sure your device is rooted.

To Root D800 running Android 4.4.2 (20y), download Stump Root v1.2.0 and install via APK. Run Stump root and tap on Grind. If it says device not supported then select the bruteforce option and wait for the message saying ‘Please reboot to root’. When you see reboot message, restart your phone.

Screenshot_2015-04-17-17-27-46  Screenshot_2015-04-17-17-29-23

Then install ‘SuperSU‘ app from Google Play and update the app via Normal option. Reboot when asked. You can verify root by installing the ‘Root Checker’ app. Then Uninstall StumpRoot.

Step 2Download and install ‘LG United Mobile Drivers’ on your Windows system.

Step 3Download the official LG G2 D800 AT&T Lollipop update file (Size: 695 MB). Extract the zip file to a folder on your computer. The fota folder should have a dlpkgfile file sized 726MB.


Step 4 – Install ES File Explorer app on your phone.

  • Open the app, tap hamburger icon > go to Tools and enable “Root Explorer” option. Grant it root permission when asked.
  • From menu, go to Local > Device /cache/ directory.


  • Copy the dlpkgfile file from your computer into the /fota folder on phone.


  • Open the properties of dlpkgfile and change its permissions to 666 as shown.  (This file gets deleted after the update.)


  • Go to /cache/recovery and change the permissions of Recovery folder to 777 as shown. (If /cache/recovery folder does not exist, create it. This folder is automatically removed after the update.)


Step 5 – “Enable USB Debugging” from Developer options.

  • Then connect the phone to computer via USB cable. (Select USB mode as MTP)
  • You’ll see the Allow USB debugging? prompt on your device as shown. Select OK to accept.


Step 6Proceed with Flashing Lollipop OTA 

  • Download ADB package and extract it to ‘adb_fastboot’ folder on the desktop.
  • Right-click ‘adb_fastboot’ folder while holding down the Shift key. Then select ‘Open command window here’.

18-04-2015 14-29-13

  • In CMD, type adb devices to make sure your device is connected over ADB.
  • Then enter adb shell and hit enter.

17-04-2015 18-46-27

  • Enter the below command: (Tip: Copy and paste the command in CMD by right-clicking)

echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command

Important: After giving this command, you’ll see a pop-up on phone, ADB shell asking for root access. Grant it SU permission.


  • Then run the below command and hit enter. Wait for a while and the phone should reboot and start updating. (Note: If nothing happens on phone, re-enter the command and it should work.)

am start -n com.lge.lgfota.permission/com.



Wait patiently while the phone updates to Lollipop and optimizes the apps. You can verify the update installation by going to About phone > Software info. Enjoy Lollipop on your G2. 🙂

Here are a few screenshots:

Screenshot_2015-04-17-19-08-01  Screenshot_2015-04-17-19-19-51

Note: After updating, if your photos don’t show up in the gallery then just take a photo and the media should appear normally like before. You will lose root after updating.

Do let us know if you’ve any questions. 🙂

Credits: XDA

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Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

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  1. EvilJiglypuff says:

    Hi, the battery life is better or worst? Any bug in this rom? Thanks!

  2. Jack says:

    on step 3, I tried to download file , it said you have found a page that doesn\’t exist. Can you fix that? Thank you.

  3. john says:

    Pls can this process be done from d80010d(4.2) or must i have to be on d80020y(4.4) for it to work?

    • Mayur says:

      No, you must have to be on 20y for this. You can first install the 20y OTA using same method and then proceed.

      • TEVIN J says:

        When you did the fota did you have xposed framework install? Trying to figure out if that may be cause of error

    • Will says:

      There are TOT files that you can flash without the dlpkgfile method, using LGFlashTool and the proper dll for you device will be much easier for bringing your device to 20y from 20d.

  4. Juan Fernandez says:

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  10. Albert says:

    I keep getting \”Unfortunately com.lge.permission has stopped.\” after I enter the last command. Help please!

    • Mayur says:

      Make sure you changed permissions for the said files in ES File Explorer and grant root access after giving the first command (refer the screenshots).

    • Tayyab says:

      Remove \”su\” from this command \”su
      echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command\”

  11. shahzeb says:

    fota download link not working… please fix .. thank you

  12. Andrew says:

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  20. ghazi says:

    Yes guys this works if you follow all the steps!
    Also i only checked on my Lg g2 D800 which is At&t unlocked.

  21. Talha says:

    Thank you so much. This worked like a charm. Amazing tutorial. I was unable to get the update since I\’m using a different SIM and every time I checked for update it showed \”sim not registered\”. Thanks again. Keep up the great work 🙂

  22. pR says:

    I have tried everything, I get to the point where the install on the phone starts, then I get the Error :0x1117008. Followed instructions to the T. Phone is unlocked and rooted (not using stump root).

  23. Efe says:

    Hi. I tried the update my LG D800 with the methods above. It worked and got to 100% on the 2/2 update and it has been stuck there ever since. Turning off the phone and turning it on returns the phone to the same 100% screen. I tried hard reset but it is still the same. Please help, I\’m freaking out

    • Mayur says:

      That’s strange. I’ve to look into that.

      • Efe says:

        After a long period being stuck on 100%, I tried to reboot myself but it still did not work. I tried hard reset but it did not work. Then a friend told me his LG G3 lollipop update was also stuck at 100% for a long time and it later rebooted and updated. So I turned on my G2 and let it be. It stayed stuck for quite and while and then it rebooted on its own. And right now I have 5.0.2 working! Others should note that if the update seems stuck at 100%, allow it for a while, it will eventually work.

        Performance is very good but charging is terribly slow!!! So slow that sometimes when the phone is under heavy use, the battery actually drains even when plugged in. That is the only issue I have noticed for now. Thanks

        • Mayur says:

          That’s why I said be patient as sometimes it takes more time than expected and one feels like it got stuck. Anyways, enjoy Lollipop now! 🙂

  24. Renauldo says:

    Hi, i\’m on the D80020c version can you help my to get to D80020y…thanks.

  25. Zeeshan Iqbal says:

    OK I successfully updated the lollipop, but unfortunately my phone was rooted through iroot, now I am facing su-binary not installed error on supersu secondly i am unable to use any application which executes with the permission of supersu and i also unable to connect phone through adb as the device not shown in the adb, i tried to install lg root script but my phone is not communicating with pc in adb mode… please suggest

    • Mayur says:

      I guess root is lost that’s why those error. Make sure USB debugging is enabled and drivers are installed for ADB connection to work.

      • Zeeshan Iqbal says:

        usb debugging is enabled and divers also installed but it causing to improper root, as i am unable to go on 20c with tot method… 🙁

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    Do you have a similar guide for Lg G PRO2(D838)? I guess all the above steps remain the same except for the ROM.

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  31. Shinu S says:

    Excellent Article! Works effortlessly. No hiccup during update process. Followed the steps as it is. Highly recommended. Actually I was looking for something like this ever since AT&T started rolling out FOTA.
    Thanks a lot man. You saved my time a lot!!

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    Mine is D80020k can you share me the link to download 20y?

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    I\’m going to try this but I have only 1 Q. Is the official stock Rom..

    I have a at&t SIM card but it\’s deactivate I think. it\’s giving me error \’ SIM not provisioned mm2\’ and also not giving me official update. I\’m from Karachi. ..

  35. dj says:

    What about at&t sim card that I have.
    can this sim get me (FOTA) ?

  36. Berzerk0 says:

    I followed the steps and this worked perfectly.

    I\’m also running an unlocked AT&T LG G2 (D800).

    The only extra thing I needed to do, which isn\’t fully explained here, was turn on developer settings in \’About phone\’ by tapping the Build Number 7 times and then enable debugging (the Developer options menu, check ‘USB debugging’ and click OK on the prompt).

  37. Tushar Kumar says:

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    I have an unlocked AT&T D80020Y
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  44. hamza says:

    after typing first command that starts with \”SU\” the cell phone restarts and then stucks forever into the recovery mode. No matter what it stays at the recovery even if I restore it. Although I found out a way to get back into OS by using some terminal commands but I cannot update by this method.

    I have tried three times and every time I go back to the recovery loop.

    Any ideas???

    • Mayur says:

      You need to copy paste that entire cmd not just ‘su’ first.

      • hamza says:

        I did copy paste the whole command man. I was just refering to the command by SU. well the cell phone does restart but it is always lost in recovery loop. The update screen does not show up.

        When I get back to system I get an error of update failure.

    • brandon says:

      can you please tell me how you got out of recovery? i use my phone all the time and this would be a huge help!
      model: at&t d800 (i use a custom recovery called twrp)

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    And last question is what if i factory reset my fone now ? Will it brick my phone or what would it do ?

    • Mayur says:

      Update Google Play services thru Play Store. Or do a factory reset (will wipe entire device data) and believe me it’s the best thing to do after a major update. After reset my phone has turned butter smooth. 🙂

  47. jgc says:

    Can you get root back using this lg stump after updating? How is the battery life on lollipop?

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    im a native spanish speaker and i dont understand very much english so it worked 100% but all the times that i factory reset the phone a app optimizer box appears after LG logo and take very much time,its normal or any solution? again thanks now i have lollipop 🙂

    • Mayur says:

      Glad to hear that. Yeah, that’s normal as Android optimizes apps after a reset or OTA installation.

      • trendoz says:

        You might want to add for the benefit of those who are getting permission denied in adb, they should download and turn on abdb insecure by chainfire. It clears the permission problem. As for those getting errors, make sure you have no custom ROM or recovery. Also make sure only the update file is copied to the fota folder. If all these fail, flash software version d80020c. It removes all traces of modifications. Follow the above instructions to get from d80020c to d80020y and then lollipop. Thanks to Mayur for the clearest instructions on this.

  53. SHAH says:

    Mayur, I need some help. I got one Unlocked LG G2 ATT from ebay India. It is running on Jellybean 4.2.2 (D80010q). How I can update to lollipop and root my device. Any good stock based custom rom through which I can get rid of this ATT bloatware.?

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    • trendoz says:

      Had the same issue. It worked after a long long while. So let it be. If possible, plug it in to stop the battery from dying. It is going to work, just wait a bit

  59. Raquel says:

    I succesfully update. But I have some questions

    The app cam is the same?
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    Mi actualy info its
    Android Version 4.4.2
    Kernel Version
    Software version

    Im use this programs

    ES File Explorer
    Super SU
    ABD Shell 2000 help me please if its posible contactme on whatsapp +593996641176

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    yeah i got through after a couple of tries worked like a charm had to read the comments before i realised my d800 was on 20u after installing 20y went through with out a hick. got one problem though don\’t know if its a problem with the upgrade or if at&t changed it up or what but i\’m not getting my slide aside feature any advice.

  63. Prince says:

    o and btw i did the upgrade since last friday and loving it so far especially the new camera features

  64. CAMILO GUERTAS says:

    for upgrades to 20y before installing lollipop to overcome the error: 0x1111004, this link actualziar are the files for 20k, 20u and 20y:

    I worked me and my lg D800 runs perfect.

  65. Younes says:

    Hey, I followed the steps and it doesn\’t work for me… The upgrade page shows but I get an error, and before the error on the comand pannel it says : \” WARNING: linker: app_process has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk.\” Can you please help me?

  66. Vinayak says:

    Hi Mayur. This guide is very detailed and I am now on Lollipop. Thank you.

    Since you use the D800, you must have noticed that there is no option to choose 2g, 3g or 4g. I am based in Bangalore and use Vodafone; who are tied up with Airtel for 3g and 4g. Irrespective of whether I am subscribed to a data pack or have data turned on, my phone is always connected to a 3g or 4g network resulting in poor signal, call drops and high battery consumption. I prefer to be connected to 2g. Do you know how to fix this ? Thank you in advance.

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    I like to know about the performance side of D80030F with Regards to Battery Life. any user Feedback , Plz ? it would help me to make decision on whether to stay in Kitkat or move over to Lollipop.

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  87. It worked flawlessly.

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  89. tushar says:


  90. Sangeeth says:

    Followed the instructions as is.. Worked like a champ! But i had no idea how to \”copy the dlpkgfile file from your computer into the /fota folder on phone\”. I copied the file from PC to Downloads folder in phone. Then copied from downloads folder to fota folder thru ES Explorer

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    Hi Mayur,
    Thanks for the wonderful article, Done Successfully.
    now i facing the issue for ENABLE the 3G OR 4G on my network.

    you now Network Mode option is not available…
    also i tried with *#*#4636#*#* for PHONE info….
    and in Hiden Menu 3845#*855#.

    but its not available NETwork Mode Selection… 🙁

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  105. kuldeep says:

    hi Mayur,
    thanks for the tutorial and i ve updated.but my battery drain is horrible.
    i have checked the root also it says that your device is not properly rooted after the update.
    what should i do???

  106. Vishnu says:

    Hello Mayur,

    Kindly Clarify on the below Points. I also bought the lg g2 D800 At&t from ebay
    1. How is the battery life after updating to lollipop
    2. some users have complained tht they are not able to change the network mode. cant we change it?
    Kindly explain

  107. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Mayur,

    Are u getting 3G in LG D800. I m only getting Edge. I am using Airtel. Is there any APN settings for Airtel makes it work receiving 3G?

  108. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Mayur,

    Can you share Airtel APN settings you are using?

  109. abhishek says:

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  110. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Mayur,

    My mnc# for Delhi is 10. But I had to enable VOLte by feeding the code 3845#*800# in the dial app and then choose LTE only|| modem settings VoLTE radio nv ON. Phone restarts automatically.
    After this I can see 4G symbol and surprisingly got 6.5 Mbps download speed.

    Do you also see 4G symbol for 3G? As far as I know Delhi NCR don’t have 4G on Airtel till now.

    • Mayur says:

      Glad that you got it working finally. Yeah, it shows 4G every time for 3G network. 🙂

    • libabidibale says:

      Hi. I am facing somme problème with My d800 . i tried to enable tehering by modifiying setting.db , it works like a charme but i l\’ost My LTE 🙁 i need a copy of ur setting.db file . can you provider it to me for comparaison plz ?

  111. Sangeeth says:

    Does Wifi Hotspot work for you ? Is there anything we should do make it work?

  112. Edward says:

    I recently updated following this guide. I kept getting the error, so I when over to XDA to figure out how to go back to 20c. I rooted 20c with stumproot, I did fota to 20y (i had to go look for the 20y fota dlpkgfile myself ) then finally fota to lollipop folloowing these instructions.

    Everything seems perfect, smooth no lag and battery life is good. At first charging was slow but it improved after some days. It\’s good to factory reset a couple times after updating to lollipop, also bring down the animations down to .05x or zero if you like, it makes the UI feel faster.

    The only weird thing is that the supersu and ES file explorer app appear on my device even after doing the factory reset, and I no longer have root.

  113. Ray says:

    Hi, I have 20c and i am following your guide to update to 20y first from 20c. I placed the 20y file in fota folder and followed all other steps that you posted but I am getting software update failed error. Can you help me. I am kind of a n00b. Also, i dont have java developer kit installed since you didn\’t indicate that on your tutorial.

    Thanks in advance

  114. Anupam says:

    Dear sir
    by mistake i have deleted packageinstaller.apk file from system/app directory from my lg g2 D80020y rooted device now i am unable to install and uninstall apps from my device can you help me
    please upload packageinstaller.apk of this device

    huge thanks in advance

  115. Anupam says:

    I Have packageinstaller.odex alredy of this device i only needs packageinstaller,.apk

  116. Surya says:

    Hi Mayur,

    I also bought the same mobile from and using with airtel sim in India.
    Is it possible to update using an AT&T sim with international roaming from India?

    With regards

  117. dinesh says:

    hi i updated lolipop every thing is fine but only one wifi hotspot and usb tethering is not wrking

  118. Anupam says:

    Can you please sent me packageinstaller.apk of lg g2 D80020y by mistake i have uninstalled it and now i am unable to install apps plz help me
    Mu device is lg g2 D80020y at&t unlocked running on 4.4.2 Build Number. KOT49I.D80020Y

    huge thanks in advance

  119. Anupam says:

    If possible please upload a link to download file

    Thanks in advance

  120. Anupam says:

    Dinesh its for you
    Firstly root your device
    Then download root explorer pro
    In this directory you will find a file named setting.db
    Open setting.db by single tap
    Inside this file you will find a file named system
    Open system file and find tether_entitlement_check_states
    And change its value from s to 0 and save it restart your device hope you will enjoy tethering

  121. owais says:

    please help me when i type adb shell and he say device not found

  122. owais says:

    what i dO after update my cellphOne is still hang lg logo ???

  123. Anupam says:

    Make sure that your phone is rooted and you have usb driver for that phone installed

  124. Nanda says:

    Thank you Mayur. It worked like a charm. I do not have root access now. However, I did LG RCT from hidden menu, it says the device was rooted. I want this to be look entirely unrooted with no trace of rooting. Any idea how to do that? Will a factory reset help?

  125. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Anupam,

    I tried your method, but when I try to open settings.db i m getting this message ” This Database is locked by another process. Try in a minute or two”. Can you help me on this

  126. Anupam says:

    Hi sangeeth
    Are you on lollipop or kitkat which version you are using
    If you are on kitkat 4.4.2 D800 then it will work definitely
    Try this method again after restarting your device
    I am sure i will work
    If any problem occurs contact me on
    Whatsapp. 9919518860

  127. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Aunpam,
    I copied the settings.db file to desktop and modified the value to “0” for the field “tether_entitlement_check_state”, and copied back the file to the same location. I used It worked perfect. I have restart the phone and check for the same, the value did not re-set to “5”. It works all perfet. So Hotsopt work now …!

    I used tool to edit settings.db

  128. Imran says:

    Will it work with LG G2 D800 runing on 4.2.2?

  129. Sangeeth says:

    Hi Anupam,

    I am on Lollipop. It worked for me in the method as described above for me

  130. siddharth says:

    i cant find the /cache /fota/ folder

  131. siddharth says:

    it really works guys .I got a new g2 today and getting lollipop is the first thing i did.No problem with battery life as far as i can see .I did a factory data reset after the update maybe that helped

  132. Vishal says:

    Dear mayur i want to update my LG G2 D 800 unlock i am useing this device in india want to update lillipop software

  133. Anupam says:

    Hi sangeeth

    May you please help me i urgently need your help
    If your device is D80020y then plz help me
    I need packageinstaller.apk of this device By mistake i have uninstalled it now i am unable to intall apps it says no app can perform this action plz help me
    Find this file in system/app directory of your phone

    If possible please sent it to my email


    Or upload a link to download

    Huge thanks in advance

  134. Parveen Ballyan says:

    For those who are rooted while on the 20c AT&T KitKat update and are missing the ability to tether, this is for you!

    Using the app SQLite Editor by Speed Software you can use these quick steps to enable tethering.

    1) Under SQLite Editor find the app \”Settings Storage (\”
    2) Hit \”settings.db\”
    3) Hit \”system\”
    4) Search for the term \”tether\” in all fields
    5) Set the vale of \”tether_entitlement_check_state\” to 0
    6) Enjoy your ability to set up a mobile hotspot!

  135. Peter says:

    Great guide, very straight forward and well explained! I have upgraded to lollipop without a single issue 🙂
    One problem I have is that my banking apps think that the phone is rooted, while it obviously is not. Any idea how to get around this? Probably some files left from the rooting process before upgrade…

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated

  136. Grayson says:

    Everything was working until when the device rebooted, it went into TWRP just like everytime. Is there any way I can bypass TWRP without uninstalling it?

  137. Chad says:

    Great instructions but your links do not work. Well, it works but the captcha won\’t load to perform the download

  138. Steven says:

    It didn\’t update. Also, when i try to boot up is says boot verification error booting in secure mode

  139. Aidan says:

    Worked great, very simple. Thanks (=

  140. Jeff says:

    I follow all the instructions here and all i have is failed update message… what i can do. Thanks
    D800 20y

  141. KK says:


    Thanks for the detailed step wise instructions, I have updated to lollilop without any issues.

    I am interested in using stock android lollipop on my phone. Is it possible? let me know someone has already documented the steps.

  142. cristi says:

    yes…..this the best site HOW TO DO…… but you forgot to mention that before those above you have to do the update from 20c fota to 20y, then do the lollipop update……anyway in conclusion IT WORKS!!!!thanks a lot!!!!

  143. Saul says:

    Muchísimas gracias por tu tutorial, de verdad me fue de mucha ayuda. Sin el no hubiese logrado actualizar a Lollipop.

  144. CrzDeux says:

    Need Some Help !!!
    I use this method and works great for a few hours, now i can´t download any app from Google Play, i can´t update my previous apps, even i´m having some troubles with the chrome downloads.
    I already make a factory reset .. twice.
    any suggest to resolve my problem ?

  145. devmith says:

    nice tutorial..
    it was first time i did something like this and it worked great..
    thanks 🙂

  146. Wylde says:

    It works perfectly.

  147. Safi says:

    Any reviews regarding battery life?

  148. Federico says:

    Thanks worked like a charm!

  149. Zubi says:

    The update worked but the only problem is that my notification LEDs don\’t work as they used to with KitKat. For example with kik and snapchat, they used to light up yellow or blue. Right now the only time the LED flashes is when I have a new message but not for any other apps.

  150. J says:

    This may sound really stupid but how do you copy the dlpkgfile file from the computer into the /fota folder on my phone in step 4?

  151. Madhusudan says:

    Thanks mayur excellent article, I updated lollipop on my LG G2 D800 without any issues, works very well but main problem is Battery drain with Wi-Fi or using Data connection. Is it bug? Or my device problem, And I need how to downgrade LG G2 D800 AT&T Custom firmware. Before lollipop update I was rooted my device is it will get Security issues? Please share without rooting possible to update lollipop? Thanks

  152. luigi longo says:

    Best regards, I have unlocked ATT LG G2 in versión D80020y, I run all the steps correctly, but in the moment the upgrade I get the famous error: 0x1117008 , if I could help me solvent this error, scuse me for my bad English, very thanks

  153. luigi longo says:

    scuse me , rectify the error the above-mentioned message is 0X1111004

  154. rajeev says:

    Thanks a lot. Very well written.

  155. Steven says:

    Works like a charm, thanks Mayur!!!

  156. HOVa says:

    I downloaded stumproot, installed and couldn\’t press \”grind\” says \”device unsupported\”


  157. Adil says:

    hi my lg g2 d800 is running on Android version 4.4.2 and the software version D80020c can i update my phone to lollipop using this method plz reply fast if it can work i cant wait to get this update on my phone and also my phone is rooted already i used towl root apk app to root my phone and super user is installed already on my phone

  158. Adil says:

    the link to download the official LG G2 D800 AT&T Lollipop update file (Size: 695 MB) isnt working plz fix it

  159. Ryan Hull says:

    hey i am having some problems. i am stuck with my phone screen saying \” Fastboot mode started\” i have tried to restart it but it still goes back to saying this as soon as it turns on. I did not know until already starting the update on my device that you needed stock recovery so i unplugged my device and tried to restart so i could flash the stock recovery. All it says now is
    Fast boot started
    fastboot: processing commands

    Please help.

  160. Hello Sir!!!
    I have lg g2 d800 and android version is 4.2.2
    can i update to official lollipop with this method??
    (running Stock recovery and Android 4.4.2 (D80020y) Stock ROM) but my lg g2 version is 4.2.2 .
    Can i??

  161. Alf29 says:

    I did it and it does not work in my LG G2 D800 AT&T
    now have my phone in TWRP mode is BRICKED
    I installed drivers and connected to pc and it does not work
    does not work in download mode

    HOW do I do for going out …?
    is Bricked in TWRP MODE

  162. Arif says:

    on the abd fastboot there no option of open command here option on right click plz help

    • Arif says:

      now i have open the abd fastboot but when i type abd device , abd is not recognize an eternal and external command plz help

  163. hamza says:

    i have 20c can i update from 20c using above method..or it will brick my fone…

  164. massi says:

    it work for 20k !!!!

  165. Amit says:

    I have downloaded , but i am unable to extract it , its saying unable to extract 1 error , i have tried 3 times ?

  166. Haseeb says:

    awesome tutorial
    its wok

  167. IJAZ IQBAL says:

    Thanx dear, i have done it, 1st i download D80010d ~D80020c and install it via LG Flash Tool then i again install D80020y via same method. AND wow, now i have upgraded my LG G2 D800 AT &T via Given above Method ….once again Thanx and keep upgrading us ….

  168. Amit says:

    Thanks followed every step worked like charm

  169. Jose says:

    It keeps on saying that it has app relocation\’s and its a security risk so i need to fix it. How do i fix it?

  170. Christian Ohlweiler says:

    Hi. I have the D800 on 20y firmware. I followed step by step this guide, and when the phone gets to update, right after goes to 1% this error:0x1111002 appears. Anyone can help me?

  171. basheersyr says:

    its work perfectly thanks man love you

  172. Ovaclock says:

    Question before i try. I have the d80020y firmware. It also came with an AT&T chip and i had to unlock it. I l\’m out of the USA now and checked for the update over wifi with the at&t sim in the phone. And using unblockus to give me a US ip address. But no update.

    Is it possible no update has been pushed to my phone? Or it just wont work outside the USA even with a sim and an ip mask?

  173. Awab says:

    I have android 4.4.2 but idon\’t know what is 20y or rom or recovery

  174. Taraselo says:

    Great work, tnx. and google help me when i dont see the \”Allow USB debugging\”)

  175. Awab says:

    Every time i write in cmd adb devices it list of devices attached and doesent read any device

  176. Awab says:

    Thank you it worked at last I am know updated and it\’s inter sting thank you

  177. Earl says:

    hey mayur.. i can\’t disable/enable data without going to the settings? do you have a fix for it?

  178. Hamza says:

    lol!! it looks like i am from some other world!! my phone is on d80010q how to to update that now to lolipop…. i guess it will take light years… first installing d80020a then d80020b c d e f g h i j k and so on……… help me out pls…..

  179. Mark Reyes says:

    thnx man!!! it works perfectly!! it says sucessfuly installed to lollipop and i dont find any issues yet.. btw can we do a factory or hard reset after the installation? i feel like i want to make sure I totally remove the root or any apps files used upon installation thank you..

  180. charlie says:

    thnx a lot man. it works perfectly lyk magic!!! Jx follow the steps thoroughly and there will be no error anywhere.

  181. doro says:

    i cant to copy the zip file to my device, i dont find the exctact file and i cant to copy the zip file and when i try to copy the file to the sd card a message shown up and tell me that my device is not coneected to co,puter

  182. Adnan says:

    hello……….i followed your all steps and updated to lollipop successfully…..thanks for it….but i m having a couple of issues……notification led dosen\’t flash when i receive a message…..and an aap still demands permission from super su…….help me out of this

  183. Jeetu says:

    @Mayur, thanks for the step by step. I also have the D800 AT&T version on stock 4.2.2 and I get the No Sim error for any non-ATT sim card. I have tried the Cloudy 3.3 ROM and Cyanogenmod but still the same error. I have confirmed that the phone is not Locked.

    Since you had the exact same phone, I was wondering how you got past that error?

  184. Nike says:

    I updraded to d80020y no problem i cant get to lollipop though because it says no directory or file path after entering this in the cmd screen echo \”–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile\” > /cache/recovery/command

  185. Chance says:

    I got this error when inputting the last command. Is there a fix?

    WARNING: linker: app_process has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.

  186. Chance says:

    WARNING: linker: app_process has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.

    I got that error. Is there any way to fix it?

  187. Chance says:

    Got Past it, but got Software Update Fail!

  188. umair says:

    where can i find tot file for lg g2 d80020y.

  189. romaine says:

    great job got it working on my d800 thanks !!!!!

  190. sambriz says:

    Can this be installed using TWRP recovery?

  191. Wow…! It is working perfectly. Great work buddy. Add the last step as \”After upgrading to Lollipop, do the factory reset\”..I appreciate your work.

  192. daviddude says:

    after having this lollipop 5.0.2 , can it be updated with the 5.1.1 one?

  193. Rajat Gupta says:

    I bought my LG G2 online from a new web site…
    the phn properties shows:
    1. Android version – 4.4.2
    2. Software version – D80220b

    After following your steps, I get stuck at step num6….my comp is unable to detect any adb devices…
    Can u please guide me…
    And also I am a doctor. and I am really bad at all this so its a request if u could keep it a little simple…
    thanks in advance!

  194. Rehan says:

    Dear friends can any one tell me that is it possible to flash d800 at&t unlock lg g2 with d802 stock firmware.
    Becoz iam sick n tired of this At&t crap apps install in it. My contacts get disappear suddenly than i have to restart the phone than it shows up, when i try to do sms many times the phone hangs and again i have to restart. Plz help me..

  195. Sudarshan says:

    Thank you. I followed the update steps. Update done.

  196. pikachieu says:

    It took me 2 hours of sitting in front of m laptop and tried to figure this out. but IT WORKED !!! Thank you very much <3

  197. Tan says:

    Great! Worked! Took a few tries but voila!

  198. Aman says:

    My lg g2 D802 soft ver D80220B… how can update to lolipop plz tel…

  199. brian montero says:

    In step 6, i have already extracted the \’adb_fastboot\’ folder on the desktop, but it doesnt let me open the \’‘Open command window here’. what should i do? im using windows 10 on a 2 on 1 computer.

  200. Arun says:

    Hi, I followed the steps as given. Till step 6, \”su
    echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command\”

    was working fine. But Super user request is not poping up in my phone.

    Please help me to resolve this issue.

    Thanks -Arun

  201. andres says:

    This method does not work anymore to update from d80030f to d80030g.
    How can I update to the last version ?.

  202. Alx says:

    Hi man, I got an G2 with rooted D80020y but I uninstalled several apps from AT&T and others, so I want to update but I want to do a clean upgrade. How do I flash the firmware to recover the stock D80020y since I already have it? Is it OK if I just hard reset the phone?

  203. Crisitan says:

    It Works!!! Very thancks!!

  204. Pato says:

    Hi, I want to have enabled Wi-Fi tethering once updated to Lollipop. Can I do this while in 4.4.2 version and will it remain enabled once updated? In case not, can you please tell me how to do it once updated?

  205. Meleisa says:

    Thanks for the instructions. This was my first time doing anything like this and it work just as you said. i followed the instructions exactly as written

  206. Umair says:

    after entering the command in CMD ADB shell is not asking for root access on phone. infact nothing is happening….plz guide.

  207. Brian says:

    I can\’t manually update to this because I am running on c20. Anyways I can go up to y20?

  208. Srinidhi says:

    It worked.. Thanks a lot

  209. lokesh says:

    will wifi hotspot work after update to lollipop ? currently I am on kitkat and wifi hotspot enabled by sql editor.

  210. Tanay says:

    This worked like charm.Just follow the steps and make sure you have the same model.

  211. moayad says:

    thank you sir, i\’ve done everything except the last thing which is the command line . the lg mobile driver could not open so, the phone couldn\’t connected. when i write \”adb device\”
    the answer is : \”no connected devices\” please help !!!

  212. moayad says:

    whent i write “su
    echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command”
    the answer is ” su [-] unallowd user please help !

  213. Khalid says:

    Thanks Bro it work

  214. mouad says:

    i did ota update on my lg g2
    when at update 2/2 100% it comes in a bootloop
    first the lg logo appaers then the update 2/2 100% appears too then it restarts and never stops. i tried hard reset with volume down and power button but after the reset the bootloop restarts. what can i do?

  215. Adnan Shah says:

    please tell me how to convert lg g2 at&at software version d80020c to d80020y ? tell me the process ? plz

  216. fouadf says:

    heeellppp me plz im stuck on recovery mode secure boot error then black screen i cann not connect to pc plz help me i dont have money to get another phone

  217. kazia says:

    Thanks. Works perfectly and now I\’m going to try the root.. thanks again

  218. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    An error \”Err:0xxxxxx\” is showing on the upgrade screen before starting the upgrade

  219. Andres says:

    so I think I\’m bricked I followed all the instructions got the update screens both 1/2 then 2/2 phone rebooted but now I\’m just stuck on the lg logo nothing happens did manual reboot and nothing goes back to same please help

  220. Mike B says:

    I cant get the CMD to recognize my phone, it says adp is not recognized as an internal or external command. how do i correct that, when i plug my phone into the computer which option do i click when it asks how to use the device? thanks in advance

  221. Mike B says:

    When I type in the cmd, it says that adp is not recognized as an internal or external command, what did I do wrong?

  222. Phil says:

    Worked Perfectly

  223. Sadiq Hassan says:

    Worked perfectly on my phone. currently waiting for optimizing apps

  224. phil h says:

    I needed to get a fresh install of stock 20c and update from there for it to work…but now I am now running smoothly. Thank you.

  225. evyater says:

    how do i get from 20k 20 20 u????? i download files but dont know what to do with then

  226. Zahin says:

    I have reading quite a few places about wifi tethering on an AT&T unlocked lg g2 and I manually updated to lollipop(stock) then I modified the settings.db as mentioned in many places but my phone restarts right then and gets stuck in AT&T logo and never turns on, so what do I do?

  227. Wasif says:

    I am presently using jellybean,can i directly upgrade to lollipop??

  228. dino says:

    I want to update my LG G2 D800 to lollipop. Will the above method unroot the phone after upgrade? I currently have few of my company apps running and they would stop running if the phone is rooted. Please advice.

  229. Pedro Mayorga says:

    Man! you\’ve saved my life…
    I\’ve just bought a G2 and i was worried cuz of the impossible update with AT&T, so I belive in you and do all the steps in order… and finally i got lollipop!!
    Thanks man!!
    You deserve a nobel from me!
    Thanks a lot! grating from Colombia!

  230. ahsan says:

    it shows error on update software…

  231. akash says:

    after I put
    echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command
    command I just get #
    help me

  232. mcaggie says:

    can someone upload the file again? I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  233. Saad says:

    how can i upgrade d80010q to lollipop?

  234. Pushpraj says:

    I tried to download file , it said file doesn\\’t exist. Can you fix that or upload file again? Thank you.

  235. Pushpraj says:

    Stump Root v1.2.0 not working saying device not supported in bruteforce option too.

    now how to root kitkat LG g2

  236. Bijay Shrestha says:

    step 3 file is not opening can you help me

  237. hashir says:

    im runnig d80020k what to do now?

  238. Mariano says:

    step 3 is not available to download, could you please update the link? thanks

  239. Mariano says:

    Could you please update the download lik for D80020UtoYfota

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