How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook App

Facebook for iPhone and Android has got a major facelift in terms of the overall design and user interface. Hence, it’s not surprising to spot various settings in an entirely different location. One such change is clearly seen in the way Facebook shows the friend requests. Unlike before, you now won’t find the option to check outgoing friend requests in the Facebook app. Outgoing friend requests are pending friend requests sent by you to other Facebook users.

Thankfully, you can still see sent friend requests through the Facebook app. However, you now have to navigate deep inside the app to view your outgoing requests. The sent friend requests option makes it easier to find all the requests sent by you at one place. You can cancel the requests anytime and revert your decision. This way you can also track people who haven’t accepted your friend request.

How to See Outgoing Friend Requests on Facebook (iPhone & Android)

There is no direct way to view your sent friend requests on both Facebook for iOS and Android. You can, however, check them easily using the Activity Log feature on Facebook. To do so, open Facebook and go to your activity log. (Refer: How to View Activity Log on Facebook app)

The activity log will display all your Facebook activities in chronological order. Simply tap the category tab at the top, scroll down and select “Sent friend requests” option. Facebook will now display all the sent friend requests. Optionally, you can select the year to filter requests from a specific year.

Note: You will only see pending friend requests here and not the ones that have been accepted.

Similarly, you can use the activity log to view received friend requests, added friends, and removed friends on Facebook.


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